2012: It’ll Be Here Before We Know It


You can bet your bottom dollar that the Democrats are already planning for 2012. In fact, President “I’d Rather Be Campaigning” still has his political organization mobilized and working toward his re-election.

If Obama is to be defeated in 2012, the GOP had better start girding its loins now for a massive fight to take back the country. And it will be a fight. We have all seen the new “transparency” that President Obama has brought to the White House. It’s a style strangely reminiscent of Chicago bare-knuckles “they send one of yours to the hospital, you send one of theirs to the morgue” type of brawling that is so popular with Obama and his buddies at ACORN and the SEIU.

But there’s another twist to 2012 that the boys at Hillbuzz are pointing out; we need to find and groom the best Conservative candidate for 2012 and not allow the media to choose him/her for us–because the media will deliberately “annoint” a Republican candidate who can’t possibly win:

…[W]e believe the current president’s unprecedented decision to maintain his political campaign organization, in perpetual campaign mode, during his presidency means that in 2011, if not sooner, Democrats will work aggressively to select a doomed Republican presidential candidate for 2012.  We believe, as we repeatedly say here, the MSM is already at work on this, pushing “The Five Horsemen of the GOP 2012 Apocalypse”… None of these men can do what needs to be done in 2012:

(1) Provide an obvious, clearcut, immediate remedy to Dr. Utopia, since a winning GOP candidate must be a narrative answer to all of Dr. Utopia’s failures

(2) Excite supporters to hit the ground, phone bank, donate, and work their tails off to take back the White House

(3) Control the campaign’s message despite the media’s every effort to sabotage and destroy it

Amen to that! In the same post they pull out another hard truth that we may wish were untrue, but that we disregard at our extreme peril, as we did in 2000, 2004, and 2008:

Republicans need to understand they are not just up against the DNC and the White House.  They are also going to have to run against the MSM itself in 2012.  The MSM is 100% committed to re-electing Dr. Utopia.  Many, such as Chris Matthews at MSNBC, have said on air their job is to see that he succeeds.  The only positive thing we can say about the MSM, thus, is that they are so open about what they are doing.  They are no longer journalists, but de facto political staff volunteering for Dr. Utopia while being paid as “journalists”. [Emphasis mine]

Since 2004 when Newsweek editor Evan Thomas readily admitted that media bias could account for as much as 15 points in the election, the mainstream media has gone nearly 100% into the bag for our current President. If the Republican National Committee has a hope of retaking the White House, they’d better start planning now how to combat not just the Democrat Party, the unions, and the community organizations like ACORN, but also the fourth estate, which has thrown away any and all pretense to journalistic integrity and is going whole hog for the Obama and the Democrats.

So let’s get started. All we have to do is find a great candidate…



3 Responses to 2012: It’ll Be Here Before We Know It

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  2. Gerry Ashley says:

    I don’t think you’re going to see the MSM fawning all over Obama the second time around. He was “The Great Non-White Hope” in 2008. Had Obama actually been able to walk-the-walk, he’d be untouchable. Given his abysmal performance this year, I suspect the media, while still biased towards any liberal candidate, won’t be so fast to re-annount. Chris Matthews won’t be blathering about warm trickles down his leg. And Keith Olberman… well, he’ll probably be just as big of an ass as ever. He’s too insipidly stupid to do anything else.

    I, for one, am turning once again to Mitt Romney. I felt we needed someone with fiscal common sense to follow Bush. We wound up with the exact opposite and NOW look where we’re headed.

    If America is to have ANY chance of saving itself economically, we need someone with ROMNEY’S skills. And even THAT might be too little too late if we get the Health Care bill shoved down our throats along with “Cap and Trade” (aka “Bust A Cap In The Economy & Make Al Gore a Billionaire”).

    Anyone out there see anyone else on the horizon who is REAL and not a manufactured Pretty Boy candidate? Will Sarah Palin be a viable candidate or simply siphon off votes from a legitimate one?

    My concern is that the Republican Party is so fragmented that it won’t pull itself together to mount a viable candidacy in 2012. And that would mean 4 additional years of Obama. And if you think ONE year was bad…

  3. Marquis Erps says:

    Greetings and many thanks for a enlightening blog. I appreciate what you wrote.

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