Boehner Acts – Obama Bows and Blinks

September 1, 2011

Stare-Down Finale: Boehner 1 - Obama 0

You almost have to feel sorry for Barack Obama.   Almost.

Obama unwisely attempted to upstage next week’s Republican Presidential Candidates Debate by scheduling his highly anticipated “Jobs Plan” speech to occur at the same time. As if that wasn’t brassy enough,  President Obama in his ever growing need for attention,  decided to go for broke by presenting his jobs plan to a joint session of Congress. One problem: He forgot this would require the cooperation of Speaker of the House John Boehner.

Bad move Barry. As Doug Powers writes, it winds up looking…

“as if the president invited himself to someone else’s house without first finding out if they wanted company that night.”

I think it’s worse than that. It was a stupid game of “Chicken” that only someone as egotistical as Barack Obama would be foolish enough to think he could win. And it leaves him with sufficient egg on his face to make an omelette large enough to serve all participants in the upcoming Republican Presidential Candidates Debate.

One can only imagine the conversation in the White House Office Of Damage Control:

“Hey, Mr. President… we”d expect something as dumb as this from Vice President Biden, but… WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?”

Perhaps he figured with so many people out of work, everybody would gather at the Mountain Top to hear his decree, leaving the Republican candidates with a smaller viewership than normal (which is, let’s face it, usually abysmal for either party’s debates). However, by challenging (and failing to upstage) the debate, all he has accomplished is to add a klieglight to the debate stage.

On the surface, it might seem to be a simple game of one-upsmanship.  But it’s a far more telling example of how Obama’s ego blinds him to the fact that he no longer has carte blanche to do whatever he wants. Perhaps another way of putting it: without the combined houses of Congress to back his playshe still has his writers drafting ten-gallon hat speeches, but he’s now delivering them while wearing a beanie.

Still, there’s Little President Fauntelroy, demanding attention by scheduling a prime time address to discuss the jobs plan he apparently had to journey to the sand traps on the golf courses of Martha’s Vineyard to find. But in doing so, his ego may have just written another check to be returned by the First National Bank of Action marked “insufficient funds.” Because while we can all be assured the White House Peacock will be in full strut, anything less than a viable plan that has a realistic chance of success without digging the country deeper into financial chaos will result in an even bigger embarrassment for his administration.

And, somehow, I don’t think the sand traps of the golf courses on Martha’s Vineyard yield anything close to what Obama needs to avoid that.

Gerry Ashley

CBO: GOP Health Care Proposal Saves Money!

November 5, 2009

Just out from House Minority Leader John Boehner, Congressional Budget Office confirmation that the Republican health plan will save consumers money and reduce the deficit. From the CBO’s letter:

According to CBO and JCT’s assessment, enacting the amendment would result in a net reduction in federal budget deficits of $68 billion over the 2010–2019 period.

This is fairly impressive. We’re not talking about spending here, we’re actually talking about saving money! Lowering costs and improving health care at the same time were initally staples of Obama’s repertoire. In fact, before President Obama out-sourced his healthcare aspirations to Congress, he actually wanted to reduce the cost of healthcare, not just make reform “revenue neutral”. In his non-state-of-the-union State of the Union speech last February, the President addressed the issue clearly:

President Barack Obama called surging health costs a drag on the economy, and said Congress needed to overhaul health care this year.

“The cost of our health care has weighed down our economy and the conscience of our nation long enough,” Obama told a joint session of the House and Senate in a speech yesterday.

Yes, he really wanted to reduce the costs that are weighing down the economy. So one would think that the President would embrace the announcement made by Boehner yesterday, which includes:

•    For the small group market (generally businesses with 2 to 50 employees), the GOP plan would reduce premiums in 2016 for example by up to 10 percent.
•    For the individual market, the GOP plan would reduce premiums in 2016 by up to eight percent.
•    For the large group market, the GOP plan would reduce premiums in 2016 by up to three percent.

That covers lots of individuals and lots of businesses and actually does save lots of money.

Will the President and members of Congress congratulate Rep. Boehner and the Republicans for a proposal that does exactly what the President initally wanted? Will they accept the proposal in the true spirit of the bi-partisanship they so desire and work together on it?

Time will tell.


H/T: Sissy Willis via Twitter

Newsflash: House Republicans Discover Their Backbones!

January 27, 2009


UPDATE: Ed Morrissy suggests that someone actually read the stimulus package; and we know it won’t be Congress, so it had better be we the people. Go. Read. Comment.

Republicans in the House of Representatives have discovered their spines (or something, anyway)! It looks like House Repubs are being strongly encouraged to oppose the nearly-one-trillion-dollar crap sandwich stimulus package.

House Republican Leader John A. Boehner and his No. 2, Whip Eric Cantor, told their rank-and-file members Tuesday morning during a closed-door meeting to oppose the bill when it comes to the floor Wednesday, according to an aide familiar with the discussion. Boehner told members that he’s voting against the stimulus, and Cantor told the assembled Republicans that there wasn’t any reason for them to support the measure, according to another person in the room. Cantor and his whip team are going to urge GOP members to oppose it.

So basically, if the economy is still bad in six months, Republicans won’t have to take the blame for helping to pass a package that wasted a trillion dollars (don’t kid yourself–if it passes, it’ll be at least a trillion by the time Congress gets done with it).

Let’s see if that resolve remains after their little chat with President Obama this afternoon.