Aid To Haiti: Heroes And Villains

January 26, 2010

Where’s Hugo when he’s really needed?

There are those who step up to the plate in times of crisis. Then there are those who simply turn their heads and pretend not to see. This is what separates the “Do-ers” from the “Talkers.”

Case in point: When Haiti was struck by the devastating 7.0+ Earthquake on January 12th, the United States was amongst the first to respond with aid in the form of search and rescue, medical and food–as usual. Other countries were also quick to respond, but the bulk of the assistance arrived from the U.S. This should come as no surprise, given our response to the tsunami victims several years ago as well as all the other international tragedies requiring humanitarian response. It’s what we do.

It should also come as no surprise that there are those who are eager to criticize us. The man President Obama wanted so desperately to be buddies with in Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, wins the prize as the world’s biggest absentee and hypocrite. 

To date, Venezuela has donated absolutely nothing to the relief efforts in Haiti, while the Unites States has made the largest contribution in money, food, supplies and military support. The military support is for the sole purpose of helping to provide security in the stricken area where desperation has caused people to resort to unspeakable brutality on each other as they scramble for food, shelter and aid.

Here’s a breakdown of the top countries making donations to the relief effort:  Read the rest of this entry »


2010’s “Caput Capitis in Rectum” Winner: Pat Robertson

January 14, 2010

Just my humble opinion… Pat Robertson gets my vote for 2010’s “Caput Capitis in Rectum” Award! 

This is what gives conservatism (and Christianity) a bad name.

Alan Speakman

Hell In Haiti – How You Can Help

January 13, 2010

“Complete And Utter Chaos!”  – Eyewitness

Update: According to a Red Cross official, Haiti’s devastating earthquake has left an estimated 3 million people in need of emergency aid. Much of the world is putting aside political differences and rushing to help. Countries pledging their immediate support in terms of personnel, cash and supplies to Haiti include the United States, Iceland, Britain, France, Canada, Germany, China, Mexico and Venezuela. 

The Face Of Haiti - Source: AP

Once again, natural disaster has brought its wrath to Planet Earth; this time it is Haiti that must bear the brunt of nature’s fury. An earthquake registering 7.0+ on the Richter scale has devastated the tiny Caribbean country. Once again, America’s heart opens to the victims. We will respond as we always do: with compassion and utter disregard for politics.

As demonstrated by the diverse countries responding, this is no time for politics. These are innocent people who are suffering now.  Children, babies. Parents, the elderly. Hospitals and clinics where they might seek medical treatment have vanished into the debris.

The call has gone out to the world for help. As is usually the case in times of turmoil, America will lead the way in aid to Haiti. And President Obama has stepped up to pledge assistance from the American Government.

Still, it is often the private sector from which much of the aid comes. We are Americans… it’s what we do.

If you’re asking, “How can I help?” the following is a list of various organizations whose charters are to provide aid and comfort. I would advise you to look at each one before determining, for yourself which organization is likely to have the most direct impact on the people in Haiti who can only turn to the outside world in this time of utter need.

Click on the following links for more information on each organization:

International Medical Corps
Direct Relief International
World Vision
International Relief Teams
Yéle Haiti
American Red Cross
Operation USA
Catholic Relief Services
World Food Programme
World Concern
Save the Children

List source:

Keep the people of Haiti in your thoughts and prayers in this time of need and desperation.

Gerry Ashley

Breaking: Major Earthquake Hits Mexico City

May 22, 2009

3:36 pm EST, 5/22/2009…

Fox News is reporting that Mexico City has been rocked by a 5.7 earthquake strong enough to sway tall buildings. At this time the USGS has no relevant  info on their Web site.

This follows the 4.7 magnitude that hit L.A. last Monday, and the 6.5 that struck Kermadec Islands on May 16, ’09.

Details to follow…

Alan Speakman

Earthquake in Italy

April 6, 2009

This is preliminary, but the word needs to get out…

According to the BBC, a significant earthquake struck Central Italy… I’ve been looking but right now there isn’t a lot of info…

About the best we can offer is this…

  • The quake seems to be centered in an area of old architecture.
  • Today’s quake registered 6.3 on the Richter Scale making it roughly 10 times more powerful than the 2002 earthquake (magnitude 5.4) that hit Italy and killed scores including children.
  • The Jerusalem Post is reporting this as a “huge” earthquake.
  • The USGS has more details…

Let’s hope for the best… Thoughts and prayers,

Alan Speakman and the Grand Rants team

UPDATE: Fox News is reporting that there has been a 5.3 aftershock resulting in yet more aftershocks.