Preventing Terrorist Attacks: A Modest Proposal

December 30, 2009


Want to cut down on the chances that another undy-bomber will be able to attack a U.S.-bound passenger plane? Want to avoid the embarrassment of having a “systemic failure” of your airline security by allowing would-be terrorists onto U.S. jets in the first place? Here’s a simple solution.

Since Yemen seems to be today’s big threat and the next battlefield in this war, anyone from Yemen — or whose passport shows they have visited Yemen — who wishes to board a plane to the U.S. has two choices: be subject to a thorough strip and body cavity search before being allowed on, or turn around and leave, with the caveat that your name will then promptly be added to the no-fly list.

Once that is up and running smoothly, we can add other countries to the “strip or skip” list as needed.

It may not answer all issues, but it’s easy to implement, requires no new technology, requires no extra training, and could be an immediate deterrent.

Or, you could just blame Bush.