Great Moments in Matrimonial Communication

November 18, 2011

On the topic of a new house cleaner, currently scrubbing the bathroom:

SHE: Wow, she really is conscientious–she’s doing a great job!

HE: (whispering) She’s wearing a thong.

The End


American Politics 2009: No Place for Old School

July 23, 2009


President Obama made his case for health care last night, and in a way, it’s a microcosm of everything that’s going wrong with American politics in 2009.

Take a look at Michael Fletcher’s piece, “Obama’s Toughest Sales Pitch Is Also His Most Critical” and note the word “Pitch” in the title.

…[S]ix months into his presidency, as Obama stood in the East Room of the White House on Wednesday night, he faced what is shaping up as his toughest and most critical sales pitch yet: explaining to an increasingly reluctant public that health-care reform is in its best interest.

Unfortunately, the word “pitch” doesn’t quite work in the brave new technological world of the blogosphere, 30 minute news cycles, non-stop satellite radio, the Internet, cell phones, email, twitter, etc. (BTW President Obama… The news cycle is no longer 24 hours as you repeatedly suggest – it’s more like half an hour.)

The president fails to see this new world of American politics. After all, he is a product of the old school political machine that was Richard Daley, and the hoary traditions of  “Hahvard”. He may be addicted to his Blackberry, but it has been made painfully clear he is little more than a product of the sixties what with his mentors being Wright and Ayers.

To fail to keep up with the times is to become a victim of them.
Look at the American space program of the mid 1950s, the American steel industry of the 1970s, and the American auto industry of the early 21st century. And these times don’t judge kindly the “Daley Schmooze” with Putin or the “Apologetic Mystery Tour” for the rest of the world.  Obama-appointed Treasury Secretary “TurboTax” Tim Geithner may be able to bluster his way through his knowledge of the AIG bonus flap and his mistakenly not paying his taxes, but in the larger scheme of things (namely China) he is literally a joke.

In short, Barack is out of step with this Brave New World, and it is tripping him up big time.

Guantanamo Bay has been a disaster for him. (You see Mr. President, before you make a promise to close a prison in one place, you should actually be proactive enough to find out where you’ll move the terrorists down the road. Everbody else has been wondering about that for some time now.)

The Great One’s great job-loss predictions has proven to be badly out of step with reality. But he was warned after all.

Even FFlambeau of the Daily Kos is all over him.

In short, Obama’s plummeting ratings and countless failings are what happens when old school arrogance meets the new world of information gathering and dissemination.

Mark these words… The president will get some sort of “health insurance bill” passed sooner or later. But it won’t be what he promised. And it probably won’t do most American citizens much good.

Alan Speakman