Can Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani Be Saved?

July 6, 2010

Before NASA rushes to expand its horizons to include reaching out to Muslims (see Doug Powers article over at as ordered by the President (or is it Ayatollah now?), it might be more productive to stop and realize just who we’re getting into bed with. Literally.

While we were celebrating our independence here in America over the weekend, a mother of two is expected to be executed soon in Iran, in as horrific a fashion as one can imagine. It’s a death sentence ordered by the Muslim judicial system, stuck on 14th century barbarism.

Sakineh Mohammadie Ashtiani

42 year-old Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, sentenced to be stoned to death, could have her execution carried out at any time.  She had been interrogated in 2006 for her husband’s murder. In May of that year,  branch 101 of the Criminal Court of Oskoo in the province of Eastern Azerbaijan (in northwestern Iran) sentenced Sakineh to 99 lashes for committing adultery even though there was no proof or evidence to support it.  She reported that she was forced into making a confession during the punishment. This is not an uncommon event according to prominent human rights lawyer, Mohammad Mostafaei (who, himself, is at risk for torture due to his efforts regarding human rights and amnesty in Iran).

Regardless, Ashtiani was lashed 99  times, a horribly painful experience and one that scars you both physically and mentally for life.

Four months after her lashing, a different court (branch 6 of the Criminal Court of Azerbaijan) sentenced Ashtiani to death by stoning for the same offense.

According to the web site Women Living Under Muslim Laws:

Sakineh’s case, like others pertaining to stoning, has some serious errors and objectionable problems. For example, two of the five judges, Kazemi and Hamdollahi, presiding over the case in branch 6 of the provincial Criminal Court, believed in her acquittal.

In an interview with Rooz, Mohammad Mostafaei, Sakineh’s laywer, stated, “When two, or even one of the magistrates presiding over a case in the Criminal Court, believe in an acquittal and find errors in the presented evidence, then the defendant should not be sentenced to death. When the life of a human being is in question, there must be more hesitation and contemplation. One’s life should not be taken away so easily or be subjected to [excruciating] death.”

But apparently three out of the five Muslim judges disagreed. According to the Islamic Penal Code, four fair witnesses are required to have seen the act first-hand, in full, and from close up. In this case there are no witnesses, but that does not matter to the judges: without the four witnesses required, they still imposed the sentence of death by stones.


The execution is done in barbaric fashion as described by Amnesty International: The woman is bound and covered with a shroud. She is then buried up to her upper chest so she cannot move and her head  is exposed. At that point, small rocks – small enough not to kill on their own, but large enough to inflict horrific pain, are hurled at her until, eventually, she dies from accumulative wounds.

Her two children have turned their appeal to the world. In an open letter, they write:

Today, we stretch out our hands to the whole world. It is now five years that we have lived in fear and in horror, deprived of motherly love. Is the world so cruel that it can watch this catastrophe and do nothing about it?

We resort to the people of the world, no matter who you are and where in the world you live. Help to prevent this nightmare from becoming reality. Save our mother…

We are unable to explain the anguish of every moment, every second of our lives. Words are unable to articulate our fear.

What You Can Do To Help Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani:

While several amnesty groups are trying to save Sakineh, their efforts may fall on deaf ears unless those with the power to stop the execution see how much support there is for amnesty throughout the world.

But time is absolutely of the essence. If you would like to help push for amnesty in what is clearly a case of barbarism, please click HERE and follow the instructions. Political and public pressure is about all Sakineh has left to hope for.

Gerry Ashley

Why Do We Waste Time on Ahmadinejad…and the U.N. for That Matter?

May 4, 2010

All right, I’ll say right from the beginning that one of my core principles in life is not to deal with:

  • The psychotically delusional
  • Boldfaced liars
  • Vicious thugs

There… That’s just me… And for that matter, I dare say that it’s probably you too.

Enter Iran’s president Ahmadinejad in of all places New York City, Monday, May 3rd 2010… And there we were in the person of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Natch we were out there still “talking”. (I guess we still have our “open hand” thrust out for a “laurel, and hearty” handshake.) Ummm… Why are we doing this? When a “leader” like Ahmadinejad says that Iran doesn’t have any homosexuals, he’s either psychotically delusional or a boldfaced liar. The fact that Ahmadinejad is a wildly vicious thug goes without question. So why, oh why are we “talking”?

By the way… Did anyone notice the following:

“Ahmadinejad also had derogatory words for the UN’s nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) which he said had been “unsuccessful in discharging its responsibilities” because of the influence of the US over its management.

He called for the US to be removed from the agency’s board of governors and subjected to a formal UN rebuke for the use of nuclear threats. He insisted there was not a “single credible proof” that Iran was developing weapons. He said that any attack on “peaceful nuclear facilities” should be met with “a swift reaction from the United Nations and termination of all cooperation of NPT member states with the threatening aggressor state”.

As the Iranian leader spoke, delegations from the US, Britain and other EU states walked out of the conference hall, but his speech was greeted by applause from many of the remaining delegates.”

Why are we wasting time with Ahmadinejad? And why are we wasting both time and money with the U.N.?

It’s got me beat… Like I said, I make it a point to never try to deal with the psychotically delusional, boldfaced liars, and/or vicious thugs… But that’s just me…

Alan Speakman

Showdown In Tehran – Islam Makes Its Move?

February 11, 2010
Tehran Iran 2/11/2010 (Source: AP)

Protests Turning Violent In Tehran (from Fox News)
Iran Shuts Down Gmail, Announces National E-Mail Service (From Fox News)

Tuesday, February 11, 2010

As I write this 12:45am Eastern Standard Time) morning has already dawned in Tehran, Iran. February 11th is the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution. But this year, the fireworks may just be real.  For those of you who aren’t sure what I’m referring to, from AtlasShruggs:

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says the nation will deliver a harsh blow to the “global arrogance” on this year’s anniversary of the Islamic Revolution.

Ah yes, Islam, the religion of peace…

Ahmadinejad said that in the three decades of its history, the Islamic Revolution had inspired some great developments in the world.
Yes, honor killings, cliterectomies, and gay executions  and promised Jewish genocide, Christian persecution, religious intolerance.

The Iranian president made the remarks as the 31st anniversary of the Islamic Revolution approaches.

Iranians are expected to pour into the streets on February 11 to celebrate the occasion in public rallies across the country, as they have done annually over the past three decades.

Iranians in the streets? Expect blood and executions from this “window to liberty.”

Indeed. Maryam Namazie, a Coordinator for Iran Solidarity, Based in London, UK writes on

Dear friend

February 11 or 22 Bahman is the anniversary of the 1979 Iranian revolution – a left-leaning revolution against the Shah and for freedom and prosperity, which was crushed by the Islamic movement.

But since history is written by the victors, this failed revolution is often called an ‘Islamic’ one. And every year, on this day, the Islamic regime of Iran holds commemorative rallies to mark ‘its’ day.

But not this time.

This time, the tide has turned and on Thursday 11 February 2010 the people in Iran and those standing in solidarity with them across the globe will come out in their millions to reclaim history and push forward the present-day revolutionary movement that aims to end 30 years of Islamic medievalism and drag Iran into the 21st century.

‘…If history is the story of change, then real history is the history of the undefeated – the history of the movement and people who still want and are struggling for change, the history of those who are not willing to bury their ideals and hopes of a human society, the history of people and movements that are not at liberty of choosing their principles and aims and have no choice but to strive for improvements…’ (Mansoor Hekmat, The History of the Undefeated,

On 11 February and everyday until we are rid of this vile regime, join us and be part of real human history in the making…

Warm wishes,


With a mad man (Ahmadinejad) racing to collect nuclear weapons and constantly threatening the existence of Israel, we sometimes forget that Iran is a nation of people who have built a solidarity movement towards returning to democracy. The prediction is that they will take a stand against Ahmadinejad and in favor of democracy on this anniversary. This was the kind of call America used to answer either openly or covertly. Not so, under the current administration. And this is what we’ve come to.

Wild claims that Iran will “stun world powers”during this week’s 31st Annverary  of the Islamic Revolution have been floating from the mouths of Ahmadinejad as well as Irans Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

“The Iranian nation, with its unity and God’s grace, will punch the arrogance (Western powers) on the 22nd of Bahman, February 11, in a way that will leave them stunned.” Khamenei, who is also Iran’s commander-in-chief, told a gathering of air force personnel according to AFP.

What, then, is this new threat from Ahmadinejad and Khamenei?  By the time most people read this, we may have the answer.

Meanwhile, does anyone know which Barack Obama will be in the oval office to respond if and when something major does happen?

  • Will it be the foreign relations neophyte who thought he could apologize his way into the hearts of our enemies only to embolden them and have them laugh at him for being weak?
  • Or will it the Barack Obama I refer to as the “Male Model” (because posing  seems to be his biggest talent). This Obama makes the tough sounding speech, but then fails to act on his words, further damaging the image of the country.

I liked it better when we had a President we knew to be on our side; one who would not hesitate to defend the Constitution at ALL costs. Not systematically try to dismantle it. So for the record, yes, I DO miss George W. Bush. More than that, however, I wish Ronald Reagan were still leading this country.

What lies ahead today regarding Iran? It’s anybody’s guess, but It’s likely to be a brutal day, at least for the civilian population of Iran. And my guess is that the 80 pound peace-keeping gorilla known as the United States will, under Barack Obama, simply vote “Present.”

Brace yourselves.

Gerry Ashley

Time for Another Sternly-Worded Letter

February 1, 2010

Iranian media reports that President Ahmadinejad yesterday threatened that Iran is ready to deal a “harsh blow to global powers” on February 11.

“The Islamic Revolution opened a window to liberty for the human race, which was trapped in the dead ends of materialism,” Ahmadinejad said during a cabinet meeting on Sunday.

“If the Islamic Revolution had not occurred, liberalism and Marxism would have crushed all human dignity in their power-seeking and money-grubbing claws. Nothing would have remained of human and spiritual principles,” he added.

Ahmadinejad said that in the three decades of its history, the Islamic Revolution had inspired some great developments in the world.

It is unclear exactly to what developments the Iranian dictator refers. The slaughter of innocent people, perhaps? The holding of American hostages? The threats to destroy the state of Israel? The murder of gays? Or perhaps just the complete subjugation of what used to be a vibrant society into a bleak and nearly hopeless people.

But in response to this threat of a “harsh blow”, is it possible that President Obama will take more action than merely sending a sternly-worded protest letter to the United Nations? Possibly. Reports of missile defenses being sent to the Persian Gulf have been floating around since late January…

Is this Obama’s “cowboy” moment? We can only hope.


H/T: Atlas Shrugs

Obama to Iran: “Hurry Up!”, But Still Waffling On Afghanistan Troop Decision

November 19, 2009

President Obama took his “Do as I say, not as I do” routine to dizzying international heights today, demanding that Iran cease its “foot-dragging” over whether or not to comply with demands to halt development of its nuclear program.

Obama’s warning came after Iran rejected a compromise proposal to ship its low-enriched uranium abroad so that it could not be further enriched to make weapons. Talk of fresh sanctions also showed that Obama is preparing for the next phase should Iran fail to meet his year-end deadline for progress in negotiations.

He made the demand while continuing to drag his own feet on whether or not to provide more troops in Afghanistan, something he’s been mulling over since last summer. Expect B-list “actress” Janeane Garofalo to be a featured guest on Bill Maher’s show soon to remind us, once again that if the world criticizes Mahmood Ahmadinejad for taking his time, it’s righteous indignation. If one criticizes “the chosen one” for dragging his feet, however,  it’s simply a case of racism.  

Meanwhile, American soldiers in Afghanistan are waking up each morning with the knowledge that their government is solidly behind them… oh, who are we kidding?  

Mr. President… Crap or get off the pot!

Gerry Ashley

Uncovered Secret Iranian Nuke Facility? Thank The CIA!

September 25, 2009


Breaking News:
Secret Nuclear Enrichment Facility Uncovered In Iran —
Obama To Take Credit For Work Of  Western Intelligence

Pres. Obama Speaking (Naturally), French Pres. Nicolas Sarkozy and British Prime Minister Gordon Brown at the G20 Summit

Pres. Obama Speaking (naturally), French Pres. Nicolas Sarkozy and British Prime Minister Gordon Brown at the G20 Summit in Pittsburgh

Iran has built (and has been hiding for years) a secret nuclear facility underground, according to charges made this morning by President Obama, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, and French President Nicolas Sarkozy at the opening of the G-20 economic summit in Pittsburgh.

According to this article on

Iran revealed the existence of a covert uranium enrichment facility to the U.N. nuclear watchdog this week after it discovered the project’s secrecy had been breached by Western intelligence agencies… [emphasis mine]

At some point, one would hope that it would dawn on President Obama that, without an intelligence agency like the CIA, which is able to operate in secrecy, this discovery might never have happened. Had it not happened, Iran might have been able to bring its nuclear weapons development program full-term without our knowledge.

Imagine that, Mr. President, as you continue to eviscerate both our nuclear defense system as well as our intelligence community through prosecution and exposure.

To quote those school kids in New Jersey:
“Mmmm-mmmm-mmmm… Barack Hussein Obama.”

 Gerry Ashley

Election 2010: Hope & Change We Can Believe In

Separated At Birth: U.N. Edition – Part II

September 24, 2009


This just in: Secret Nuke Development Plant Discovered In Iran.

Separated At Birth II copy


Yes, I know… the resemblance is uncanny, isn’t it?  And when Amadinejad spoke at the UN, most were in agreement that what came out of his mouth was pure… well, you get the idea.

I believe it was Mo Gadaffi (“Hey MOE!”) who suggested the United Nations be relocated in other countries on a revolving basis. If wads like Ahmadinejad are considered welcome, may I suggest the UN take Mo up on on the suggestion? If they hurry, they can be moved in time for the next freak show.

Gerry Ashley