Never Forget

September 11, 2013

One year ago today:

Benghazi Consulate attack aftermath, bloody fingerprints

!2 years ago today:

Falling Man

Never, NEVER forget.


Celebrate Human Achievement Hour Tonight!

March 28, 2009

While others are observing “Earth Hour” by sitting in the dark listening to crickets chirping, join with us and celebrate our journey from living in caves to living on the International Space Station. Human Achievement Hour celebrates just that.

Congratulations, Homo Sapiens, you’ve come a long way!


Hollywood Star *gasp!* Gets It

January 14, 2009


Mickey Rourke, the come-back kid and recent Golden Globe winner for his performance in “The Wrestler” may actually have a brain, despite being saturated with Hollywood stardust. In an interview with the British edition of GQ, as reported by the Daily Express, Mr. Rourke made some comments that are sure to make heads explode in liberal bastions all around the world. Referring to the September 11 attacks, Mr. Rourke said:

“President Bush was in the wrong place at the wrong time, I don’t know how anyone could have handled this situation.

“I don’t give a f**k who’s in office, Bush or whoever, there is no simple solution to this problem… I’m not one of those who blames Bush for everything. This s**t between Christians and Muslims goes back to the Crusades, doesn’t it.

“It’s too easy to blame everything on one guy. These are unpredictable, dangerous times, and I don’t think that anyone really knows quite what to do…

Amazing! I don’t know what Mr. Rourke’s political leanings are, but I’m willing to bet that Sean Penn just made a motion to oust him from the Hollywood chapter of Moonbats R Us. Even more amazing, Rourke goes on to say in the same interview:

” I think there is worse to come, something terrible will happen to either America or the U.K., or France even.”

He gets it, and it may be a miracle: a Hollywood star who is not living in a 9/10 world, understands that fact, and is not embarrassed to articulate it. Mr. Rourke, we congratulate you.