Who’s Your Buddy?

March 14, 2012

Well, if you’re a member of the US International Longshoremen’s Association, that would be Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao. Yes, you heard me correctly; an American union (snort) awarded the leader of communist China the title “Best Friend of the American Worker.” China Daily reports:

ILA Vice President William McNamara said his association was honored to give the award to Premier Wen to thank China for its great contributions to creating more job opportunities for American workers.

 The award ceremony coincided with the 10th anniversary of the first direct vessel call to the Port of Boston by China Ocean Shipping (Group) Company (COSCO) in February 2002.

Because on the docks of Boston, nobody does more for the longshoremen than… the Chinese? One might think that the USILA (and its parent union, the AFL-CIO) might have had second thoughts about giving an award to the head of a nation that does not allow actual trade unions. The irony, it burns!

I really didn’t think there existed an award more meaningless than the Nobel Peace Prize. But I think we’ve finally found one.



The Grass Is Greener…

September 23, 2010

…over at the Jefferson North Chrysler plant in Detroit. In fact, the grass is green, the beer is cold, and the malt liqour comes in 40 oz. bottles.

This is why Chrysler needed a bailout.  And this should be their new logo:

All that bailout money… up in smoke.


ObamaCare: Call It What It Is

January 15, 2010


Let’s call this what it really is: Re-distribution of health.

In effect, that’s the latest message coming from the White House as a desperate President Barack Obama grasps at straws to push his health care agenda down our throats once and for all. And it looks like he might just have the support he needs now.

President “Opaque” has held a series of not-so-secret closed-door meetings in an attempt to shore up support for a combined healthcare bill that he can sign into law (presumably after we have all had a chance to read the final bill for 72 hours, of course. Just like he promised in his campaign speeches. Oh wait. A year has gone by and he hasn’t actually done that yet, has he?)

In a private meeting with union officials yesterday, Obama gave them a sweetheart deal: Union members will be exempting Union shops from having to pay the 40% tax penalty for so-called “Cadillac Health Plans.”

Wake up, folks! That poking sensation you felt on your backside was NOT your dog asking to go for a walk.  Your President is informing you:  If you’re employed by a business that is NOT run by Union thugs, your business will have to pay an additional 40% penalty for treating you so well.  For example: If your company spends $1,000,000 per year on health insurance for its employees, they will now be taxed an additional $400,000 under Obama’s healthcare plan. But if you’re a union shop? “Fuhgettaboudit!”

In short, the very healthcare program he’s putting in place to provide healthcare for all (in theory), would in fact, cause many employers to DROP their insurance because they can’t afford the penalty. The other option would be to REDUCE the level of coverage they provide for you  until it has been weakened enough to meet Obama’s approval.

Let’s call this what it really is, folks: “Re-distribution of HEALTH.”  As true a case of taxation without representation as you will ever find.

Now is the time to continue your calls, e-mails and faxes to your elected officials demanding they not pass this bill. Let them know they will be held accountable.  Do NOT rest now!

Mmm-Mmm-Mmm… Barack Hussein Obama…

Gerry Ashley

Boston Teachers Union: Promoting Mediocrity

November 19, 2009

Unions standing in the way of progress? I’m shocked, shocked I tell you!

The Boston Herald reports that a plan that rewards teachers whose students receive passing grades on Advanced Placement tests — and offers incentives for the students, too — is, predictably, being opposed by the Boston Teachers Union.

Grinchlike union bosses are blocking at least 200 of Boston’s best teachers from pocketing bonuses for their classroom heroics in a puzzling move that gets a failing grade from education experts.

The Boston Teachers Union staunchly opposes a performance bonus plan for top teachers – launched at the John D. O’Bryant School in 2008 and funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates and Exxon Mobil foundations – insisting the dough be divvied up among all of a school’s teachers, good and bad.

“It’s insanity,” said Jim Stergios, executive director of the nonpartisan Pioneer Institute. “They’re less concerned about promoting the interest of individual members than maintaining control over their members.”

The union, of course, describes it differently. In a classic case of asserting his union’s power over the interests of teachers and students, head honcho Richard Stutman insists that good teachers and bad alike should receive bonuses:

“There’s no one solely responsible for the development of these students… They should all share in the money.”

But by denying the bonuses, the union places itself squarely in opposition to progress and betterment of Boston schools and Boston students, both of which for the most part can use all the help they can get.

…[B]y thwarting performance bonuses, the union is hurting students, argued Morton Orlov, president of the Massachusetts Math and Science Initiative at MassINSIGHT, the business-backed group that administers the bonuses.

Orlov said the 10 state schools that accept the bonuses saw a 39 percent increase in students who passed the AP exam.

Why, oh why do we allow unions to have such a deleterious effect on the education of our children, when those unions clearly don’t have the best interests of the students — or even the teachers — at heart?


10 Reasons to be Very Afraid…

September 2, 2009

Here are ten reasons why Americans (and the rest of the world for that matter) should be very afraid. Except for the last, they’re in no particular order:

  • In the long term, the American economy is shot. Forget about a ten trillion dollar debt… Let’s talk at least five times that or $67,000,000,000,000 plus and exploding. (Just add the national debt and the unfunded liabilities at The National Debt Clock.) No one reading this in 2009 will ever see the debt amortized unless of course we start printing money like fiends and enter the sci-fi world of hyper inflation.
  • Obama is completely in cahoots with media, unions, and radical groups like ACORN. His power grabs for things like the census and the national intelligence system would be horrifying if they weren’t so numbing.
  • Afghanistan (and Pakistan too) are starting to turn on us. Because of our failing support to those two countries, and a rise in American liberal amnesia since 9/11 (especially since Obama took 1600) those two countries quite frankly don’t know who to side with – the U.S. or radical Islam. And we all know where 9/11 came from, and who now has the “Bomb”. Two plus two equals…
  • The “War on drugs” is a joke – a complete and utter joke and we all know it. And violence and drugs walk in lockstep. To make things almost comical, the current POTUS and the one before him both admit to using drugs. (And Clinton admitted to smoking pot, but not “inhaling” it. Yeah… Right.) The problem lies in the nature of the supply and demand market. If the demand is there, the supply will follow. Didn’t the American prohibition teach us anything? We’re not addressing the heart of the matter, the demand side of the matter.
  • The politicians simply will not definitively close our Southern border for fear of losing the Hispanic vote. (I wonder how many terrorists we haven’t caught?)
  • As if the border issue wasn’t enough of a problem,  we’re doing an abysmal job watching our ports. We inspect only 2% of the containers that come into this country. How long before a bio-weapon gets in?
  • A nuclear war isn’t the only way we might get to glow. Just think of the Kursk and Chernobyl.
  • Analogous to the “War on Drugs” we fail to address the heart of the matter when it comes to radical Islam – that of the indoctrination and brainwashing of children (please take the time to look at this). Countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Egypt, Syria, Sudan, and Somalia are pouring out little cult robots, and all the “shock and awe” in the world isn’t going to stop that. Granted, explosions makes for great TV, YouTube, and the contemptuous (even humorous) sense of victory, but the countless imams and madrassas are nothing less than factories – relentless, fluid factories.
  • There is a terrible collision coming between the advancement, power, and ubiquity of science and technology, and the stumbling, eyes-closed, delusional influence of religion. Doubt it? Just think of what those 9/11 fanatics did with high-tech jets, and what the kooks of the “Aum” movement did in the subways of Japan.
  • But perhaps the most alarming storm on the horizon is us. We think of ourselves as “Americans” but we are not, in fact, the Americans who won the west, who brutally ended WWII by firebombing Dresden, Tokyo, and finally incinerated Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We’re not those Americans any more, and in some ways that’s a good thing. But in other ways, it’s a horrible thing. We have lost that determined, decisive spark, as well as that element of common sense. Instead, we have become a pack of petty, litigation-mad, titillation seekers. We are politically correct to the point of self-destruction. Ask yourself this… How do you think that the Greatest Generation would have handled 9/11? How do you think FDR, Patton, Eisenhower, LeMay, or MacArthur would have handled radical Islam? For all their terrible flaws, why do you think we still refer to them as the Greatest Generation?

Ok, so I’m a nut job. I’m a conspiracy theorist. Maybe one or two of the things I listed above are straight out of Rubber Room Town. Hey! Maybe I’m wackier still, and I pulled five or six of those theories right out from under my aluminum foil hat, facts and all. Maybe seven, eight, or nine of those scenarios are just plain dumb… But not all ten… Not all ten.

Take a look at that list of ten above and tell me that all ten are crazy. Tell me that any one, just one, of those isn’t an all too real prescription for disaster on a global scale…


And that’s why you should be very afraid.

Alan Speakman

Obama Sings Same Old Song On Health Care: This MUST Be Passed Immediately!

July 19, 2009

In his weekly radio and Internet address on Saturday, President Obama once again attempted to use fear and urgency as the principal reasons to pass his Health Care Reform. With support rapidly dwindling in the public sector for both the legislation and his style of delivery (It’s got to be passed immediately or the world will end as we know it!), he revisited all the talking points of the issue.

In fact, he did everything but parade Janeane Garafalo around to remind us that anyone who fails to support this legislation immediately is simply a tea-bagging rednecked racist who can’t stand having a black man in the White House.

Senate Republican Whip Jon Kyl of Arizona sets the record straight in his reply:

To that, I would add the following in response to Obama’s speech.

“This is an issue that affects the health and financial well-being of every single American and the stability of our entire economy.”

All the more reason not to rush this process. Remember how you rushed to get Crapulus One (the stimulus package you immediately shoved down our throats when you took office) passed? It had to be right away, you said. And it still hasn’t started to do its work, at least not down here at ground zero.  How about a unique approach, Mr. President? How about taking the time to get it right?

It’s about a woman in Colorado who told us that when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, her insurance company – the one she’d paid over $700 a month to – refused to pay for her treatment. She had to use up her retirement funds to save her own life.

Sad story, indeed, if it’s true. So she had a lousy insurance company and they ought to be targeted. Not the entire health care industry. But I can counter that with the story of a high school friend, who moved to England when she married. At the age of 55, four years ago, she discovered a lump on her breast. By the time the government run health care (i.e., socialized medicine similar to what you’re touting) got around to helping her, the lump had gone from pre-cancerous to inoperable, as it had spread to other areas of her body. She died as a result of not having timely access to quality medical care… something we already have in this country (which is one reason so many Europeans choose to come here and pay for it. They can get treatment before it’s too late).

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The Globe Teeters on the Brink

June 10, 2009


 Only in Massachusetts…

Another sinking ship of the vast New York Times enterprise, the Boston Globe, is having problems staying afloat these days. The Globe needs to cut $20 million annually to continue to operate. Hence, the newspaper made a proposal to their largest union, the Boston Newspaper Guild, for pay and benefits cuts, with a caveat of far worse if the proposal was voted down.

Monday evening, the Guild narrowly voted down the Globe’s proposal which would cut workers’ pay by 8.3%, eliminate 190 jobs, and cut back on some health and pension benefits. Mangement clearly stated during the process that if this cut did not go through, workers would have to take a 23% pay cut. No matter. Guild votes “No thanks.”

You can guess what happened next. The Guild voted down the smaller pay cut and cutbacks. Management, as it had said it would, imposed the 23% cut (effective this Sunday). Guild screams bloody murder; guild starts legal action to delay pay cuts; guild goes to Labor Relations Board to block cuts; guild, in fact, does everything in its power to ensure the closing of the 137-year-old newspaper and lose all jobs. Go, guild!

All this, despite the fact that the six other unions involved in Globe operations had actually voted for the 8.3% pay cut. Clearly these other unions realized that a pay cut of 8.3% is much better than a pay cut of 23%, and that having a job is better than not having a job.

So Boston will likely become yet another one-paper big city; the Herald will be laughing all the way to the bank; and the hundreds of unemployed business, advertising, and editorial workers will be scratching their heads wondering what happened. (No, not the elites, like Ellen Goodman, Joan Vennochi, Derrick Jackson, and the uber-creepy Dan Shaughnessy. They’ll have something to fall back on or something to leap to. They’ll always land on their feet.)

And “Coupe” Deval Patrick will have to add 700 newly laid-off people to the state’s unemployment rolls.

Well played, Boston Newspaper Guild. Well played, indeed.


Employee “Free Choice” Act

February 5, 2009


Ed Frank attended a rally held by organized labor in support of the so-called Employee Free Choice Act, which as we all know, would open workers to a wide array of intimidation tactics by removing their right to a secret ballot.

“At the rally, at least one worker claimed that 90% of his colleagues signed cards supporting a unionization election, but it turns out when workers cast their secret ballots, the pro-union forces only won by two votes.

“Organized labor claims that secret-ballot elections lead to intimidation by employers, but if 90% of workers signed cards when confronted by union organizers in dark parking lots or in vacant break rooms and then only a very slim majority actually voted to unionize when those union operatives couldn’t see their votes, doesn’t that prove that union intimidation is much worse than employer intimidation?”

It seems to me that Ed makes a very good point. If the overt public support was 90% for, why, in private, did the measure only pass by 2 votes? Seems like a secret ballot is a very good way to protect oneself from harrassment and intimidation. Ed’s video clearly shows that even the union top brass doesn’t really have a clue as to why it’s necessary to do away with the secret ballot, that doesn’t involve telling the truth:

And what if we were to change the scenario slightly? Suppose, instead of voting for or against unionization, we were to remove the secret ballot when voting for our leaders? Actually, it’s possible that this is exactly where we may be heading. No need to cancel elections if the thugs from ACORN and all the rest of Mr. Soros’s well-funded organizations, or any well-oiled political machine (cough *Chicago!* cough) can simply waltz up to you or me and say, “Nice little house/apartment/kid you’ve got there. It’d be a shame if something happened to it. Oh by the way, you’re voting for Obama again next time, right?” Yes, it’s just my imagination, but…

It could happen, you know. Let’s make sure it doesn’t. 

H/T: HotAir


The 10 Reasons Obama and Biden Should Not Sleep Well

August 30, 2008

Well, there you go… John McCain has opted for Veep choice Sarah Palin… Here are 10 reasons (in no particular order) that Obama/Biden should lose sleep

  • Palin is going to hold a healthy appeal to those famous 18 million Hillary stalwarts. That’s a no brainer.
  • Palin is a life member of the NRA. And speaking as a life member of the NRA myself (1992) I can say the following with first-hand authority… The NRA has absolutely no problem supporting a woman. (The first female NRA president was Marion Hammer, and she took office in 1995.) In short, expect the NRA to pull out all the stops on this election.
  • McCain is super-saturated with foreign-policy experience, military experience, and life experience. On the other hand, Barack was born August 4, 1961… Eight months after JFK gave his famous inaugural speech.
  • Both McCain and Palin have sons (Jimmy, (USMC) and Track (Army) respectively) in the military. It’s going to be a nightmare for Barack and Joe to argue the invalidity of the Iraq War… To do so would be to question the character and intelligence of the young McCain and Palin. Add to that the success of the Surge (which Barack still won’t acknowledge) and all of Iraq becomes a third rail for the Dems.
  • Palin appeals to unions. She conspicuously mentions them in her acceptance speech.
  • All recognize that McCain is a maverick and a bulldog, but Palin is a sleeper of the same ilk. She is immensely popular in Alaska (in the ballpark of a mind-numbing 80%). Also Palin is known as a free thinker. (And that link is a “must read”).
  • The economy ain’t as deep in the tank as was predicted.
  • Obama runs on the exhausted “Not-Another-Third-Term-of-Bush/We-Need-Change” Campaign… Too bad that Barack (and Rezko, and Ayers, and Pfleger, and Wright, and who knows who else) are all just part of the old Chicago/liberal political machine. Oh, there’s change out there all right… But it takes the personages of a 70+ year-old curmudgeon, and a 44 year-old former beauty queen who’s faced much more than her fair share of challenges in this world.
  • Palin knows her energy issues, (again, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sarah_Palin)… Methinks McCain may decide to drill in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge after all.
  • Finally, Palin doesn’t bring the “Primary Baggage” with her that Biden did… (Remember the infamous “on the job training” comment? )

This should be interesting… But still Barack and Joe have very serious reasons to lose sleep…

Alan Speakman