Why Do We Waste Time on Ahmadinejad…and the U.N. for That Matter?

May 4, 2010

All right, I’ll say right from the beginning that one of my core principles in life is not to deal with:

  • The psychotically delusional
  • Boldfaced liars
  • Vicious thugs

There… That’s just me… And for that matter, I dare say that it’s probably you too.

Enter Iran’s president Ahmadinejad in of all places New York City, Monday, May 3rd 2010… And there we were in the person of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Natch we were out there still “talking”. (I guess we still have our “open hand” thrust out for a “laurel, and hearty” handshake.) Ummm… Why are we doing this? When a “leader” like Ahmadinejad says that Iran doesn’t have any homosexuals, he’s either psychotically delusional or a boldfaced liar. The fact that Ahmadinejad is a wildly vicious thug goes without question. So why, oh why are we “talking”?

By the way… Did anyone notice the following:

“Ahmadinejad also had derogatory words for the UN’s nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) which he said had been “unsuccessful in discharging its responsibilities” because of the influence of the US over its management.

He called for the US to be removed from the agency’s board of governors and subjected to a formal UN rebuke for the use of nuclear threats. He insisted there was not a “single credible proof” that Iran was developing weapons. He said that any attack on “peaceful nuclear facilities” should be met with “a swift reaction from the United Nations and termination of all cooperation of NPT member states with the threatening aggressor state”.

As the Iranian leader spoke, delegations from the US, Britain and other EU states walked out of the conference hall, but his speech was greeted by applause from many of the remaining delegates.”

Why are we wasting time with Ahmadinejad? And why are we wasting both time and money with the U.N.?

It’s got me beat… Like I said, I make it a point to never try to deal with the psychotically delusional, boldfaced liars, and/or vicious thugs… But that’s just me…

Alan Speakman

Ahmadinejad Abused Diplomatic Immunity In US

September 22, 2009

Is He Coming Back For More?

Ahmadinejad2Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s return to New York City to speak at the opening of the United Nations General Assembly this week marks the fifth visit in five years for the Iranian President.

In a Fox News article by Claudia Rosett, she reports that it has been discovered that a brazen Ahmadinejad grossly abused his diplomatic privileges in his past visits and personally recruited one of his party guests (a 65-year-old Iranian-American businessman named Ali Amirnazmi) to commit a felony of violating US sanctions against Iran.

In her article, Rosett writes:

The details come from evidence introduced in a federal trial in Philadelphia earlier this year of a 65-year-old Iranian-American businessman named Ali Amirnazmi… But court documents show a web of sanctions-busting intrigue, involving not only Ahmadinejad, but also including communications running through the Iranian mission to the U.N. in New York City, as well as Iran’s de facto consular service in the U.S. — the Iranian Interests Section housed at the Embassy of Pakistan in Washington, D.C.

The plan was to transfer “advanced technology and expertise in the chemical manufacturing industry.”

Oh, goody. Ahmadinejad blatantly thumbs his nose at our laws and restrictions using his diplomatic immunity and does whatever he wants to.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but I don’t think this is the kind of guy President Obama should be sucking up to as he did during his World Apology Tour earlier this year. You may recall that this quickly came back to bite Obama in the butt shortly afterwards when Ahmadinejad demanded Obama apologize “for meddling into Iran’s internal affairs.” Neda_Agha-SoltanThis occurred after Obama made a long-delayed criticism of the Iranian government for brutally beating down protesters following Ahmadinejad questionable victory in what seemed to be a rigged election.

The brutal reaction of Ahmadinejad’s troops injured hundreds and killed 13 including the highly publicized death of young Neda Agha-Soltan whose murder in the streets of Tehran made her a symbol of the Iranian protest of the elections. Even then, Obama waited until he saw which way the public support was going before he made any kind of statement. It was a delay that was seen by many as one made by a political neophyte who simply waited to be led by the people’s reaction rather than actually being a decisive leader himself. This apparently did not go unnoticed by Ahmadinejad.

The fact that Ahmadinejad is being allowed back into this country is bad enough. But the world will be watching to see just how President Obama handles this diplomatic adventure. Any corner Obama may find himself in will be one of his own making. Once again, his inexperience has bubbled to the surface.

Obama has already given Ahmadinejad what Amir Taheri writing in today’s Asharq Alawsat  calls “9 months of tranquility” during which time Iran has raced forward with its goal of enriched uranium. Ahmadinejad is an old pro at manipulating world politicians. Sucking in political neophyte Barack Obama hasn’t caused Ahmadinejad to even break a sweat.

It will be interesting to see what Ahmadinejad has to say at the UN. But more likely, the more interesting observations will be how Obama responds, and what extracurricular activities Ahmadinejad gets involved in this time around. 

Oh how I miss having a President with the common sense of Ronald Wilson Reagan at times like this.

Gerry Ashley

Open Letter to Israel

February 27, 2009


UPDATE: Well, well. According to Ben Smith at Politico.com, it looks like the U.S. is pulling out of Durban II. The report leaves it unclear if we really are pulling out, or if we’re just going to sit on the sidelines for a while, but it looks like it might be a step in the right direction, anyway.


The Short Form:

Dear Israel,

You’re screwed.


It is becoming clearer all the time that President Obama has no great affection for Israel. Which is sad, really as Israel is one of our staunchest allies, and the only real democracy (and the only developed nation) in the Middle East.

Some of us have been aware of the President’s leanings since he first started to campaign for the job he now holds. The evidence was there: 20+ years in a church that spews not only anti-American but also anti-Semitic bile, the endorsement by Nation of Islam leader “Calypso Louie” Farrakhan, the longstanding friendship with former PLO press agent Rashid Khalidi.

The book was open, it remained for us to read the words. Sadly, many of us didn’t.

And now we are seeing the continuation of that mindset, presented as policy-makers and shaped as executive decisions.

  • President Obama’s first official call to a foreign leader, to Mahmoud Abbas, “Palestinian” President.
  • His decision to participate in at least the planning stages of Durban II, the UN “anti-racism” conference which thinly disguises the UN’s own virulent anti-Semitic leanings.
  • The almost-one-trillion dollars the President has pledged to Gaza, which will never actually do the citizens of Gaza any good but will instead doubltess get many of them and also many Israelis killed.
  • The appointment of Chas Freeman to head Obama’s National Intelligence Council: anti-Semite, in the pocket of Saudi Arabia, pro-Chinese Communist. This is the man who will decide what intelligence information reaches the President.

 Each of these things taken alone might not mean much of anything. Add them, and the other instances that doubtless exist, and the bottom line becomes ominously clear. President Obama has no regard for Israel.

So, friend, ally, democracy, chosen people, this American is sorry to say that you’re probably on your own when it comes to support from the American President. But for whatever it’s worth, this American citizens (as well as most, I’d say) still stands proudly in support of Israel. These days, that’s the best we can do.