Mad as Hell?

August 13, 2009


If you haven’t heard Leah from New Hampshire, she’s definitely worth three minutes of your time. Leah called into the C-SPAN’s Washington Journal show last Saturday, and everyone got an earful of righteous indignation, eloquently stated:

People are as mad as hell, and they’re not going to take this much longer. 

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Mad as Hell

February 28, 2009

We’re not going to drone on about the current fiscal and cultural situations; if you’re familiar with Grand Rants, you’ve seen it all before; and if you’re not, you can search our site and see post after post after post demonstrating the insanity of the financial numbers those clowns in Washington DC have been throwing around.

We’ve made our point. And given the previous post, it’s becoming very plain that people are, in fact, madder than hell. How much longer will they take it?

We may reach this point sooner than anyone thinks.

Alan Speakman

The Heartland Issues a Wake Up Call for McCain

October 9, 2008

Well, maybe it’s taken the American Heartland to accomplish it, but today, in Waukesha, Wisconsin, John McCain finally showed the kind of spine he showed us when he was in the military. Faced with an angry crowd of supporters who were not going to settle for the canned speech he’s been giving, the public stopped listening to John McCain and started talking to him.  When you think about it, isn’t that the way it should be?

One lady realtor, voice brimming with anger, told of how we are all aware of the impact and damage to our economy caused by the mortgage issue and that we were well aware of who was really responsible. She demanded a promise from McCain that if he becomes President he will prosecute those who violated our trust and put us on the brink of a depression. Further, she demanded that he quit beating around the bush and name names.

In a response which can only be described as the angriest I’ve heard John McCain (I’ll bet that, had there been a doctor there, he might have even detected an actual pulse), McCain responded that he will, and he proceeded to call out some of the biggest offenders of the fiasco: Sen. Dodd from Connecticut and Rep. Barney Frank of Massachusetts.

It’s clear to the vast majority of us – and maybe now it’s becoming clear to McCain – that the only chance the Republicans have of beating Obama next month is if McCain “grows a set” (or borrows some from Sarah Palin) and gets specific and tough, names names, and abandons the namby-pamby approach he’s relied on so far.

But the heartland isn’t the only group of people who are beyond angry, Senator. We’re furious. From Calais, Maine to San Ysidro, California, we’re mad as hell.  It’s my hope that McCain may finally “get it.”

In case there’s any doubt, Senator McCain, I’ll spell it out for you:

  • We’re mad as hell that the radical left has taken their time grooming Obama to represent them… and they’ve done this right under our noses. Screw political correctness. Look at his associations and those he has aligned himself with: Ayers the terrorist, Wright the racist, Rezko the convicted felonm ACORN, the list goes on and on.
  • We’re mad as hell that it now appears that the radical left have worked with groups like ACORN in an attempt to completely bastardize the electoral process through a carefully orchestrated plan to  implement massive voter fraud that is now (finally) coming to light and being investigated).
  • We’re mad as hell that ACORN has a friend in Barack Obama who has paid them $800,000 for their services and hid this fact until pressed.
  • We’re mad as hell that we no longer have a free press (for the most part) that we can depend on to investigate and expose Obama’s activities and associations or even to report in an unbiased manner… and no one is left to take them to task for it.

The list goes on, Senator. Now here is where you and Governor Palin come in:

It was you, Senator McCain, who sought to win the nomination. Well, you won it. Now what are you going to do with it?

When you accepted that nomination, Senator, you took on a sacred responsibility to represent the conservative views that we need to have in this country. But in order to do that, you first have to win the election. And, so far, Senator, you have failed miserably to instill confidence in many of us. Let me re-state that: You have failed us miserably. Governor Palin has shown 1000% more heart and determination. You had best step it up or get out of the way.

We’re down to the final three weeks before the election, Senator. Do you not understand what’s at stake? If Obama wins, we can say goodbye to the America we knew. He will have the media and Congress in his pocket to do with as he pleases. He must be defeated if our very Constitution and our Republic are to survive. For if our Republic dies, if America dies, Senator, what does the promise of Freedom mean for the rest of the world?

Are you getting the seriousness, Senator McCain? When you stopped spouting your canned, rehearsed speech long enough to listen to your supporters in Wisconsin, did you hear their anger? Do you understand that this level of anger and frustration goes far beyond Wisconsin?  If you care to listen, you’re going to hear the same message in New Mexico, Virginia, Tennessee, Vermont, Oregon, South Dakota.

It’s time to show that your anger matches ours.. and that you have the guts to take confront those who deserve to be confronted. I call on you to do this now, Senator, or else step out of the arena and crawl home with your tail between your legs.  We know you’re better than that. But it’s time for a solid demonstration of this.  But time is running short. The last thing you need to hear when you lay down to go to bed each night and the first thing in the morning is, “We’re as mad as hell, and we’re not going to take it any more.”

Be our leader, Senator. Fight the good fight for us. Get angry and stay that way until you can tell us, “Mission Accomplished.”

Gerry Ashley

Mad as Hell, and Getting Madder All the Time

September 30, 2008


“…I think we have to go all out. I think that this situation absolutely requires a really futile and stupid gesture be done on somebody’s part.”

“And we’re just the guys to do it!”

Anyone over the age of 25 35 40 probably recognizes those unforgettable lines from the classic movie, Animal House. I think we’re in a similar situation today, and I’m going to propose a really stupid and probably futile gesture that might at least remind people that we should be angry, and we should stay angry until our elected legislators either fix this vast disastrous economic crunch they’ve put us in, or until they’re voted out of office and some new blood has a chance to prove itself less perfidious.

Until the election in November, we here at Grand Rants will end each post related to the issue with the now-familiar Youtube clip of Peter Finch’s tour-de-force performance as Howard Beale, encouraging his audience to throw open their windows and shout their frustrations to the heavens. If you feel the same way, and if you want to remind your readers that we have every right to be feeling that way these days, we encourage you to end your posts the same way.

Get mad. Stay mad. 


Mad as Hell, The Original

September 19, 2008

That was 1976. We’re facing it again today, but with one huge difference: Network was a work of fiction. Today, we are facing the dilemma for real. And it has gotten to the point where even the mainstream media is finally getting it. It may be too late, however. And it’s getting very, VERY ugly.

Alan Speakman