Stop ObamaCare: Ten Dollars for Tark

Wondering what can be done to stop the ObamaCare trainwreck heading our way? Think you can’t make a difference?  Already contacted your Reps and Senators, and think there’s nothing more you can do?

Au contraire!

Hugh Hewitt is suggesting a very clever iniative to convince Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid just how much the general public (i.e., we the people) do not want the health care reforms being proposed by the Senate. In order to persuade him, Hugh has proposed a three-pronged attack:

  1. Send a $10 donation to Danny Tarkanian, the only declared opponent of Sen. Reid in his upcoming re-election bid
  2. Send an email to Sen. Reid explaining your donation to Tark and why you made it
  3. Send an email to Hugh so that he is able to measure the response

Sounds simple, right? Well, it is simple. Get Sen. Reid’s attention by hitting him where it hurts–threaten to take his job away from him. If enough people do it, either Reid will back off the health care bill (not likely, in my opinion) or he’ll be ousted not only from his cushy Majority Leader spot, but from his Senate seat altogether. And that actually could happen–polls show Tarkanian with a comfortable lead over Reid, 49% to 38%.

So come on, send a sawbuck to Tark, contact Harry Reid and let him know (politely, of course!) how you feel, then send Hugh an email letting him know; and while you’re at it, cc me so we know, too! And spread the word. Help this effort go viral. If voices and money enough are raised, who knows what could happen?

I’ll do it if you will. I did it. You should too.

UPDATE: Commenter Victoria provides the mailing address for those who prefer to contribute by regular mail.

Danny Tarkanian For Senate
840 S. Rancho Drive, Suite 4-614
Las Vegas, Nevada 89106



10 Responses to Stop ObamaCare: Ten Dollars for Tark

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  2. Matthew says:

    Send Harry Reid home

  3. Steve Spontak says:

    I just sent mine in. Your link to CC you of this does not work.

    Let’s defeat Reid!!!!

  4. Victoria says:

    Okay. It’s $10.00, an envelope, and a 44 cent stamp for all of us that do not trust sending money online.
    The address is:
    Danny Tarkanian For Senate
    840 S. Rancho Drive, Suite 4-614
    Las Vegas, Nevada 89106

  5. Gerry Ashley says:

    You had me at “Send Harry Reid Home.”

    May I suggest that each of us send this url

    to ten people we know of who are of a similar opinion of Harry Reid… and ask them to do the same and forward it to 10 more and so on?

    I’d love to see this become viral and give Tark a real bundle to compete against Reid. Come on, let’s put Tark over the top!

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