Michael Bloomberg: Anatomy Of A Coward

August 25, 2011

Remember when we used to hear horror stories about how organized prayer was banned at public events held in communist countries like the former Soviet Union?

Well, welcome to 21st Century Amerika, comerades, courtesy of NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg!

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg

It should bring great comfort to those terrorists who played a role in creating the 2001 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York City that Mayor Michael Bloomberg has banned the participation of all religious groups in the 10-year anniversary memorial services held at ground zero.  He’s also barring political speeches.

A spokesman for the mayor said, “The mayor insists that the ceremonies should focus on the families of those killed in the attacks on the World Trade Center.”

News Flash for the mayor: My guess is every victim of the attack and their family members, along with the vast majority of those of us who watched the horror unfold prayed to our God in our own way on September 11th, 2001 and it’s my guess that prayer would bring as much comfort to these families today as it did then. But God Bloomberg forbid we should allow the anniversary to include an organized approach to a non-denominational group prayer at ground zero itself.

In the days after the attack, then-mayor Rudy Giuliani held an interfaith service at Yankee Stadium. There was no problem and no great organized protest. We went there en-masse to mourn together… and to begin the healing process  together.

And it worked. People from all walks of life, all religions poured into Yankee Stadium… and poured their hearts out in public. Together as one big family. It not only brought comfort to all those who attended, but to the millions who watched the live coverage on TV. But that was then and this is now, right Mayor Bloomberg? At the time, we just didn’t realize we might be offending the very people who attacked us. What were we thinking?

Ten years on, the original Yankee Stadium has been razed by what some call “progress.”    And, ten years on, apparently American pride, common sense, compassion and a sense of “We Are All One Family” has been replaced by political correctness and the sycophants of stupidity, led by one Michael Bloomberg, mayor of New York City.

To Mayor Bloomberg: You are supposed to be a leader. Yet in this case, you show none of the leadership characteristics Rudy Giuliani did in the days immediately following the attack. Worse, by yielding to the parasites of political correctness, you show little of the kind of “Stand your ground” patriotism so desperately needed in today’s world. Did you learn nothing from the lessons left by your European ancestors from World War II?

This writer was born and raised in the Boston area (as was Bloomberg). As such, it was always

  • Red Sox before Yankees
  • Patriots before Jets
  • Celtics before Knicks and
  • Bruins before Islanders

But we all came together and mourned as one on 9/11.  And, God willing (and to hell with Michael Bloomberg), I will join hands with my New York brothers and sisters in solidarity at ground zero on 9/11/11. And there will be prayers in many languages, representing every religious denomination. Because that’s what people do at a time like this. Unlike cowards who yeild to those who would bully them into submission.   

Edmund Burke said it succinctly: “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” But in this writer’s mind, perhaps, the biggest evil to be committed this September 11th would be to prevent good men and women from doing something meaningful to all, at a place called “Ground Zero” in NYC.

 Shame on you, Michael Bloomberg. You are truly a gutless coward, sending the terrorists behind 9/11 (and their followers) the best message they could ask for: “You Won. We won’t pray, because we don’t want to offend you.(But hey, feel free to tie up the streets of Manhattan several times a day so you can pray towards Mecca).” Yes, this is the same Mayor Bloomberg who, on May 28th last year, defended the building of the Muslim Mosque so close to ground zero, saying at the time that he felt the government “shouldn’t be in the business of picking” one religion over another. But by banning all religious groups at Ground Zero while defending the Mosque, that is precisely what he is doing.  

How pathetic Mayor Bloomberg. How pathetic.

Perhaps that earthquake in Virginia earlier in the week was caused by the soldiers in the Arlington National Cemetary rolling over in their graves in disgust at what we have for “leaders” in America today. And who could blame them?

Gerry Ashley

Time to Sit Up and Take Notice

February 22, 2009

From our “Move Along, Nothing to See Here” Department:

Once again, the mainstream media is — and has been — falling down on the job. No surprise there, I guess. But what would happen if the FBI released a manifesto, published by a radical Jewish sect, or perhaps a fundamentalist Christian cult, outlining a plan to destroy our country from within? Think the media would cover it? Yeah, me too. I think we’d see it on the covers of Time and Newsweek, above-the-fold front page articles in the Times (both NY and LA), and I think we’d be hearing about it from all the talking heads on network TV as well as the cable channels.

But we haven’t heard about anything like that recently, have we? That’s because the manifesto released by the FBI wasn’t written by Jewish or Christian groups. It was authored by the American Muslim Brotherhood, and it describes their plan for jihad to destroy western civilization from within.

Fortunately, a courageous man has decided to get this story out to any in the public who wish to hear it. Dr. M. Zuhid Jasser has made a film, The Third Jihad, which is disturbing, not only for its content, but perhaps moreso for the lack of intellectual curiousity displayed by the mainstream media in following up on this story.

For more information, visit Dr. Jasser’s site, here. And start asking questions!

H/T: Gateway Pundit


The Harsh Truth About the Next Attack on America

September 12, 2008

Yesterday, we marked the seventh anniversary of the terrorist attacks of 9/11.  There are several key questions about those attacks deeply embedded in the minds of most Americans; questions we subconsciously try to avoid, but must face:

  1. WILL there be another terrorist strike?
  2. If so, WHEN?
  3. WHAT form will it take?
  4. Has our government taken the necessary steps to PREVENT ANOTHER STRIKE?

With all due respect to the Presidential candidates of both of the major political parties, these questions are, at least in my mind, far more important than what happens when you put lipstick on a pig

Not only is it necessary to address the above questions, they also need to be foremost in the minds of anyone hoping to serve this nation as President–or any position in the U. S. government. It is the duty of our government officials to address the questions, and it is our duty as citizens to hold our govermnent accountable for their actions or lack thereof. For purposes of discussion, however, let me answer the above questions as succinctly as possible.

  1. Yes, I believe it is inevitable that another attack will take place. 
  2. Determining when is impossible without having an informer or inside source, but consider the past: The first attack on the World Trade Center was in February 1993. It was more than eight years before the follow-up attacks of September 11, 2001. Unlike most Americans, who tend to be impatient, terrorist cells are very patient and willing to take the time necessary to plan every detail of an attack and to cause their targets to be lulled back into a state of complacency.  
  3. What form the attack will take is anyone’s guess, but there are numerous scenarios. However, it’s time to educate ourselves as to just how vulnerable we have become. Marvin Cetron, a U.S. Navy Intelligence expert whose prediction of using a commercial jet as a weapon by terrorists was ordered struck from a report generated for the government in 1993-1994, has published a sobering report of the kinds of attacks we may be susceptable to. PLEASE NOTE: This link to the Forecasting International Study of 10 Possible Prime Terrorist Targets was prepared by Dr. Cetron for the Pentagon and is not Classified. It is, however, very powerful. It was published on Newsmax at the behest of Dr. Cetron because (in his words), “I no longer worry about giving the bad guys ideas. Ordinary citizens need to know where the dangers [lie].”
  4. We can only assume that the government has taken many measures to head off future terrorist attacks. The fact that there has not been a major successful attack in this country since 2001 is proof that the government has been successful. There are at least 17 Documented Cases of attempted terrorist acts prevented between September 2001 and September 2007.

However, there is only so much the government can do to protect a country as wide-open and free as the United States. Indeed, our very freedom is the weakness best exploited by terrorists.  This is why it is absolutely unconscionable that so little has been done to seal and monitor our borders with both Mexico and Canada. Even with funding appropriated for a complex fence that would be coupled with electronic surveilance, both political parties have been guilty of dragging their heels in carrying out the will of the people. If the security of our country is to be our top concern, this needs to be addressed immediately–if it’s not already too late.

It is our duty as Americans to support the efforts of our government in continuing to thwart future terrorist acts on our soil. This is where it’s important to remember that “We – the people” are the government. Members of Congress and Homeland Security as wll as ALL government agencies are our employees. It is up to us to make sure they are held accountable in doing their jobs.

Putting it all into perspective: It would be wise for both presidential campaigns to start discussing more important issues than animal make-up as we head towards the November 4th elections.

Gerry Ashley