Barbarism in America

Yup, it’s been quite a banner couple of weeks for American Muslims…

Oct 21: Feds charge Muslim man in Massachusetts with plotting to kill two prominent politicians and shoot up a mall.

Nov 2: Young woman who was run over by her own Muslim father for being too “Westernized” dies of her injuries in Atlanta.  Oops.

Nov 5: Offended American Muslim Army M.D. (American taxpayers paid for his education) kills 13 and wounds 30. Seems that he could tolerate the military policy for six years while he earned his degree, but lost it when he was going to be deployed overseas.

Does anyone see a lethal pattern of pettiness and arrogance?

Does anyone wonder why Methodist Dick Cheney didn’t run over his own daughter when she came out of the (gasp) gay closet?

Or why anaesthesiologist Capt. Mary Hanna didn’t decide to stage a massacre at her Army base because she had a resurgence of her Coptic Christian faith just before being deployed?

Is there a double standard here? Do certain religions have a tendency to behave in a bit more culturally mature fashion? Do I really need to be asking these questions?

Yes, it’s been one hell of a fortnight for American Muslims. And unless there is an outpouring of condemnation from Muslims in American for this kind of barbarism (and the actions to back up that talk), they will have proven themselves  to be not a religion of peace, but rather a primitive, misogynistic cult of savagery. No more, no less.

Alan Speakman


14 Responses to Barbarism in America

  1. Grunthor says:

    Amazing read and good point. I knew when it happened that it was going to have an Islam link, also that the news media and the government would try to downplay that.

    This case proves one thing about our experience with Islam….One does not pet a rabid dog.

  2. Bob McDougal says:

    There will be an “outpouring of condemnation”, but will it be sincere? How many chances do they get to prove that they are not psychopathic killers?
    I am out of cheeks to turn!

  3. KansasGirl says:

    American’s need to reverse this so called diversity experiment. The melting pot stopped melting when diversity reared it’s ugly head. If you want to be an American, act like an American.

    • Ray says:

      Actually the Army’s “diversity” experiment has been a great success. It takes folks of all colors and walks of life and gives them one culture and one color: Army Green.
      Its the multi-culti BS thats going to get us killed. All cultures and religions ain’t equal.

  4. morsec0de says:

    “How many chances do they get to prove that they are not psychopathic killers?”

    Who is the ‘they’ in this sentence? Any Muslim?

    Certain members of the Christian clergy are monstrous child rapists. Certain Christians are imbecilic child killers for refusing their children medical attention.

    Does that make all Christians monstrous child rapists and killers? No.

    Does that mean that certain Muslims and certain sects of Islam should be off the hook? Certainly not.

    But sweeping generalizations never helped anything.

    • Doug says:

      If you think Alan has given a pass to Catholics or Christians in general you need to be a regular here not a goolge reactant.

      I guess that I am a bigot who indulges in sweeping generalizations. Mea Maxima Culpa.

      Before anything but the initial shooting was reported I suspected an Islamist connection.

    • Hi Morsec0de,

      Thanks for your response…

      Quoting me: You wrote: “How many chances do they get to prove that they are not psychopathic killers?”

      Who is the ‘they’ in this sentence? Any Muslim?

      I reply: ALL Muslims. Every one of them. Just as I expect that ALL Catholics to be repulsed by the scourge of kiddy diddlers in their ranks. And I don’t want Catholics to just talk either.

      You wrote: Certain members of the Christian clergy are monstrous child rapists. Certain Christians are imbecilic child killers for refusing their children medical attention.

      I reply: See above.

      You wrote: Does that make all Christians monstrous child rapists and killers? No.

      I reply: See above.

      You wrote: Does that mean that certain Muslims and certain sects of Islam should be off the hook? Certainly not.

      I reply: Any Muslim that isn’t outraged by what happened at Fort Hood, 9/11, et al, et al, et al… and doesn’t ACT to stop the madness is despicable in my book. Ditto for Catholics and kiddy diddlers.

      You wrote: But sweeping generalizations never helped anything.

      I reply: They don’t? Geez, then saying that the Germans, Japanese, and Chinese generally turn out great engineers doesn’t help one understand the global engineering workplace. Cultures have trends, both good and bad. So do religions. And Islam has a very real problem. Read my op-ed:
      I ain’t exactly in love with any religion… But at least the Amish don’t resort to suicide bombers when fate turns to crap:

      Wake up… Islam has a problem…

      Thanks again,


  5. Doug says:

    Cojones Grandes amigo!

    And a very precise and well delivered rant. We are so afraid of backlash since the aftermath of the Murrah building when that poor Sikh was attacked by some morons.

    I disagree somewhat with KansansGirl. True diversity makes us stronger. Politically correct pandering makes us weak. I agree that immigrants need to show loyalty or face the consequences.

    We have to stop being afraid of being called racists and xenophobes.

    The rant is right on. As much as former President Bush’s “simplistic mental algebra” was maligned and bemoaned by the left – people are truly with us or against us. Those who say it’s “complicated” are against us.

    We need to stop apologizing and demand that the cab drivers who cheered 9/11 and the imams who preach jihad and sharia are treated like the dangerous lunatics that they are.

    If any of these folks were white males with bibles in hand Eric Holder would have already called Lon Hoiruchi ( the butcher of Ruby Ridge) to shoot their wives in the head before the ATF set their house on fire. Time to exercise some equality on our Muslim brothers.

  6. Gerry Ashley says:

    Spot on, Alan!

    I think the title could have been expanded to read, “Muslim Barbarism In America” for that is what we are truly discussing here. Such a title would be criticized as being antisemite, but those who have the guts to stand by the truth would win out.

    The Muslim community will show their true colors with their response to this. Words will not suffice. Only actions will suffice, but don’t hold your breath waiting. The Muslim community is too busy patting itself on the back in a totally undeserved self-celebration as being a religion of peace when, in fact, they should be hanging their head in shame. Shame that they don’t have the guts to stand in defiance of those who defile them and bring great shame on their religion.

    Until that time comes, ALL declarations of Islam being a religion of peace are nothing but a sick joke. It is nothing more than a religion of cowards. Cowards who can only fight dirty, taking cheap shops at unsuspecting victims, and cowards too scared and uncommitted in their beliefs to take a stand against such cowardly violence.

    IF that doesn’t get the message across, maybe this will:

    There’s more honor in pig vomit than in ANY religion that honors this kind of brutality by endorsing it with their cowardly silence.

  7. Bob McDougal says:

    Within minutes of the first report I heard someone called a local talk radio program, and blamed the shootings on the “militia”.
    If I’m not being called a name of some kind I feel as though I’m wasting my time! Slander is the most effective tool the left has, but it won’t work on hard surfaces!

  8. Doug says:

    Gotta tell you Bob, I met the shooter in his father’s restaurant ( loose term, it was a beer joint ) in the early nineties.

    Somebody radicalized him, I think that mosque in Silver Spring is a good place to look. His family was always known to me as decent hard working folk, especially his dad.

    President Obama just cautioned against jumping to conclusions, but that didn’t stop the FBI from tripping all over themselves to say there was no terrorism involved here.

    Nope, no terrorism. Just what had once been a quiet kid from a hardworking middle class family jumping up on a table, yelling “Allah Ahkbar” and murdering his fellow soldiers. How can you get radical Islam out of that unless you are some kind of mindless Rush dittohead?

    It’s time to place the blame for this where it belongs. Squarely at the feet of progressives who have fostered and protected radical jihadists posing as religious folks.

    The inflammatory imams enjoy freedom of “religion” while veterans have to go to court for a cross on a memorial.

    Let’s not let the left get away with this crap. I know in my heart Malik was a good kid at one time. I was a regular at his father’s joint and looked him in the eye when we met.

    The Blue Ridge Hunt Club ( militia in the Roanoke Valley ) was persecuted by the fed as dangerous while the folks who radicalized this once decent young man were protected by them.

  9. Birdseed anarchist says:

    Remember a while back when you quoted” Something wicked this way comes”? Man, I just haven’t been able to get that out of my head . And now just in, another mass shooting in Orlando. Hang on to your hats everyone. Keep up the good work Grand Rants , all you guys help me clear my thoughts.

  10. Gerry Ashley says:

    By the way, if anyone is keeping tabs on “Accomplishments of the Obama Administration,” let’s not forget this little nugget:

    We’re not supposed to call it “an act of terrorism.” No! It’s a “man-made disaster.”

    I beg to differ. I think we have all come to see that the most recent “Man Made Diasaster” was the 2008 Presidential election.

    But hey! Rumor has it Obama is zeroing in on a potential date on which he might just make a decision on the troop increase request (from 4 months ago) for Afghanistan. I’m sure the soldiers will be delighted and are waiting with bated breath.

    Meanwhile, I just can’t help but worry… is Michelle still proud?


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