The Revenge of the Football

January 27, 2016

You know, I’m not a yuge Rubio fan (He’s #3 of my top three choices), but I give the man credit, he surely knows how to respond to press criticism!

You have to love a candidate with a sense of humor.


Here’s A Question for You

January 19, 2016

As it is seeming more and more possible that Donald Trump may become the Republican candidate for President (and you have no idea how much it pains me to type that), I’m starting to look to a future Trump presidency, and one question looms very large: What kind of Supreme Court judges would he appoint?

Maybe we should find out before it’s too late.



A Guy Writes a Letter to the Editor

January 11, 2016

…of the Boston Globe. It might be going viral, so here’s my little bit to help it along.

To the man I sat next to on my way in to Boston:
When I boarded the commuter rail, you were already in the midst of a spirited phone conversation and didn’t seem to care about how loud you were talking. You were talking with someone about the Paris train attack and the growing epidemic of gun violence in America.

Read it all and share it. Please. Also, read the comments, both good and bad. This is what society looks like today, folks.

Full disclosure: this gentleman is a member of a gun forum of which I am also a member. He put the text of his letter up on that forum the day before it was published in the Globe. The amazing thing to me is that the Globe published his letter nearly verbatim, with little to no editing.


Advice for our Republican Candidates

January 4, 2016

Welcome to 2016, folks, the year that will make or break America.

As I slowly come back online, I have three pieces of advice that I’d like to share with the field of Republican candidates. I’m sure these suggestions will be ignored, but they must be stated.

1: It’s time to thin the herd.
From now on, we need just a few faces that will represent the Republicans. Several good candidates have already left the race, and it’s time for the vast majority of the rest of you to bow out, for the good of the country. So if your name isn’t Trump, Cruz, or Rubio, it’s time to say goodbye.

Personal note to Jeb Bush: you don’t need to prove anything. You are as good a man as your father and your brother; you don’t need the Presidency to validate that.

2: The media are not your friend.
They never has been, and they never, ever will be. The mainstream media are and have been firmly in the tank for the Democrat party for decades. As Evan Thomas famously Freudian slipped back in 2004,

“Let’s talk a little media bias here. The media, I think, wants Kerry to win and I think they’re going to portray Kerry and Edwards I’m talking about the establishment media, not Fox… [T]here’s going to be this glow about them, collective glow, the two of them, that’s going to be worth maybe 15 points.”

And folks, you know it hasn’t gotten better since 2004. In order simply to appear equal in the press, we’ve got to garner at least 15% more decent coverage in the media.

As far as the indie media go, well, they’re not your friend either. They’re actually doing the job the press should be doing, which is asking the hard questions. These folks may not be your enemy, but they are still not your friend. Remember that.

3: You are not running against Obama.
You’re also not running against the other Republicans still in the field. Concentrate your fire where it will do the most good, at the Democrat candidates. You will likely be running against Hillary. If you can’t find enough fodder to destroy her credibility at the polls, you absolutely shouldn’t be running. Same goes for Bernie.

The viability of this nation rests on this election. Let’s try not to blow it.