An Eye For An Eye–Or Two

November 29, 2008

For once, I almost agree with a principle of Sharia law. In 2004, an Iranian man (Majid Movahedi) burned and blinded a woman by throwing acid into her face because she refused his marriage proposals. And in retribution an Iranian court just ruled that he should receive the same treatment. If this is what really happened, then the punishment seems to fit the crime (to me anyway). Except that the punishment simply isn’t practical.

The problem is that people who exercise extraordinary cruelty for cruelty’s sake continue to do so even after they’re punished, or are in the process of being punished. Consider Lawrence Singleton, Mamdouh Mahmud Salim, and Robert Stroud.

While an acid facewash might be just punishment for Movahedi, it isn’t a practical one. Animals like Majid are always going to be a threat regardless of their incarceration, age, or infirmity.  And they should be put down as such.

No… Acid is appropriate, but just not practical.

Alan Speakman