Obama At the U.N.

September 26, 2012

I know. I don’t care. I’m going to post it anyway.

With apologies to the late, great Gary Larsen.

UPDATE: He’s not dead!



Defending the Constitution, First Amendment Edition

September 18, 2012

By now you have probably seen the photo of the midnight raid in which the maker of the film which is allegedly causing the “ruckus” in the Middle East was “politely” “requested” to “go downtown and answer a few questions”. The photo itself begs to be captioned, and this being the 21st century, voila, instant Quick Meme, entitled, “Defend the Constitution.”

All the captions pointedly call out the blatant disregard of the officials of our First Amendment rights (as far as I know, we don’t have any anti-blashpemy laws on the books… yet). But of all the images listed at the link, I think I found this one the most disturbing:

As you recall, the very next day after the Ambassador was murdered, President Obama jetted off to Las Vegas for a fundraiser. And these days, our leaders are spinning like crazy by insisting, in the face of mounting evidence to the contrary, that the Cairo and Libya uprisings were simply spontaneous outpourings of indignation against a ridiculously crappy 15-minute video trailer, which had been online and available for protesting for at least a month prior.

As I mentioned in a tweet yesterday, when there is gun violence, the Left blames guns and tries to quash the Second Amendment. This is simply the logical next step… An American diplomat is murdered, the Left blames a video and tries to quash the First Amendment.

Unrest in the Middle East, murdered Americans, attempts to trample our basic rights. This isn’t over yet.


Then and Now: Fingers vs. Fingerprints

September 14, 2012


 Iraq 2009  Libya 2012
 Thank you, George Bush  Thank you, Barack Obama

This is what the election is about.


I Get No Kick from Campaigns

September 14, 2012

Given the situation in the Middle East–four murdered American citizens, U.S. embassies and consulates attacked, embassy staffers desperately issuing an apologia for American values–one might think that Obama might settle down and do some actual Presidentin’, to calm the storm and slow the rising waters, so to speak.

But one would be wrong, of course. Charlie Sperling of the Washington Examiner highlighted an interesting quote from an interview Obama did Wednesday night with CBS. His statement make it clear that he is now trying to rewrite his administration’s initial reaction to the Arab “Sprung”.

“[The Embassy statement] didn’t come from me. It didn’t come from Secretary Clinton,” Obama said. “It came from folks on the ground who are potentially in danger. And my tendency is to cut those folks a little bit of slack when they’re in that circumstance rather than try to question their judgment from the comfort of a campaign office.” [Emphasis mine]

“From the comfort of a campaign office.” No, Mr. President, that would be Mitt Romney in a campign office.

You are the actual president and when disaster strikes, eyes turn to you in your current job (which you are trying so desperately to keep), regardless of whether you’d rather be on the links or schmoozing with a few rich limousine liberals and eating Waygu beef hors d’oeuvres instead of doing the actual hard work of taking proper care of the country.

 Perhaps you wouldn’t have to try so hard if you’d actually man up and do the damn job, rather than being on a perpetual campaign.

So get your skinny butt out of your comfortable chair in your comfortable campaign office and do some real work for a change, instead of jetting off to Vegas.

You may get a kick from campaigns, but we don’t get a kick out of you… we’re just going to kick you out.


Twenty-two Years Ago

December 22, 2010


On Wednesday, December 21, 1988, 270 people were murdered in the bombing of Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland. It was another battle in a war that had been ongoing for many years. Sadly, only the attacking force recognized this war for what it was. It would take several more attacks and nearly 13 more years before the world woke up and paid attention. At the time, the Lockerbie bombing was simply another act of agression against the West.

Of course we all know that last year, on what were termed “compassionate grounds” with the understanding that he would go home and die quickly, the Lockerbie bomber was released and returned to Libya, where he met a hero’s welcome and is still alive today.

Now, exactly 22 years after the bombing, the Senate has released a report on the bomber’s release, entitled “Justice Undone: The Release of the Lockerbie Bomber.” According to the Telegraph UK:

“The report suggests that a $900 million (£580 million) BP oil deal that the Libyans had threatened to cut off and a $165 million deal with General Dynamics for a “tactical communications system” were motivating factors for the British government under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown…

“It states that the prognosis given to al-Megrahi that his terminal prostate cancer meant he had just three months to live was “inaccurate and unsupported by medical science” and that the Scottish government “simply intended to use compassionate release as political cover for returning al-Megrahi to Libya”.

Other higher-ups in the British government participated in the release decision as well. MSNBC reports:

“Britain’s ambassador to Libya, Sir Vincent Fean, “directly participated” in an October 2008 meeting with Scottish government and senior Libyan officials to discuss a “way out” for Megrahi, it states.

“Other British officials repeatedly warned the Scots that “British interests, including those of U.K. nationals, British businesses and possibly security cooperation would be damaged — perhaps badly — if Megrahi were to die in a Scottish prison,” according to a statement British Foreign Minister William Hague provided the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.”

When the report came out yesterday, Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron was almost Obama-like in his haste to blame the prisoner’s release on his predecessor, Gordon Brown.

In short:

Oil interests in UK want deal with Libya. Libya wants bomber released. Unqualified doctors say bomber is dying and should be allowed to go home. Bomber goes home and and is still alive over a year later. Oil interests and UK satisfied. US Senate cries foul. Cameron says “Bush Brown did it!”

We’re in the very best of hands.

You can read the entire Senate report here.


Where’s The “Compassion” For Flight 103 Victims?

August 23, 2009


– Randy Bish, cartoonist for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Friday, Abdel Baset al-Megrahi – the only person convicted in the December 21, 1988 bombing that took down Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland – returned home to Libya a free man.  He served only 11 days for each of the 270 people who died on the plane and the unsuspecting residents of Lockerbie who died on the ground.

His release, based on a doctor’s confirmation that al-Megrahi has terminal prostate cancer, has outraged people in every civilized country in the world. Libya, on the other hand, managed to outrage the masses even further by giving al-Megrahi a hero’s welcome. There are photos of that welcome-home celebration. I’ll pass.

Rather, I’d like to point out that while it’s been 21 years since that act of terrorism, we need to remind ourselves that “270” isn’t just a number. Each number represents a person with family and every reason to look forward to heading home. Rather than show photos of an allegedly terminally ill  terrorist returning home to a hero’s welcome,  I thought it might put things into perspective to publish a list of those people who were not given the chance to return home to die. Source: Victims of Pan Am Flight 103 web site. I urge you all to read through the list if just to fully comprehend the scope and enormity of this heinous act of cowardice.

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