3D Playboy: Hmmm…

This June, Playboy is introducing its first 3-D edition of Playboy Magazine complete with those 3D glasses.

Three thoughts… (I’ll try to be discreet as possible)

First, here’s just how silly a person looks in those glasses:

Second, ummm… How do I phrase the oh so common role of Playboy relative to… “relief?” I’ll let Walter Matthau as a “Killer Bee” coach explain as he addressed a group of young men who seemed to have a problem not making their cots creak at night after “reading” “Playbee Magazine”…

“How about you, Kurt? You’ve polished your bayonet, haven’t you?”

Alrighty then, so let’s move on to the third, and thankfully last thought: On Thursday, May 14th, the 3-D Playboy hit the newsstands. And no doubt, hundreds have donned their 3-D glasses, gathered a “full head of steam”, and “spanked the light fantastic.” While the imagination boggles and cringes, it also rolls on the floor laughing.

Honestly, I don’t even know what to say. I guess there is some weird psycho/social/sexual element to the whole phenomenon (sort of like space “firsts”). But as far as 3-D Playboy is concerned, all I want to know is this: 

Are the articles are in 3-D too?

Alan Speakman


2 Responses to 3D Playboy: Hmmm…

  1. Gerry Ashley says:

    I think its safe to say that with Playboy now being available in 3-D, its success or failure as a magazine is no different than it was before: It will still “focus” on the size of the boob(s) both in the magazine as well as the ones staring at it.

    I, of course, only read Playboy for the articles (Aurghhh!… there goes my nose growing again!)

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