The New Bogeyman: “Shadowy Conservative Groups”

May 31, 2012

So once again we have a president blaming his problems on nefarious figures who work in the shadows (see also Bill Clinton’s Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy):

Courtesy of conservatives on Twitter, we now have a wonderful hashtag of all those #ShadowyConservativeGroups:

  • Voters with IDs
  • Investors
  • Bitter Clingers
  • West Virginia

The list goes on , and you can see who many of these shadow figures are on Twitchy (or simply check out the hashtag on Twitter). I must say that Conservatives have truly become the stars of Twitter these days. If you doubt it, just scroll through the Twitchy archives.

But there’s something else that’s fairly disturbing about Pres. Obama’s tweet: his assertion that people are trying to “take down the President”. With his statement, he is implying that there are shadowy figures attempting to overthrow the Presidency, or stage a coup d’etat, rather than the more mundane truth of our quadrennial election, in which the current office-holder is likely to lose his job.

This fear of being “taken down” seems out of place, smacking as it does of paranoia, rather than the President’s usual extremely narcissistic behavior. Perhaps we’re seeing the beginning of a clinical melt-down.

We’re in the very best of hands.