In the Voting Booth, Nobody Know’s You’re a Democrat

November 5, 2012

If you’re planning on voting for Mitt Romney, this post is not written for you. It’s written for every would-be Obama voter.

There’s a great article in the Jewish Journal by David Mamet, entitled, “A Note to a Stiff-Necked People“. In it, Mamet asks a series of questions that liberal Jewish parents should be prepared to answer for their children’s sake as they vote for Obama tomorrow. It applies just as well to liberal non-Jewish parents, as well as to any thoughtful voter who is considering casting a ballot for Obama tomorrow. I strongly recomment that you read the entire article, but his closing point is this perfect gem:

“Please remember that we have the secret ballot and, should you, on reflection, vote in secret for a candidate you would not endorse in public, you will not be alone.”

If you’re planning on voting for Obama because you voted for him in 2008, even if you’re not thrilled with his performance, but think maybe another four years will help (it won’t); if you’re voting for him simply because you always vote for the Democrat on the ticket; if you’re voting for him because all your friends are; please stop and think. If you have any hesitation, any doubts at all, you have the opportunity to cast your vote for the man who advocates voting for love of country rather than voting for revenge. And if anybody asks who you voted for, it’s nobody’s business but yours.

You will not be alone, I guarantee it.


Reeking of Desperation

October 25, 2012

All other things aside, which man would you rather see in the Oval Office?

He may not be Reagan, but if we can get Romney into office, we may just see Pre-Dawn in America.

Twelve more days, folks. You know what to do.


Report from the Ground on Cape Cod

October 11, 2012

I’ve been noticing things lately around here. Things like a prepoderance of Scott Brown yard signs (running about three to one in favor of our favorite RINO). And more springing up every day; just last weekend a huge new sign went up in the empty lot right across from the grocery store. Huge. Highway billboard big. SCOTT BROWN. Hard to miss.

Also, in noticing the yard signs, I also noticed that with the Scott Brown signs there are also likely to be Romney/Ryan yard signs as well. In those yards that sport Warren signs, there are no Obama/Biden signs. None.

Most conservatives around here don’t usually tart up their cars with a myriad of political stickers, and for good reason. This is completely unlike the loony lefty types who seem to wear their emotions on their bumpers. But I have noticed a cautious number of Brown bumper stickers, again running two-to-one more than Warren stickers. But what’s really telling, in my estimation, is this:

Take a look and tell me what is missing from the proud bumper of this typical lefty auto. Go ahead, I’ll wait. (The photo was snapped recently in my daily park-and-ride lot in Barnstable.)

Right; not only is there no Liz Warren sticker, there’s no Obama/Biden 2012 sticker.

While I’m not saying that Massachusetts is turning red, I do think it’s telling that this time around, those who couldn’t wait to embrace the hope and the change in 2008 aren’t even bothering to voice their support in the most socially ubiquitious way this time around.

And that’s enough for me, here in Massachusetts.


Glad To See Mitt’s Taking My Advice

July 27, 2012

Not only is he taking my advice, but he’s actually ahead of the curve! The Weekly Standard reports:

At an event in London, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said, “I’m looking forward to the bust of Winston Churchill being in the Oval Office again.”

As you may recall, ahwile back I made a list of Day One Action Items for President Romney. And guess what was #1 on that list… yep, getting that Churchill bust back. Although I have to admit, the rest of the list was pretty good, as well.

And really, it’s not so much the bust and its unceremonious return back in 2009. After all, the bronze was loaned to G.W. Bush after 9/11, so there’s hardly a long-standing tradition of it being in the Oval Office. But that return represented a certain something…  a rejection of what has come before; a turning away from the values and friends of the past, and by extension, a tacit refusal to learn from our history, both the mistakes and the victories. And in fact, that seems an entirely appropriate description of Presdident Obama’s tenure so far.

So hurray for President Romney and his outreach to our allies across the Pond.

If you’ll just keep taking my advice, you’ll do just fine.


Mending Fences

April 5, 2012

Now that the dust is settling in the Republican candidate stakes, it looks like Mitt will be our nominee. And I’m fine with that. Really. I am.

After four years of President Downgrade, we will need to do some fast damage control if we hope to regain even a bit of our former standing in the world community. With that in mind, I have several suggestions for actions President Romney can take very soon after he is sworn in:

  1. Contact someone in England and suggest that, because of the very special relationship that exists between the two countries, we’d really love to have that bust of Churchill back and proudly displayed in the White House.
  2. Issue an invitation to Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu to a White House state dinner in his honor. Allow him to dine with the guests.
  3. Ditto the Dalai Lama. Allow him to enter and exit by the front door.
  4. Make sure there is a fully-staffed Protocol office, and that they actually know what they are doing regarding things like vetting guests at state dinners and choosing special gifts for foreign dignitaries.
  5. Make sure you know how to pronounce military jargon… like “corpsman”.
  6. Start practicing now so that you can throw a baseball from the pitcher’s mound across home plate. Bonus points if you don’t wear mom jeans while doing so.
  7. Call a spade a spade: Drop the stupid “kinetic military action”, “overseas contingency operation”, “man-made disasters”, jargon and call them wars, terrorists, etc.
  8. From the time of your election to the day of your inauguration, don’t begin your transition using the non-existent position of “Office of the President-Elect”. And definitely don’t design a seal for this non-existent office.
  9. And please, whatever else you do, when you accept the nomination at the convention, do not fist-bump Ann.

If you can start off your presidency with these few things, you’ll definitely be on the right track. And I’m fine with that. Really. I am.