IHOP(e) This Suit Is Pancaked By The Court

September 16, 2010

From the semi-tongue in cheek department: 

According to an International Business Times report, International House of Pancakes (the restaurant chain known for its all-day breakfasts and which, for years, has used the acronym “IHOP”) is suing a church group based in Kansas City Missouri calling itself the “International House of Prayer”. The reason? Because they too are using the acronym “IHOP.” Quick: Circle the syrup dispensers!

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Apparently IHOP (the restaurant) is afraid people might get confused with the double use of the acronym. 

I can appreciate a company wanting to protect its image, name and likeness from a competitor. But if that were really the case, then why didn’t IHOP go after a chain restaurant called “HOPS” (which DID confuse me at first). 

But what is the likely confusion with a small, one-off church group based out of Kansas City Missouri? There are three IHOP restaurants in the area. Are they afraid people might wander into the restaurant looking for a prayer service? And I’ve thoroughly checked the church’s web site. Not ONE mention of Chocolate Chip pancakes. Or “Rooty-Tooty, Fresh & Fruity Salvation.”

Since we at Grand Rants have been suggesting solutions to the political time bomb that is the current administration, I figured we ought to be able to resolve a simple issue like this, and it didn’t take long for me to come up with I believe to be the best all-around solution: 

I recommend the church group change it’s name to the Diocese for the Enlightened Natural Nazarene in You

That would be DENNY’S for short. 

Once they’ve changed their name, the church could implement an intervention program to break people of domestic abuse. They could call it the “GRAND SLAM INTERVENTION.”  

Then there could be variations of their Ultimate Skillet program to break people of bad habbits like smoking, drug and alcohol addiction.  

And to top if all off: Free Redemption on your birthday! 

Problem solved.  Next? 

If you will excuse me, I have to go now to attend the grand opening of my new business: 

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Gerry (“Come to IHOP to get your i-Phone”) Ashley