Coinage of the Realm

September 24, 2008


It got to the point a long time ago where we coined a new term, stubris, to describe Obama’s stupidly hubristic words, ideas, and actions. The list is quite long already, and we’re about to add to it:

  • Sen. Obama complains about the price of arugula to the common folk.
  • Big “O” hand symbol
  • Soviet-style glorification posters 
  • “Vero Possumus” faux Presidential seal
  • O-Force 1, the campaign plane with two Obama seals painted on it but only one tiny American flag
  • O-Force 1, with the royal throne with “President” embroidered on it
  • The “citizen of the world” speech in Berlin
  • Grandiose staging with Greek columns for his address to the Democratic Convention

Most of those pale in comparison with the latest. As reported by the Birmingham Post, a small company in Birmingham is making commemorative coins for the ever-optimistic Barack Obama. The obverse of the coins show the profile of Sen. Obama superimposed over an image of the White House. It has not been reported what the reverse will show, but based on past behavior, I have a few ideas:

  • Obama with olive branches in one hand and 13 arrows in the other
  • Obama in a Roman toga in front of Roman columns
  • Obama posed as Rodin’s “Thinker
  • Obama holding the world on his shoulders, a la Atlas
  • Obama parting the Red Sea
  • Michelangelo’s Obama giving the spark of Life to Adam

I’m sure there are other ideas out there. Please share!