Obama Throws 1.5 Million Armenians Under The Bus – Who’s Next?

April 7, 2009


As Barack Obama’s  Europalooza 2009 World Tour rolls on, it’s becoming more and more obvious that the mainstream media is more concerned about the latest fashion trend being set by First Lady Jackie Kennedy Michelle Obama than paying attention to the fact that the Emperor himself is running out of clothing.

When he was a candidate, and looking for support from the American-Armenian community, it was candidate Obama who boldly described the deaths of 1.5 million Armenians at the hands of Turks in World War I as the “Armenian Genocide,” one that was “widely documented” and would be “commemorated” by an Obama administration.

Yesterday, while in Turkey meeting with Turkish President Abdullah Gul, Obama quickly showed not only his lack of experience as a political leader, but also proved himself to be a statesman who can not be trusted to stand by his words.

Acknowledging only that Turkey and Armenia are currently “involved in delicate negotiations,” Obama  avoided all but a fleeting mention of the Armenian Holocaust, instead stating he does not want to impact the negotiations currently taking place between the two countries. In doing so, he trivialized a two-year campaign of mass starvation, physical and sexual abuse, and the eventual murder of 1.5 million Armenians, reducing it to being little more than just one part of  a “whole host of issues.” 

Obama also missed the chance to back up his words to the Armenian community he courted for support two years ago. In passing up that opportunity, Obama demonstrated the difference between a true statesman who looks out for the interestes of those he serves, and a mere politician who promotes only himself and his own interests.

  • Imagine the United States not wishing to do it’s part regarding the liberation of Europe during the second World War?  After all, wasn’t that just part of a whole host of issues being handled with Germany?
  • Imagine President Ronald Reagan not having the guts to tell Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev to “Tear Down This Wall!”

Imagine such a wholesale lack of character and  you have President Barack Hussein Obama. My guess is that the impression of Obama most European nations came away with after a litany of his oratory is that they now have a better understanding of the inspiration for America’s “Self-Serve Gas Pumps.”

UPDATE: Interestlingly enough, Gateway Pundit has a somewhat different take on the subject.

Gerry Ashley


As God Is My Witness…

November 28, 2008

For those of you who are still recovering from the effects of Thursday’s gorging, laughter is definitely good exercise.

Hope your Thanksgiving was filled with family, fun, gratitude, and great food.


And the Muslim World Wonders Why the Rest of US have Our Doubts…

August 19, 2008

Take a look at the BBC RSS drop as of 5:30PM EST, 8/19/08…

A typical BBC RSS '08 drop down

A typical BBC RSS

Look at the number of Islamic-based attacks and the descriptions from the articles themselves where needed…

  • Afghan ambush kills French troops
  • Bombing kills dozens in Algeria: “Algeria has suffered regular attacks blamed on militants linked to al-Qaeda.”
  • Pakistan hospital bomb kills many: “The region has a history of Shia-Sunni tensions.”
  • Car explodes at Turkey checkpoint: “It was not immediately clear who might be behind the attack, though Islamist militants, Kurdish and leftist guerrillas have all carried out bomb attacks in Turkey in the past.”

Obviously, this post has been told a thousand times before, but it’s simply getting to the point where bloggers have given up and moved on. There is something broken in Islam, or the mainstream practitioners would have long ago been screaming from the rooftops for a reformation.

Is Islam the only religion that’s fouled up? Of course not, Christianity and Judaism are twisted too. (That’s just one of the beauties of being an agnostic… I get to be an equal-opportunity cynic.) But while boatloads of practitioners of all three religions have been getting the short end of the stick, it’s only the radical Muslims who have reached the conclusion that C4 aimed at innocents is the answer. Meanwhile, their “moderate” brethren look the other way.

Yup, yup, yup… You’ve all heard this a gazillion times before. I probably shouldn’t have wasted my time (or yours) with this post. I just thought the RSS drop down spoke volumes.

Alan Speakman