Boston Tea Party Extravaganza

After discarding over an hour of crap that I shot at the tea party yesterday, I came up with about four minutes’ worth of decent video. Make no mistake: it’s not the Flip Mino’s fault, it’s entirely mine. I’m an awful videographer. That said, here is my humble offering on the 2010 Boston Tea Party.

After yesterday, I don’t fear quite so much for America as I used to. There are still plenty of us around to get the job done.



5 Responses to Boston Tea Party Extravaganza

  1. Schmohawk says:

    Wow… just LOOK at all the hate! Look at all the racists who can’t stand haveing a partially black man as President. Oh, the humilation! To think we’ve come this far and we still can’t accept a bla… huh? Wait a second. I saw some black people there. That CAN’T be right! This tape has been ALTERED!

    Look at it in slow motion and you can see the face of the devil smiling down from the clouds! I tell you this is a sign of the apocolips… apockolos… this is a sign of America going to hell when you can’t support a President as all-knowing and all loving as Barack Hussein Obahahahahahaaha I ALMOST made it through… what a nice showing of good-hearted Americans who simply want their country BACK from the great apologist.

    Great job, Stoutcat! Ya did good! So did everyone there! THIS is STILL America REGARDLESS of what Oblame-ah says or does. And we WILL have it back!

  2. tarpon says:

    I agree with you, we nearly doubled our attendance from last year. Had one heck of a good time talking and revving up the folks.

    Thanks for sharing …

    If you have some change might want to give some to Marco Rubio, he is our guy for Senate in Florida. One heck of a solid Conservative, fresh, new face.

  3. Paul in BarneyFrankistan says:

    Nice montage – looks like the Flip image stabilization isn’t up to Steadicam standards. This was my third event (after last year on the Common and the HCR protest at Fanueil Hall) and I continue to be impressed by the civility and good natured camaraderie of the Tea Party folks. Such a contrast with the angry, hate-filled lefties who shoved their way through the crowd blowing whistles and screaming insults through bullhorns.

    I wonder how their brains work. Do they suppose we’ll think “well, I WAS convinced that quadrupling the deficit in one year and alienating our allies are endangering the country, but now that you’ve blown a whistle in my ear and called me a racist, I’ve decide to join your side”?


    • Stoutcat says:

      Thanks Paul/Dipsys_pal. The Mino is all I can afford at this point (my own fault, really, as I inadvertently submerged an awful lot of electronic equipment–including a Canon DSLR, another Flip, and a Palm PDA–in the Swan River last summer and we’re still recovering from that loss).

      It really is amazing to try to replicate the thought processes for some of these people. It rarely seems to occur to them that in the midst of a very large crowd of good humored, smiling people who are waving signs and flags and cheering the speakers on stage, their best course of action might be to engage in some polite one-on-one conversations. Instead, well, as you said, they shove their way through the crowds blowing whistles and screaming insults. Not a recipe to guarantee much of anything but certain avoidance of the interlopers.

      Ah well, perhaps when they’ve grown up a bit more, say in about 30-40 years, they’ll realize how to behave in polite society. I blame their parents.

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