Ted Williams’ Redemption Metaphor: People, Not Government, Make America Work

January 10, 2011


Is there anyone among us who, by now, hasn’t seen or heard of the miraculous turn of events for radio voice-over artists Ted Williams? Williams, who was raised in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, NY, had worked in Radio as a disc-jockey and voice-over artist until (by his own admission) cocaine, crack, and alcohol took over and cost him his career and home leading to 10 years of homelessness and his eventual redemption recently.

For those who have somehow not seen or heard  his story, the below video will bring you up to date…

But there’s a second, even more significant story that is, perhaps being overshadowed by Williams’ own story. And while it is directly related, it could well-define the future of this country.

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They’re Figthing for Us, Their Votes Should Count

November 11, 2010

Even though we saw a wave of red sweep the nation last week, there have been many very troubling reports of absentee ballots either not being sent to our military, not having been sent in a timely manner, or sent and received received but not counted.

Of the many reprehensible instances of voter disenfranchisement and fraud that you may or may not have seen affecting the November 2010 and 2008 elections, these examples have to be the most shameful:

Feds to Sue New York Board Over Military Voting Violations, State Official Says (Link)

“We send our young men and women overseas to fight and to die for us, and we don’t care enough to make sure they get the right to exercise their franchise? That’s what they’re over there fighting for as much as anything else.”

By Monday night [October 11, 2010], it remained unclear just which of the counties still had yet to mail their ballots.

Troop ballots left unsent for election (Link)

Absentee ballots for the upcoming election were not mailed out to almost 2,900 troops serving overseas by the deadline in about one third of Illinois counties…

Missed Deadline by New York Voting Board a ‘Huge Oversight,’ Soldier Says (Link)

The New York State Board of Elections’ failure to send all of its 320,000 absentee ballots to the state’s military servicemen and women and overseas voters after an extended deadline is alarming, an active duty Marine told FoxNews.com.

Senate Report: One Forth Of Military Votes Uncounted in 2008 (98,000 servicemembers screwed out of their vote) (Link)

A Senate report, [c]ited by the Associated Press today, seem to indicate that at least one quarter of all military ballots in the 2008 election went uncounted…

DoJ scandal reveals how thousands of military ballots may go uncounted (Link)

“…[L]egal complaints, news stories and studies all showed dozens of states failing to give soldiers enough time to vote in the 2008 election…”

To our active military members, thank you for your service to our country; your votes should count.

To our veterans, thank you for the services you have rendered to America.

And especially to our very own co-blogger here at Grand Rants, Gerry Ashley: thank you for your service.


An Open Letter to the Next Speaker of the House

November 8, 2010

Dear Speaker Boehner/Cantor/Bachmann/Whomever,

Speaking as a citizen, a conservative, and a Tea Partier, I’d like to give you some advice as you prepare to take up the reins for the 112th Congressional session. These suggestions come from my desire to get our country back on track, to mitigate the disasters wrought by the 111th Congress, and to start Congress delving into the bigger picture about what will happen to America if we allow ourselves to continue on our current path.

They are very simple suggestions, and I hope you will take them in the spirit in which they are offered.

  1. Get a normal-sized gavel. Hubris the size of Queen Nancy’s gavel is unbecoming in the People’s House.
  2. Fly commercial. We’ll spring for business class. I know you’re third in line for the presidency, but given our fabulously successful national security policy of depending on good luck to protect us from attacks on airplanes, you should be fine.
  3. Begin discussions of the  800pound gorillas in the room: Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and state and federal pensions. Until those are addressed, all other fiscal discussions – including the current demand for a stand-alone vote on hiking the U.S. debt limit – are akin to re-arranging deck chairs on the Titanic. On April 14, 1912. At 10:30 or so in the evening. All Americans must understand that the U.S. government keeps three sets of books: immediate debt, emergency funds, and financial obligations for the future. It’s that last set of books which is already sinking us and which must be addressed immediately.

I sincerely hope you will take these suggestions to heart. Otherwise, you might not like what happens in 2012.


Translating Obama (Without Rosetta Stone)

November 8, 2010

I’ve long believed in the value of speaking more than one language. Years ago, when I learned I was going to be sent on a business trip to the (then) Soviet Union, I studied the language for 4 months prior to my departure. It only half paid off, however, as I quickly discovered that, while I was able to speak to them with my well-rehearsed phrases, I had no idea how to translate their replies to me.

This led to some experiences best forgotten. And if  Pavlik is reading this, I swear I thought I was saying your wife had a big heart (not to worry, comrade, my eye socket healed just fine).

Oh Yes! Just ONCE, Please!

So it was with great wonder that I discovered Sunday night how easily I was  able to translate Obamish (the language of President Barack Obama) to English as I watched him on 60 minutes.

Here’s just a sample:

During the interview with Steve Kroft, Obama said the health care system itself is huge and complicated and that changing it eluded previous presidents because it was so difficult.

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Liberals at the Bat

November 2, 2010

With apologies to Ernest Thayer.

The outlook wasn’t brilliant for the Liberal gang today:
The House looked sure to lose it, and the Senate was in play.
And when Blanche Lincoln lost her race, and Grayson did the same,
A sickly silence fell upon the Left side of the game.

A straggling few showed up and cast their votes in deep despair.
The rest would cling to hope and change around the precincts there;
They thought, “If we could only just explain to all the dopes
The wonders of the Nanny State, we might not be on the ropes.”

But Reid crashed in Nevada*; though Mass kept Barney Frank,
You see Harry was a lulu but dear Bawney’s just a crank;
So upon that stricken multitude grim melancholy falls,
For there seemed now little chance to hold the Senate‘s hallowed halls.

For Rubio took Florida while Kentucky captured Rand;
In Delaware and Hartford Libs then schemed to keep command.
But Feingold in Wisconsin boded poorly for the night
And stolid old New Hampshire went entirely to the right.

The Libs then called on ACORN and their SEIU thugs.
The pollwatchers were outraged as they saw those ugly mugs;
“Why are you marking ballots for illegals and the dead?”
The unionists grinned broadly; “That’s just our style,” they said.

And now the pundits and the talking heads began to blare,
And the Libs stood by a-watching them in haughty grandeur there.
Close by their ACORN henchmen and their minions looked ahead –
“We’ve got to win!” said Liberals. “Strike one,” O’Reilly said.

Then from the throats of Libs galore there rose a lusty yell;
It rumbled through the valley, it rattled in the dell;
It knocked on purple mountains, wafted o’er the fruited plain:
“We’ve still got O and Dopey Joe help us ease our pain!”

“We’ve got  Black Panthers in Texas finding out who they can shove
To get the folks in Houston all to vote for White for Gov.”
But even then ‘twas far too late, as Perry’s vote count flew;
But the Panthers still ignored it; Sarah Palin said, “Strike two.”

“Fraud!” cried the maddened thousands, and echo answered fraud;
But one look from We the People and the Liberals’ base was awed.
They saw the faces stern and cold across this mighty land,
And they knew their Liberal leaders had to let the vote just stand.

The gavel’s gone from Nancy’s grasp; this day’s delivered shocks;
Her face has froze in grimace wild, from far too much Botox.
Her breath now comes in gasps as she’s escorted from the room
And Dems and Libs all stand aghast ‘gainst their impending doom.

Oh, somewhere in this favored land the sky is blue and bright;
And there’s unicorns a-playing under CFLs each night,
And Welfare lasts forever, and Big Brother reigns no doubt;
But there is no joy in Libville – the Progressives have struck out.


*Expecting that recounts in NV will put Sharron Angle over the top.


November 1, 2010

Polls of all types are showing likely massive gains by Republicans in this election cycle. But we will only realize those gains if we all get out and actually cast our ballots. So please be sure to go and vote.

And be aware: Voter fraud has already been reported all around the country.

Please go vote. And bring a camera with you. Take a good look around your voting location. If there’s anything  or anyone odd or looking out of place, report it. If anything about your ballot looks odd, report it.

Tomorrow night and into Wednesday, be a gracious winner. Adversaries can sometimes be turned into allies, but doing a “neener neener” is not a good way to start off.

On November 2, the American people will speak, and the message will be unmistakable:



If This Doesn’t Get You To The Voting Booth…

November 1, 2010


…then nothing will.

It’s time to speak up.