Can We Help? Yes We Can!

December 31, 2009

UPDATE: The guys at Hillbuzz are officially obsessed with getting Scott Brown elected. They’re putting their money where their mouth is, by volunteering and phone banking for Scott. The fact that they refer to him as Sen. Hottie McAwesome just makes it even better. We officially dub them “Hillbuzz McAwesome.”

 Some of you may be aware of the 2010 Senate and House races, where it is just within the realm of possibility that Republicans (hopefully conservative Republicans) could take back the House, and re-balance the Senate a bit more evenly. Hey, it’s possible.

But did you know that there’s a race coming up in January where we have a chance to make a great head-start in re-balancing the Senate? Yes, now that the “Lion of the Senate” has gone to meet his heavenly Maker, his Senate seat is up for grabs in a special election to be held on January 19, 2010. That’s less than three weeks away.

And girding his loins to sit in Merlin’s seat is Scott Brown, an actual Republican in Massachusetts. He’s up against MA Attorney General Martha Coakley, and give that this is Massachusetts, and that Scott is a Republican, it’s going to be a battle.

But you can help. Coakley has the might and money of the whole Democrat machine behind her. Mr. Brown has received a veritable pittance from national Republican committees.

GOP U.S. Senate candidate Scott Brown has been all but abandoned by the same national Republican committees that pumped hundreds of thousands in campaign cash to former governors Mitt Romney and William Weld during their long-shot bids for U.S. Senate.

The snub has outraged local Republicans who say national conservatives should be jumping at the chance to nab the first open Senate seat in decades despite Brown’s tough odds in the Jan. 19 special election.

And you don’t have to be from Massachusetts to help. Similar to the “Ten Dollars for Tark” effort to help Danny Tarkanian unseat Harry Reid in Nevada, folks from all over the country can donate $10 (or more if you can) to help Scott Brown become the first Republican Senator in Massachusetts since Henry Cabot Lodge whoops! Ed Brooke.

Donate here. Follow his Twitter feed here. And help bloggers spread the word!


2012: It’ll Be Here Before We Know It

December 30, 2009


You can bet your bottom dollar that the Democrats are already planning for 2012. In fact, President “I’d Rather Be Campaigning” still has his political organization mobilized and working toward his re-election.

If Obama is to be defeated in 2012, the GOP had better start girding its loins now for a massive fight to take back the country. And it will be a fight. We have all seen the new “transparency” that President Obama has brought to the White House. It’s a style strangely reminiscent of Chicago bare-knuckles “they send one of yours to the hospital, you send one of theirs to the morgue” type of brawling that is so popular with Obama and his buddies at ACORN and the SEIU.

But there’s another twist to 2012 that the boys at Hillbuzz are pointing out; we need to find and groom the best Conservative candidate for 2012 and not allow the media to choose him/her for us–because the media will deliberately “annoint” a Republican candidate who can’t possibly win:

…[W]e believe the current president’s unprecedented decision to maintain his political campaign organization, in perpetual campaign mode, during his presidency means that in 2011, if not sooner, Democrats will work aggressively to select a doomed Republican presidential candidate for 2012.  We believe, as we repeatedly say here, the MSM is already at work on this, pushing “The Five Horsemen of the GOP 2012 Apocalypse”… None of these men can do what needs to be done in 2012:

(1) Provide an obvious, clearcut, immediate remedy to Dr. Utopia, since a winning GOP candidate must be a narrative answer to all of Dr. Utopia’s failures

(2) Excite supporters to hit the ground, phone bank, donate, and work their tails off to take back the White House

(3) Control the campaign’s message despite the media’s every effort to sabotage and destroy it

Amen to that! In the same post they pull out another hard truth that we may wish were untrue, but that we disregard at our extreme peril, as we did in 2000, 2004, and 2008:

Republicans need to understand they are not just up against the DNC and the White House.  They are also going to have to run against the MSM itself in 2012.  The MSM is 100% committed to re-electing Dr. Utopia.  Many, such as Chris Matthews at MSNBC, have said on air their job is to see that he succeeds.  The only positive thing we can say about the MSM, thus, is that they are so open about what they are doing.  They are no longer journalists, but de facto political staff volunteering for Dr. Utopia while being paid as “journalists”. [Emphasis mine]

Since 2004 when Newsweek editor Evan Thomas readily admitted that media bias could account for as much as 15 points in the election, the mainstream media has gone nearly 100% into the bag for our current President. If the Republican National Committee has a hope of retaking the White House, they’d better start planning now how to combat not just the Democrat Party, the unions, and the community organizations like ACORN, but also the fourth estate, which has thrown away any and all pretense to journalistic integrity and is going whole hog for the Obama and the Democrats.

So let’s get started. All we have to do is find a great candidate…


Preventing Terrorist Attacks: A Modest Proposal

December 30, 2009


Want to cut down on the chances that another undy-bomber will be able to attack a U.S.-bound passenger plane? Want to avoid the embarrassment of having a “systemic failure” of your airline security by allowing would-be terrorists onto U.S. jets in the first place? Here’s a simple solution.

Since Yemen seems to be today’s big threat and the next battlefield in this war, anyone from Yemen — or whose passport shows they have visited Yemen — who wishes to board a plane to the U.S. has two choices: be subject to a thorough strip and body cavity search before being allowed on, or turn around and leave, with the caveat that your name will then promptly be added to the no-fly list.

Once that is up and running smoothly, we can add other countries to the “strip or skip” list as needed.

It may not answer all issues, but it’s easy to implement, requires no new technology, requires no extra training, and could be an immediate deterrent.

Or, you could just blame Bush.


Mailing It In

December 29, 2009


You can’t blame him, really. After all, he’s on vacation. So to ask the President to sound, well, presidential as he makes his “reassuring” little speech about the Christmas Day attempted terrorist attack three whole days after the event,  is really a bit much. And I think it’s entirely understandable that he sounds rather perfunctory.

Oh, and that “…we will not rest until we find all who were involved and hold them accountable” bit? Hyperbole? Poetic license? Mere rehtoric?

You tell me.


It’s All Yours, Madame Secretary

December 28, 2009


Regardless of whether airport screening and security worked (DHS Secretary Napolitano, Saturday) or failed (Napolitano, Sunday), the system as it currently exists is all hers. Fox News gets Secretary Napolitano to admit that she in fact had reviewed the system, despite the fact that she tries to blame its failures on the Bush administration.

Janet, this one’s all yours, baby!

See the full interview here, and count how many times our current DHS Secretary tries to blame the previous administration for the miserable failure in security.


H/T: Free Republic

Napolitano: “The System Worked”

December 28, 2009


UPDATE: Oops, she was wrong. “The system failed miserably.” I still say she should be fired.

In what kind of Cloud Cuckoo Land is our Secretary of Homeland Security living?

“…[O]ne thing I’d like to point out is that the system worked. Everybody played an important role here. The passengers and crew of the flight took appropriate action. Within literally an hour to 90 minutes of the incident occurring, all 128 flights in the air had been notified to take some special measures in light of what had occurred on the Northwest Airlines flight.”

So the system that worked allowed a man, one whose own father reported him for extremism to our embassy, to walk right onto a plane, wearing underwear full of a deadly and volatile explosive, and then attempt to detonate that explosive. That’s the system that worked?  

We’re counting now on the incompetence of terrorists to prevent things like PETN from detonating on a plane, killing all on board and possibly killing hundreds more as flaming debris rains down on Detroit Metropolitan Airport. That’s the system that worked?

We’re supposed to hope that there are enough brave people on board plance who will tackle would-be terrorists and prevent further damage to our airplanes? That’s the system that worked? 

Pardon me while I change all my future travel plans to Amtrak.

PETN is an incredibly volatile explosive. Take a look at what approximately 8 ounces can do:

“The system worked.”

Throughtout this year, Janet Napolitano has beclowned herself. This is just her latest delusion. Fire her and replace her with someone who doesn’t have her head lodged so firmly where the sun don’t shine.


Bowie + Bing Still = Christmas Magic 30 Years On…

December 25, 2009

It was September, 1977. Bing Crosby was in England, taping a Christmas special to be broadcast here in America.  It could have wound up being just another show of traditional Christmas music… stuff we had all heard 100 times or more… But this was Bing Crosby, crooner extraordinaire. Bing was getting on in years but his laid back delivery was still spot on.

The sad truth was, less than a month later, Crosby would be gone.  So it was an especially meaningful show to watch, as it didn’t air in America until after his passing. And we all knew his kind of performer will likely never come this way again. 

As a  young man, I watched this 1977 Christmas special, partly because Crosby was gone and even as a young man, I understood Crosby’s stature in show business. But I was also interested in watching a young emerging star named David Bowie.

I don’t think anyone was quite prepared for the appropriately conservative performance we were about to see. It was a traditional Christmas rendition of “The Little Drummer Boy.” But something new had been added. New words and music layered on top of the traditional melody and lyric.

It was one of those moments of serendipity that catches people off-guard… at the end of the century, TV Guide would credit the Crosby-Bowie duet as one of the 25 most memorable musical moments of 20th century television.

In the new portion, Bowie sings hopefully: 

Peace on Earth
Can it be?
Years from now,
Perhaps we’ll see
See the day of Glory
See the day when men of good will
live in peace, live in peace, again
Peace on Earth…
Can it be?

Today, some 32 years later, we’re still asking the same question. My generation certainly has failed in the task. Still, my wish for you all this Christmas:

I pray my wish
will come true
for my child
and your child too
They’ll see the day of glory
see the day when men of good will
Live in peace, live in peace, once again.
Peace on earth
Can it be?

In the 20th Century, we proved we cannot do it alone. Maybe we’ll learn our lesson here, in the 21st. Because if we don’t, there may not be a 22nd.

May God help us find our way… we’re not doing such a good job on our own. And that is why I choose to believe, and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ today.

H/T YouTube poster Sungchoi

Gerry Ashley

In the Bleak Midwinter

December 25, 2009

In the bleak midwinter, frost wind made moan,
Earth stood hard as iron, water like a stone;
Snow had fallen, snow on snow, snow on snow,
In the bleak midwinter, long ago.

Our God, heaven cannot hold him, nor earth sustain;
Heaven and earth shall flee away when he comes to reign.
In the bleak midwinter a stable place sufficed
The Lord God Almighty, Jesus Christ.

Angels and archangels may have gathered there,
Cherubim and seraphim thronged the air;
But his mother only, in her maiden bliss,
Worshipped the beloved with a kiss.

What can I give him, poor as I am?
If I were a shepherd, I would bring a lamb;
If I were a Wise Man, I would do my part;
Yet what I can I give him:  give my heart.

Merry Christmas to you all.


Carols from The White House

December 24, 2009

As the first black, post-racial, most transparent, sea-lowering, nation-healing, climate changing President approaches his first Christmas in the White House, it is only fitting that we offer him our finest gold, frankincense, and myrrh; or at least a few paeans to his greatness and magnificence in the form of popular Christmas carols. 

So without further fanfare, Grand Rants presents 


The First Nobel 

“My First Nobel”
Obama did sing,
“Was presented to me
without doing a thing!” 

“So I came for the award
and, of course, work the crowd
it’s so nice to be honored
and Michelle is still proud” 

“Nobel! Nobel!
Put it right in a vault
And if something bad happens, it’s all Bush’s fault! 

“Nobel! Nobel!
Yeah I got a Nobel!
You shall all bow before me
and, also, Michelle” 

Health Care Bells  

Dashing through the snow
To the Senate for to vote
Health Care’s on its way
And that’s all she wrote! 

We control you now
That’s just how it goes
Soon you’ll get the bill for this
And you’ll pay through the noseOh!

Single pay, on its way
That’s the way to health!
Oh what fun it is to take
And redistribute your wealth!


It’s all done, and we won
Changes that are bold!
And you all are covered
Just as long as you aren’t old! 

(repeat ad nauseum)

Deck The Halls (Of Congress)

Deck Congressional halls with holly
As they celebrate their folly

Don we now our alternative lifestyle apparel
Singing non-denominational carols!

Obamacare Is Coming To Town 

Oh, you’d better watch out,
You better not cry,
You better not pout,
I’m telling you why:
Obamacare is coming to town. 

He’s making a list,
And checking it twice,
Gonna heal the young
and put elders on ice…
Obamacare is coming to town. 

He knows we didn’t want this.
He knows we wish he’d quit
He knows the other system worked
But he doesn’t give a (crap) 

So, you’d better watch out,
You better not cry
If you make a stink
You’ll be going bye-bye…
Obamacare is coming to town. 

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

Gerry Ashley

Annum Absurdus: Top Ten News Stories of 2009

December 24, 2009

Goodness, what an absurd year it has been! And it’s been an even tougher year to rate news-wise. Below, I humbly offer my choices for the top stories of the year. The choices are based on a number of things… most were inspired by actual events, some by  friends with unique perspectives, and one is from a viral e-mail we’ve probably all received by now. They are listed in ascending order of importance in terms of their impact to our American way of life.  And I reserve the right to ridicule where appropriate. 

And so, with out further ado: 

10) The public’s fascination with celebrity death and scandals.  

From Michael Jackson’s passing (“All Michael, All Day!” screamed the headlines on some sites providing ghoulish  coverage) to the exaltation of Ted “Lion of the Senate” Kennedy, we were mesmerized by those we loved to hate in life. Jackson, who will be forever linked to suspicions of inappropriate relations with children, was never convicted. However, one thing the vast majority of people with IQs above shellac will agree with, he was guilty of showing extremely poor judgement in the way he professed his affections towards children based alone on his own public admissions (Sleeping naked with them at Neverland, giving them “Jesus Juice” etc.) 

There were a number of also-rans in the celebrity loss department, but Jackson and Kennedy each grabbed the gold ring of coverage in death. 

As for scandals, who’d have thunk it? The year’s top celebrity scandal: Tiger Woods? Rumor has it that the publicists for Madonna and Britney Spears are still in intensive care.  All I know is that somewhere, Roger Clemens is saying, “Thank God the spotlight is off me!” Uh, yeah, Roger that

9) The Miracle On The Hudson 

Well, the passengers on US Airways Flight 1549  didn’t exactly get a whole lot of frequent flyer miles on January 15th, but I don’t think you’ll hear any complaints. And with over 40 years logged as a pilot and more than 27,000 hours of flight under his belt, Captain Chesley Sullenberger will forever be remembered for a flight that lasted about three  minutes. No one was killed and the only injuries were minor. Police DID find 3 or 4 bodies in the Hudson, but that had nothing to do with the flight. It was, as the NYPD referred to it, “a typical Thursday on the Hudson… except for the plane landing.” 

One side note: Upon closer inspection, it turned out that the passengers luggage from US Airways Flight 1549 suffered less damage than that caused by the United Airlines baggage handlers in Chicago’s O’Hare airport. This has been confirmed by Dave Carroll.   

8 ) Protests In Iran – and the Murder of Neda Agha-Soltan 

Millions around the world shed tears for a beautiful young woman we would never meet, named Neda. She was brutally shot by a Basij member hiding on the rooftop of a civilian house near where she was standing during a political demonstration in Iran in protest of the outcome of Iran’s Presidential election. Neda instantly became the face of reformist opposition. To add insult to barbarism, last month her grave was desecrated by supporters of the Iranian regime headed by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. You know, the man who President Obama has said on many occasions, he would meet without any preconditions.   

In light of Neda’s brutal slaying however, Obama wasted no time, taking only about a week to condemn the action, after carefully weighing the impact such a stand might have on himself.  Perhaps the world-wide uproar enabled him to see it was “OK” to speak out. 

One is left to imagine how different things might have been if we’d had a leader with guts, like President Ronald Wilson Reagan. Suffice it to say, things would have been quite different for Ahmadinejad.    

7) ACORN & Van Jones 

I grouped these together because both were discovered to be grossly inappropriate for the powers given them by Barack Obama and who, had they NOT been exposed, could have done great damage to this country in a surreptitious manner. They are also two examples of why the President should not be allowed to empower his own choices with such authority without having to go through the standard vetting process of a Senate confirmation hearing.   

Another reason I’ve grouped them together:  They may have been removed from their official positions within the administration, but don’t think for a moment they are gone and out of the picture. An administration that doesn’t give a damn what the American Public wants, and is determined to shove their agenda down our throats regardless, isn’t about to excommunicate either ACORN or Jones.  

Unless I’m wrong, their influence will continue to stink up the Obama administration and, if we’re not vigilant in keeping tabs on both, will continue in the federal government long after Obama is gone. KEEP YOUR EYES ON BOTH. We have not seen the last of their impact. For more in-depth information on just how dangerous Jones could be (and remember, he had Barack Obama’s complete confidence and Valerie Jarrett’s dewy-eyed admiration), click here. This issue also exposes just what kind of people Barack Obama chooses to surround himself with as he attempts to live up to his promise of “fundamentally changing life in the United States.” 

6) The Deficit 

This should be ranked a lot higher, but it took the better part of the year for much of the American public to catch on to the fact that while Obama was blaming everything on the Bush administration (yes, Bush did leave a whopping deficit) Obama was in the process of tripling it with his “Spend money to get out of debt” approach to the recession.  If either Cap and Trade or the Health Care Reform bills are enacted, we could be looking at the death of the American economy. Fortunately, the public has caught on to the President’s attempts to blame Bush for everything including… 

5) Swine Flu 

This hasn’t turned into the Pandemic to end all Pandemics as predicted, but it is taking a toll on a lot of people world-wide and we need to continue to take it seriously. Uh, folks? You can get all the flu shots you want, but until WE THE PEOPLE start practicing better personal hygiene, we’re gonna continue to get sick, whether it’s swine flu or pink eye.  

4) Obama winning the (heh-heh) Nobel (snicker) Peace Prize 

Bwahaha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!!! Well, it’s nice to have some comic relief during this past year. It was just getting waaayyyy too serious. As far as I know, it’s the only time that Comedy Central provided live coverage of the presentation of the award.  OK so it wasn’t one of the top stories, but we surely did need the laugh.   

3) The University of East Anglia Global Warming e-mail Scandal 

Controversy exploded in late November when someone hacked into the University of East Anglia Climate Research Unit and downloaded tens of thousands of e-mails (even zipped, the data weighed in at 62 megabytes). The e-mails exposed a conspiracy to hide research results detrimental to the claims of man-made global warming.  They also discussed different ways scientists could “fix” the outcome of experiments to support the agendas of  major global-warming advocacy groups desperate to show that global warming is real. The exposure of the fraud could not have come at a worse better time, just weeks before the global warming Convention in Copenhagen.   
The authenticity of the e-mails was confirmed as genuine by Dr Phil Jones, head of the University’s Climate Research Unit. 

2) Health Care

 I don’t think the American public fully understands yet just what this is really all about. It’s not just about ruining what is arguably the world’s best health care system in terms of research, healing, and chances of recovery. It’s about the government taking control of 1/6th of the American economy and, in all probability, completely destroying the economy altogether with debt even our great-grandchildren will not be able to pay off. 

Why else would the administration (and the whores of Congress) stoop to the levels they are lowering themselves to in order to cram it down our throats when numerous polls show that the American public is against this by a margin of approximately 3-1? 

And my choice as the number one news story of the year in terms of its impact on the American Way of Life as we know it (inspired by an e-mail I received last week: Read the rest of this entry »