The Time Has Come…

February 29, 2016

This travesty must end. Please sign the petition here.

“The division between your three campaigns [Cruz/Rubio/Carson] is a primary reason Trump is poised to win the Republican nomination. Immediate unification is the only way to avoid this travesty and save America.

“Therefore, we the people respectfully call upon you three principled men and Patriots to immediately set aside pride, personal ambition, and any past hurt feelings. We call upon you to unite immediately to avoid the imminent destruction of the United States…”

It’s almost too late. But not quite.


After Iowa, Thinking About Trump

February 3, 2016

No, I’m still not a fan of Mr. Trump. But here’s some food for thought from the inestimable Bill Whittle on the man who wants to Make America Great Again. It’s well worth the time, and you may find yourself thinking a bit more highly of him… or you may not.

As for me, Cruz is my guy, always has been. But should the unthinkable happen, I’m a bit more comfortable considering a Trump presidency after seeing this video. At any rate, it’s a far preferable choice than a White House with a Clinton/Sanders/Biden occupant.