Breaking News: Shooting at Fort Hood

3:20 PM, 11/5/09… Shep Smith of Fox News just reported that there has been a mass shooting at Fort Hood in TX. Shep indicated that seven are dead, and 12 have been wounded. Supposedly, the shooting occurred at the “Soldier Readiness Center” and at least one person is in custody…

Details to follow.

UPDATE: FoxNews now reporting there are two shooters, one of whom is in custody.

UPDATE 2: Possible third shooter…

UPDATE 3: Fort Hood is now in lock-down, including nine schools on the base, seven elementary and two middle schools.

UPDATE 4: Number of wounded now at 20.

UPDATE 5: FoxNews now saying that the men were reportedly dressed in Army fatigues;  military officials couldn’t confirm that they were Army personnel.

UPDATE 6: Via FreeRepublic: Three shooters , one dead one in custody and one still shooting at this time near the PX.

UPDATE 7: FoxNews now reporting up to 30 wounded.

UPDATE 8: Comparisons being made to Ft. Dix plot in 2007.

UPDATE 9: Via FreeRepublic: KCEN-TV reporting sources at Ft Hood have captured a second suspect and that there is no third suspect.

UPDATE 10: Via FreeRepublic: 9 confirmed dead according to military source wounded still at 20 via same source.

UPDATE 11: Via Twitter: NEW GUNFIRE ERUPTS AT FORT HOOD. Possibly repeat of previous info.

UPDATE 12: Via MKHammer on Twitter: Shooter & 2 suspects apprehended are soldiers; facilities still locked down, erring on side of caution. No shootings since original firing.

UPDATE 13: The suspected gunman was identified as Major Malik Nadal Hasan. He was killed and two other suspects have been apprehended, Lt. Robert W. Cone said. (ABC News)

UPDATE 14: Also via ABC News, count is 12 dead, 31 wounded.

UPDATE 15: Scott & White Memorial Hospital says due to the massacre at Fort Hood, it is in URGENT need of ALL blood types (via Twitter).

UPDATE 16:Via Fox News, the shooter, Major Malik Nadal Hasan, is not dead. He is in custody and in stable condition.

Alan Speakman


27 Responses to Breaking News: Shooting at Fort Hood

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  2. Mary Bryant says:

    what is going on with all this? terrorism again?

  3. Mary Bryant says:

    makes no kind of sense in any kind of way… these people at Ft. Hood are trying their best to make their way and do good for the country and this happens. Makes me think even more America USA is in dire need of devine intervention.. please pray

    • Stoutcat says:

      Mary–prayers are always appreciated, especially in an event like this. For those agnostics and atheists reading, if not prayers, please send good thoughts to those at Fort Hood.

  4. Doug says:

    Fox is reporting that FBI says no terrorism connection? That strikes me as odd this early on. If it’s not terrorism ( as in Islamist thuggery) then they must know exactly what it is, and they don’t seem to have that sorted out.

    Some type of agenda being forwarded by the Fibbies?

    Very tragic situation. My heart goes out to the fallen and their loved ones.

  5. Doug says:

    Major Malik Hassan? well that certainly supports the lightning fast FBI pronouncement that terrorism was not involved.

    As long as it wasn’t a white male returning from the war we have nothing to worry about. Janet Napolitano can relax on this one. NO terrorism here.

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  7. Doug says:

    Now I am reading reports that the Major was a recent convert to Islam. Given the deliberate nature of the attacks, how can “terrorism” be co quickly ruled out?

    I don’t want to suggest that just because the man was apparently a muslim that this was an act of Islamist terror, rather that it is ridiculous to rule it out so early on.

    We need to call a spade a spade. CAIR is a front for HAMAS and the Muslim Brotherhood. The congressman from Dearborn who is calling for an end to investigations into CAIR is committing sedition.

    Muslims have to be welcomed and protected here in America. Islamists must be eliminated everywhere. Political correctness ( which in this case is really hatred of George W. Bush IMO ) has no place in the discussion.

    If this man was a recent convert to Islam that connection needs to be explored and the flavor of Islam he was following needs to be examined.

    Given that 75% of handgun shooting victims survive, this incident belies those statistics.

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  9. TaxachusettsGirl says:

    I find the extremely fast announcement by the FBI of no terrorism to be quite suspicious so that the country doesn’t freak out… I can see the good AND the bad in an announcement like that… I guess our country’s leaders and law enforcement are eternal optimists except when it comes to anything that could potentially be blamed on the prior administration…

  10. Doug says:

    If the guy looked like me, was wearing a crucifix, and owned guns….. the media would be in a frenzy. White males, christians, gun owners…..

    Heaven forbid we unfairly slam Islamists for being Islamists! Now if this was a white guy returning from the war it would have never happened because the Department of Homeland Security and the Southern Poverty Law Center would have been all over it before it could have jumped off.

    Simply sickening! Even Fox’s Steve Centani was speculating “PTSD” before having any facts to support it, and with some circumstances strongly suggesting otherwise.

  11. Gerry Ashley says:

    Another example of how the media HAS to have some “possible cause” whether they have gotten any factual data to support it. After all, gotta have a catchy soundbite for the viewiers…

    “Mass Shooting at Ft. Hood. What’s the terrorism connections? Watch News Center 3 at 11 and find out!”

    Oh to have a responsible media again. Not someone who has gone to the Journalism School for the Politicall Correct.

    It will be interesting to see how President Chosen One responds to this.

  12. Doug says:

    Now Shepard Smith is interviewing one of Major Malik Al Kaboom’s former co-workers. Col. Lee says Hasan espoused support for suicide bombings in the U.S. and had very strong views about the U.S. involvement in the Middle East.

    Hasan was apparently a convert to Islam. Hmm…… No need to factor in terrorism, this was clearly one of those white guys Janet warned us about. His conversion to Islam and the remarks he made to co-workers were just an elaborate cover up for his true white male veteran domestic terrorist leanings.

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  14. Doug says:

    Now it’s reported that the man was a Jordanian American and had been Muslim his whole life. His cousin said he was a “good American”.

    If there is anything else that can be done to bury any possible connection to terrorism we better get on it.

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  19. Doug says:

    Very intriguing that Fox is reporting internet posting attributed but NOT CONFIRMED BY INVESTIGATORS to Hasan supporting homicide/suicide bombers.

    I am going to have to hold my nose and see what the real news has to say. Cover me, I’m going in ……

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  21. Doug says:

    This from WorldNetDaily:

    Posted: November 06, 2009
    9:21 am Eastern

    By Jerome R. Corsi
    © 2009 WorldNetDaily

    Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan
    NEW YORK – Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, the alleged shooter in yesterday’s massacre at Fort Hood, played a homeland security advisory role in President Barack Obama’s transition into the White House, according to a key university policy institute document.

  22. Doug says:

    HOLY CRAP!!! I KNEW THIS GUY’S FATHER!! I just read that this was the “Malik” I met at the Capitol Grill in Roanoke Va in the early nineties.

    Folks from Northern Virginia who remember personalized license plates may remember one that read “MALIK1”. That was his black honda.

    The kid I met looked nothing like the picture on the News now, but for sure I was a regular at the Capitol Grill ( a questionable joint for sure).

    Malik’s father and Uncle were known to me. I even cooked a patron’s breakfast once for Malik Sr. when he was on the phone ( I cooked for another restaurant down the street ).

    Malik’s Uncle “Sammy” and his father Malik Sr. ran a beer and wine tavern that served food and had a pool table. I never saw them drink, but they did serve and handle pork, for all I knew they ate pork too.

    They never said anything about their faith to me, or ever expressed any kind of Anti-American sentiment.

    Malik’s Patrons where mostly folks that nobody else wanted to serve. Think “Star Wars” cantina scene but more scary. He and his brother worked very hard to provide young Malik with a good start in life.

    The last time I was in Roanoke Malik Sr. had opened a new restaurant and was trying to upscale his clientele. Don’t know if he ever made it work.

    This makes the whole thing more bazaar for me. I can’t imagine how this kid was radicalized. His family certainly showed a lot of tolerance.

    To me this underscores that we had better start taking radical Islam seriously.

    Personally I have no doubt that his father did not teach him hate, although I only saw Malik Sr. once after the first Gulf war and we did not ever discuss politics.

    One thing is for sure, the kid I shook hands with back in ’93 was a different man than the one laying in the hospital bed in Texas today.

    Somebody put some garbage in his head. In the name of Islam apparently. Where’s the “hate crime” crowd now?

  23. Tom says:

    That’s quite a small world moment you just described! Thanks for some background perspective that we surely would not get from the MSM.

    It seems foolish for us to ignore his lifelong Muslim faith, and the more recent evidence of his possible sympathy for bombings and/or suicide bombings, coupled with his disgruntlement about being deployed instead of keeping his job at Walter Reed.

    One has to call into question how he could have arrived on the scene at the Center armed to the teeth with TWO semiautomatic pistols and spare clips without having gone through some kind of security.

    We all, however, can praise the female security officer who ran to the scene of the gunfire, faced the shooter down, suffered wounds to both legs, and still dropped him with four hits. Now that, my friends, is courage. She almost certainly saved lives by her actions.

    When we’re choosing up sides, I want her on mine.

  24. Tom says:

    Kudos to the GrandRants folks for their excellent and timely postings about this event. Youse guys done good and are rightly getting some credit from the ‘sphere.

  25. Bryan Smith says:

    Very nice post, I truely agree with what you are thinking, and I believe that female office who shot that piece of crap saved numerous lives, I think Obama needs to present her with a medal in the White House on national tv, she deserves it.


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