The New Bogeyman: “Shadowy Conservative Groups”

May 31, 2012

So once again we have a president blaming his problems on nefarious figures who work in the shadows (see also Bill Clinton’s Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy):

Courtesy of conservatives on Twitter, we now have a wonderful hashtag of all those #ShadowyConservativeGroups:

  • Voters with IDs
  • Investors
  • Bitter Clingers
  • West Virginia

The list goes on , and you can see who many of these shadow figures are on Twitchy (or simply check out the hashtag on Twitter). I must say that Conservatives have truly become the stars of Twitter these days. If you doubt it, just scroll through the Twitchy archives.

But there’s something else that’s fairly disturbing about Pres. Obama’s tweet: his assertion that people are trying to “take down the President”. With his statement, he is implying that there are shadowy figures attempting to overthrow the Presidency, or stage a coup d’etat, rather than the more mundane truth of our quadrennial election, in which the current office-holder is likely to lose his job.

This fear of being “taken down” seems out of place, smacking as it does of paranoia, rather than the President’s usual extremely narcissistic behavior. Perhaps we’re seeing the beginning of a clinical melt-down.

We’re in the very best of hands.


That Pesky War on Women (and Civility)

April 13, 2012

In the past few days, the Left has made much of the “war on women” meme being bandied about online. They’ve accused the Right of “inventing” it as a way to tar the Left, decrying any use of the phrase as right-wing smears. (Oh, except poor Joe Biden, who apparently didn’t get the memo.)

The latest salvo in this non-existant war on women came after Hilary Rosen commented about candidate Mitt Romney’s wife Ann that she had never worked a day in her life… For a women who raised a family of five boys, this would come as something of an eyebrow raiser. Mrs. Romney responded with simplicity and grace by remarking on Twitter:

After all sorts of backspinning by Rosen, the President, the First Lady, and a great many other Dem operatives, you might think that this would have died down.

You would be wrong. You ignore the great unwashed masses of venom-spewing hate mongers at your peril. They saw the subtle but unmistakable inference that Mrs. Romney is now fair game, and they are running with it for all they are worth. Twitchy has the story, in concepts of 140 characters or less. Since this is a family-safe blog, I won’t be posting any of the filth, but if you have a mind, click on over and see what the Romneys will now have to endure.

In retrospect, Sarah Palin caught a break. They didn’t start eviscerating her until July of 2008.

It’s not a war on women per se. It is, as it always has been, a war on conservative women.


Tweets of the Day

May 5, 2010


Best tweets to catch my eye so far today:

@BrentTeichman: Celebrate Cinco de Mayo by turning in 5 illegals make it Cinco De Bye yo.

@TheFlaCracker: Obama said he has a boot on the throat of BP. I wish he would take the other one off of AMERICA

@vadum: It’s Cinco de Mayo. Nobody knows what it means. Many believe it commemorates the invention of tequila.

@JammieWF: Another imbecile runs on the field in Philly. Sadly, no taser this time

@2remainsilent: No Brainer profiling –ANYONE paying cash for a plane ticket leaving in a few hrs.

@2BlueStarMom: What a coincidence! SEIU promotes same thing! @MillMsgr May Day protests in Greece erupt in violence

@GuyKawasaki: Great American pastime: Cardinals, Phillies, and tasers

@weaselzippers: Obama Cares So Much About The Oil Spill That ‘He Never Spotted One Drop Of Oil’ On His Photo-Op

@SissyWillis: NOTHING TO SEE HERE: RT @allahpundit: Uh oh: U.S. exempted BP drilling from environmental study

@amandacarpenter: File under “what GOP was saying all along.” ObamaCare kills jobs, health care innovation

@TheFlaCracker: same LIBIOT song: Illegal? no ID required, Abortion?, no Unltrasound required, POTUS? no birth certificate required

@Vanderleun: “You almost have to feel sorry for the trendy left; they were already smacking their lips in anticipation…”

@jeffemanuel: Not only was Obama biggest recipient of #BP cash in 2008, his admin exempted BP from drilling enviro study

@JoAnneMoretti: Rt @ColorMeRed  How convenient- Shahzad became a citizen at the end of last year JUST before he left for bomb training camp in Pakistan