OccupyWallStreet vs. Bill Whittle

I know who my money’s on: Bill Whittle delivers yet another awesome Afterburner, taking to task the Wall Street Whiners.


21 Responses to OccupyWallStreet vs. Bill Whittle

  1. Gerry Ashley says:

    Bravo!! That sums it up perfectly! And hey… he used at least several corporations to do it. PJTV, Their hosting company, The owners of the production studio and post-production, The companies that provide the graphics and music clearance… all so those who need this logic spoon-fed to them will have it available without actually having to do any work… except to use their smart phone, laptop or iPad/tablet to watch… all of which are made by (gasp!) C.O.R.P.O.R.A.T.I.O.N.S. !!! Then, they can hop onto their zero emission mountain bikes (made by a corporation), or Volvo with climate countrol and Sirius Satellite Radio (two more corporations) and meet up with their buddies at Starbucks (corporation) before heading out to the streets to protest… thasss right: CORPORATE AMERICA.

    In the words of Comedian Bill Engvall… “Here’s your sign…”

  2. DT says:

    What a condescending jerk this guy is. This Bill Whittle guy is nothing but a spokesman for the Slave-masters. He can only tell their story by “belittling” the Slaves….while other Slaves sit at their computer and watch to agree or disagree with the Slave-master’s spokeman. The point is that Wall St is a “Club” that makes us all Slaves. But, as they say, “the BEST Slaves are the ones who don’t know they’re Slaves.” And guess what? YOU’RE NOT part of the “Club”….Slave! (Unless you make Millions and Billions in Bonuses as a Wall St Banker or a Bailed Out Corporate CEO) Of course, Bill Whittle’s version of the “Slave-masters” story is conveniently full of holes, which he leaves out during his condescending “look-down-his-nose” diatribe against the Occupy Wall St. Protesters

    Hey Bill…..In case you haven’t figured it out yet, Capitalism has been “perverted”, usurped and subjugated through the Wall St Bail-outs by the Wall St Bankers and the Politicians “on-the-take”. Thus, it’s NO Longer Capitalism. You, nor Rush Limbaugh, nor Sean Hannity, nor Carl Rove, nor Mitt Romney, nor Herman Cain, nor Rick Santorum, nor Barack Obama, nor ANY other “apologist” for the TARP Bail-outs can make the argument that THIS IS CAPITALISM! It isn’t! Bail-outs for “private” institutions, companies and/or corporations by the Government (Taxpayers) is called Fascism (the merger of State and Corporate Powers). The American People DIDN’T want it THEN….and they DON’T want it NOW! Hence, the birth of the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street…and they are NOT a Right/Left Paradigm. (like you’d like to make it)

    This video sounds to me more like a Wall St. commercial for Eat-the-Bullshit-and-like-it. Bill Whittle, along with the other Wall St. “apologists”, have NO CLUE on what this Movement, the Tea Party Movement or even a what Capitalist “Free” Market System is all about. They just want to “stir-up” derision by instilling the Wall St “divide and conquer” technique upon the American People, while they (the Wall St Bankers and Politicians) get off “Scott-Free” from their “Crimes”, while “whistling” all-the-way to the Off-Shore Banks with their Millions and Billion Dollar Bonuses….and are “sitting-pretty” with their Taxpayer Funded Congressional Pension Plans! (ALL provided by the American Taxpayer)

    You’d have to be totally naive to believe these “Wall St. Apologists”…They think “We-the-People” are stupid….

    • Stoutcat says:

      Dude, breathe, for Heaven’s sake! And yes, as Guffman said, lay off the “quotation marks.” They’re not quite as bad as ALL CAPS, but only just.

      If you ‘d like to refute anything in the video, please feel free to do so. We’ll be glad to listen if you actually have something of substance to say.

    • CR says:

      Well said DT. These people are not protesting because they hate the corporations that create most of the things we take for granted. They are protesting a corrupt, opaque system (as in the opposite of transparent) by which they can do whatever they please with or without the public’s vote – Capitalism? B.S.
      Slavery? In a sense, but a system kept just “Civilized” enough to keep the 99% of the sheep out there working hard, spending their hard earned money on “things they need” and making the corporations billions.

      Hey Bill here’s a dose of reality for you, the US congress voted NO to a corporate bail-out, the bill was defeated. But guess what happened the NEXT Freakin’ day? And I’m not being colourful, it was literally the next day after congress voted NO, defeated the bill to a corporate bail-out that they cut a back-room deal without a vote and the bailout was passed.

      Once the 700 Billion dollar cheque was cut where did they spend the money? OH WAIT…. That was part of the deal! NO Lawful institution was allowed to question where or how they spent the money. What the hell do you call that? I call it corruption, and we are not taking anymore of this shit.

      • DT says:

        Thanks for standing up! It’s refreshing to see that there are some objective thinking people out there. What people fail to realize is that Wall Street is 100% of the problem. “Wack-jobs”, like Bill Whittle, desire to propagandize the Occupy Wall Street Movement and the Tea Party Movement and to make it a Right/Left Paradigm, while the REAL ENEMY (Wall Street) “laughs and laughs”. They know that NO Justice will fall onto Wall Street, because according to Wall Street “It’s Just Us!” and NO one else matters. The Politicians “on-the-take” with the Wall Street’s Campaign “Bribes” (I mean Donations) will make it virtually impossible to have them prosecuted.

        As for the GOP Candidates running for President (except for Ron Paul) and Obama; their Foreign Policies and their War Policies should be disavowed. These people are nothing but UN-Constitutional Psychopathic War-Mongers who support the Mass Murder of civilians (men, women and children).

  3. guffman says:

    Hey “DT”,
    Here’s an “idea” for you. Try to “write” something that “makes sense”. What an “incoherent” bunch of “rambling”.
    Here’s “another” idea – stop with the “quotation marks”. You “remind me of “Elaine” on “Seinfeld” over-using “exclamation marks”!!!!!!!

  4. This guy is Pathetic and doesn’t get what being a real American is all about. Vote for Independent Robert Sandera for President and we will see a United and Uncorrupted Country.

  5. birdseed anarchist says:

    Chaos and madness, I’m telling you, it’s coming and it’s almost here.

    • DT says:

      I agree. Only if these Wall St Apologists (like Bill Whittle and others) really understood the true reasons for the protests rather than just calling them names. It’s so sad to watch our Country being “flushed” by the Ignorant who CHOOSE NOT to understand.

      Perhaps they should view some educational videos on the Monetary System. Maybe then they would get it. Videos like “The Money Scam Section” and “Economic Hitman” on you tube. Of course, they’ll probably just mock without even viewing them. (just as they mocked my comment)

      It’s a complete shame the Media has made this a Right/Left Issue. But when the Money Manipulators exact their Revenge on Society and the World, I’m sure they’ll be wishing they joined the Movement when there was time.

      You’re right. Chaos and madness is almost here. Get Prepared while you can. Buy Food, supplies, water and something to protect you and your family. It won’t be long now…

  6. Rick says:

    I believe the protest is or should be about corporations make billions in profit while trying to bust unions and lower wages. Why does a CEO need to make over 400 times more than his highest paid laborer?

    • KAW says:

      Rick – The answer to your last question is very simple. It takes a completely different set of skills to run Exxon, Kraft, Mobil or Shell than it does to be on their assembly lines. I take nothing away from the assembly line workers as they are vital to the success of an organization, but the fact of the matter is, they are far more easily hired than someone with intelligence and experience to run a multi-national corporation. The pool from which they are hired is far larger than that made up of CEO-caliber individuals. Outstanding education, phenomenal experience (frequently starting as a laborer), and yes, a little bit of good fortune is required to run corporations of this size. Certainly, not everyone possesses those traits and more importantly, very few people on the assembly line have any interest in putting for the educational effort to acquire them.

      DT – You’re an ignorant idiot. I don’t say that to be mean. It’s just a fact as defined by the two words I used. Look them up.

      • DT says:

        KAW…perhaps you should use your head for something other than a place to grow hair.

        Look…Have you ever looked at WHO the Administrations “appoint” to positions of power within the Government? Did you ever research just WHERE they came from? Maybe you might get a “feel” for why the “Banksters” (and the Politicians on-the-take) will never be prosecuted for the Crimes they committed against the American People by decimating the Economy. And maybe….just maybe, you might understand WHY these “Banksters” are appointed to these positions which deal with the Treasury, Borrowing/Spending in relation to the UN-Constitutional Wars in Foreign Countries and our National Debt.

        Take a look at Henry “The Sky is Falling” Paulson, for instance. Bush appointed him as the Secretary of the Treasury. (You know…the guy who crafted the TARP Bail-Out Program which re-distributed $750+ Billion to the other Banksters?) Where did he come from? He was the former CEO of Goldman Sachs (Wall St). And look at Timothy “Tax-Cheat” Geithner. He was appointed Secretary of the Treasury under Obama. (You know….the guy who didn’t pay his taxes?) Where did he come from? Oh yeah. He was the President of the Federal Reserve Bank in New York. Now look at Bill Daley. He was just appointed as Barack Obama’s Chief of Staff. Where did he come from? He served on the Executive Committee of JPMorgan Chase & Co. (Wall St) The lists go on and on.

        You’d have to be a complete Idiot not to believe that Wall St has “hijacked” Washington….or it’s been better put….Wall St IS Washington….and Washington IS Wall St. But of course, you’ll probably say that the Country needs to appoint these types of people because of what they know. Well, all I’ve got to say is that they’re doing a real “bang-up-job”, aren’t they? The Truth is that they are “designated” for these positions to make sure the Banksters don’t suffer loss. Plain and Simple. And they make sure that all their losses are put-on-the-backs of the American Taxpayer.

        But when you think about it, isn’t it just “Grand” that these Banksters are doing so well with all those wonderful Bonuses and Golden Parachutes, while the American People languish from ever increasing job losses, under-employment and home foreclosures. Isn’t it just “Great” to see their Stocks are doing so wonderfully with all that FREE Money they received from the Taxpayer Bail-outs? And how do these Banksters “reward and repay “the Taxpayers who Bailed them out? Let’s see….First, they Raised those Damn Credit Card Interest Rates to 30+% when they’re a day late on their payment. They now charge a $5 Fee for the “Privilege” of using a Debit Card. They continue to charge onerous over-draft fees, insufficient funds fees, late fees and any other fee they can dream-up to stick-it-to the American Taxpayer. Oh yeah….They also give them the complete “run-around” when they try to Modify their Mortgages under HAMP. Then they just TAKE their homes and Foreclose on their properties. Don’t you just love it? It’s the American Way!

        KAW….You really need to get your head out of your arse and get some air. The lack of oxygen has sure crippled your critical thinking skills. The world is facing a Global Meltdown. Just look at all the Riots in other countries BEFORE the Occupy Wall St Movement came into being. Was the reason “Democracy” as we were told by the Corporate Media? Ha! When people protest overseas, it’s all about Democracy. When people protest here in the United States, they’re nothing but Communists, Nazis, Hippies and young, jobless, lazy, UN-American college kids.

        Oh yeah….one other thing….the Global Meltdown is all going to be the Protester’s Fault. (I already see that one coming) The Banksters are the Gods!

  7. Mr. Bill you hit it a bull’s eye with this one.
    They all need to spend time in boot camp as many of us did at one time. Mine was 16 weeks at MCRD in San Diego, Camp Elliott and Camp Pendleton.
    I always told my kids, there are five of them, what my grandpa always told me. “Be happy with what you have NOT unhappy with what you don’t have”
    Keep up the GREAT work

    • adsdwa says:

      I agree people need to be content with what they have and see how privileged they are to be living in a safe country with many financial and educational opportunities. Yet the government is not as transparent as it needs to be, i am talking political policies they want to implement. politions use vague passionate speeches that give no light on the issue because they exploit the populations ignorance and complete lack of interest which allows them to pull the wool over many unsuspecting eyes.

      The media has become bias in one way or another and not at all critical about anything except social issues that change nothing but people opinions. military training is meant to make you physically and mentally tough, compliant and able to follow orders without question. so keep just listening to your superiors (as you see them)

  8. crake says:

    this guy needs to do a little more research and remove his conservative bias before giving an opinion. if he knew what he was talking about, he’d know that a lot of the protestors are camping at the sites – but, you know, no big deal. can’t expect much from a cog in the machine. he, along with all the people who agree with him, makes me wish the chaos and meaninglessness of this universe would swallow our entire race. we’re far too eager and willing to let those who can’t think shape our opinions. people, i implore you, take the time to research and create your own ideas; it’s the only way to remove the shackles we wear so comfortably.

  9. william vanderstarre says:

    I wonder if this guy would stay out in the cold for days???

  10. wow. how very well said. Ive never heard of this guy, but Ill have to look out for more of him. (BTW isn’t it a little more than ironic that the first few words of the comments left here (rants vs conversation) are a complete giveaway to the “side” they will take in their post, LOL.

  11. There are many good comments here by various people except the ones made by Whittle. He doesn’t seem to get it that it takes everyone including the poor to make the world go around or some of them white collars may actually get a dirty neck. I’ve busted my butt 60-80 hr. work weeks almost my entire life but then I became sick and had disaster. These arrogant High ups never take responsibility for all the cancer substances they seem to be a part of. Even Cancer they turned into a corrupted business. My name is Robert Sandera Google me for President and follow and tell people of me I will jail crooks within the system deliberately breaking it for their insane greed disease.
    its sad Our Country will have such a hard time being United again

    • DT says:

      Robert Sandera

      Good Luck with that, Robert. Especially in dealing with a “System” “rigged” so that the Rich can “pay for” Justice, while the rest of us have the “Book” thrown at us.

      Bill Whittle is just an “Apologist” for the Rich Corporate Wall Street “Criminals” who can do whatever they want and get away with it. He picks on the “easy prey” of the OWS Movement by attacking them without Objectivity. It’s WAY-TOO-HARD for people, like Bill Whittle, to go after the “Greedy” Criminals – let alone “understand” the Crimes they commit.

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