Gerry and Alan Respond to the SOTU

January 28, 2010


Gerry reacts to President Obama’s first State of the Union address:

Wow… I had planned a satirical response to the SOTU message, but after viewing Obama’s speech last night, I find no humor in this at all.  It’s not deserving of being treated with  humor. It needs to be treated with utter disdain.
Obama and Biden are flying into Tampa, Florida this morning for a speech this afternoon and a presentation of a grant to start construction on a high-speed commuter rail between Tampa and Orlando. If I lived in that area and he were speaking in the room next door, I don’t think I could bring myself to take 10 steps to share the air inside that room with him. He’s turning into a toxic fireball… the antagonist in a B-movie about the attempted hijacking of our government, like a bad movie directed by Alan Smithee.

I need to walk away from the speech or else I will have a stroke. Seriously.  

Alan responds:

I didn’t watch it… But as you know, there’s a bad moon a rising… Interesting that Pelosi is going to charge ahead with health care… She says thay if the conservatives close the gate they’ll jump the fence… If the fence is too high, they’ll pole vault over it, and if it’s still too high, they’ll parachute in… (Seriously, that’s what she said.)

At this point, the gloves are coming off between the American people and the American government. The arrogance of these politicians is about to turn into hubris…

That being said, we should stress peaceful dissent… When the American people figure out that we don’t owe $12 trillion, but instead nearly $100 trillion, there could be Hell to pay. And that’s especially true if the Health Care Bill goes through with a tax exemptions for unions.