The Cap ‘n Trady Bunch

June 28, 2009

cap n trady bunch

Here’s the story of a cap and trade bill
That would saddle us with very ugly tax.
It had earmarks, it had junk science,
The perfect bill for hacks.

Here’s the story of a bunch of turncoats
Who were busy trying to make deals of their own.
They were eight Reps of the Grand Old Party
Yet they stood all alone.

Just last Friday when the bill came up for voting
They all knew that it was much more than a hunch
That this group would pimp for Waxman-Markey,
That is why they’re called the Cap ‘n Trady Bunch!

Cap ‘n Trady Bunch!
Cap ‘n Trady Bunch!
It’s how we wound up with the Cap ‘n Trady Bunch!


Inspired by Leo Alberti’s image as posted by Michelle Malkin. See also Malkin’s follow-up.