Episode IV: A New Hope

August 12, 2013

These days, it’s so easy to believe that the country is going to hell in a handbasket. It’s easy to believe this, because we see examples of it all around us: in popular culture, the news media, schools and universities. It’s difficult to avoid the belief that stupidity, ignorance, apathy, and generally joyless existence are the norm, and that we are all doomed to end up living lives of not-so-quiet desperation when that message seems to be shouted from every treetop.

However. there are signs of hope. Quoted below is an excerpt from a homeschooling family’s summer trip across the country in order to study American History:

Having read stories and learned all the facts, having seen pictures of it in books, and after driving almost 1,000 miles, we finally arrived at the Liberty Bell Center.  We walked down the corridor towards the bell.  Because of our study, my children understood this was not just a bell…it was a symbol of determination by the people of America to preserve and protect their freedom.  Our American brothers went to great lengths to hide it from the enemy and rang their bell proudly when the war was over.  And through the stories and facts, my kids came to love this bell, this American symbol of freedom, of heart-pounding passion.  Like waiting to see an old friend at the airport whom you haven’t seen in a long while, my children were eagerly anticipating their first encounter with “the bell.”  I could tell their excitement mounted as they walked briskly to see this symbol in the “flesh”.  And then…the waiting was over.  There it was.  Both of their paces  slowed – almost to a stop.  They were unaware of the people all around.  My four year old son’s jaw dropped.  My daughter just stared.  Their eyes were fixed…it was real!  That was it!  It was really real!  I don’t mean to sound corny or overly patriotic.  This is exactly how it happened.  And to be honest, I was amazed at how taken they were with this moment.

As I stood behind them, watching them more than the bell, my eyes blurred.  They were looking at the bell, but saw so much more!  As a parent, this was a moment frozen in time.  They had captured the spirit, felt (if even for a moment) the passion cast into this bell.  As the privileged parent of these wonderful little people, their inspired moment has inspired me with further resolve to continue teaching them true American History.  Just as we were clamoring for Patriots to fight the embolden British over 230 years ago, so today we search for modern day patriots to preserve the freedoms we hold today.  How privileged I feel to have witnessed the birth of two more young patriots on this special day.

Folks, this is our future. All that other stuff? Dreck. Meaningless nonsense intended to dismay and discourage.

two young patriots

It is children like these, raised by hard-working parents who believe fervently in the promise and hope of America, who are our future. There are millions of them growing up right now, being taught exactly what they need to know, being raised as Americans. And when I look at them, my heart swells with pride and I am overwhelmed with gratitude. Because this is our future, yours and mine. Right here. Right now. God bless them all.


Liberal Child Abuse

August 31, 2009


For me, pretty much the last straw at the funeral of the late Sen. Ted Kennedy was certainly a familiar tactic: when all else fails, shove a moppet on stage, give him or her a script, and let the adorable tyke lisp the syllables that would never be countenanced coming from an adult. So they dragged up a grandson and gave him a script which if it had been placed as an advertisement, would have cost at least several hundred thousand dollars…

This in itself is nothing new–in fact it seems to be a staple from the Liberal Playbook. Remember little Julia Hall from President Obama’s Portsmouth, NH town hall meeting?

And if you want stage-managed moppets galore, you can’t go wrong with those cloying Stepford Children:

And who can forget the winner from 2007, Graeme Frost, who was planted in front of cameras and microphones to pimp that year’s cause du jour, the ever-expanding S-CHIP legislation.

“My parents work really hard and always make sure my sister and I have everything we need, but the hospital bills were huge. We got the help we needed because we had health insurance for us through the CHIP program.

“But there are millions of kids out there who don’t have CHIP, and they wouldn’t get the care that my sister and I did if they got hurt. Their parents might have to sell their cars or their houses, or they might not be able to pay for hospital bills at all…

“I don’t know why President Bush wants to stop kids who really need help from getting CHIP. All I know is I have some really good doctors. They took great care of me when I was sick, and I’m glad I could see them because of the Children’s Health Program.

“I just hope the President will listen to my story and help other kids to be as lucky as me. This is Graeme Frost, and this has been the Weekly Democratic Radio address. Thanks for listening.”

And more kiddies threatening President Bush with a moratorium on photo ops if he vetoed the bill. Boo hoo!

Then going way back to 2006, more kids sticking to The Man (in the Oval Office).

Oh, the agony! When will it all end? Frankly, it’s disgusting, and as a political tactic, it stinks; but it also tells you a lot about the parents who allow (and even encourage) their kids to be used in this manner. Perhaps it’s just the next logical iteration of the brassy stage mother syndrome: the pushy political parent.

And you can’t really blame the kids, can you? After all, they’re just tools in the hands of their parents, who are also, er, tools.

UPDATE: Snark and Boobs asks, “What Would Jesus Do? Promote Liberal Policy, Using a Child at a Funeral, Natch!”


Oh, He’s Changing the World, All Right

March 16, 2009


Remember the creepy Stepford children singing about Dear Leader?

“We’re gonna spread happiness
We’re gonna spread freedom
Obama’s gonna change it
Obama’s gonna lead ‘em
We’re gonna change it
And rearrange it
We’re gonna change the world.”

I think it’s high time we re-wrote the lyrics, don’t you?


Why There Has To Be a Santa Claus

December 24, 2008

Sorry all… I’ll preface this entire post with a warning that this won’t be glurge.

Nope, for the most part this one is going to be rather clinical in nature.

Here’s the deal… An Italian priest (Dino Bottino) informed a group of children that there was no Santa Claus. Yeah, yeah, yeah… The typical religious rant about Christmas being all about Christ, and not about a kindly old fat guy in a red suit. Whatever.

Here’s what Dino failed to take into consideration. (Thank goodness for a psych degree…) Early-age children (2 – 10 years) yearn for a moral footing in the world. From an evolutionary standpoint, they have to. They have to figure out what works and what doesn’t. It’s the age-old game for a child… “What keeps me alive and what doesn’t?” “What is friendly and safe, and what is threatening and dangerous?” In short, children have to believe in something greater, tangible, and immediate because they’re rapidly learning that the big bad world has them out-gunned in the extreme. And that is why children flock to icons such as Santa in the mall or Micky Mouse in Florida or Ronald McDonald or Disney on Ice or… In a word, they’re looking for sanctuary.

Anyway… This is all Child Psych 101 stuff…

Look Dino, if you want to remind children that Christmas is all about Christ… Whatever. But don’t take away Santa. Existence can be a brutal vocation – let the kids be safe and happy while they still can.

Alan Speakman

P.S. Besides… Santa must exist… The wife just hit a $540 football pool. If that ain’t a gift from Santa, I don’t know what is!