Life in Massachusetts

October 1, 2013

I know, I know, everyone else is writing about the shut down. Frankly, right now I just don’t care. I’m at the point of believing that every member of Congress, the entire Executive Branch, and all the justices of the U.S. Supreme Court are stupid, lazy, venal, out only for what they can get for themselves, and entirely uninterested in what is best for the nation. Even Ted Cruz, whom I like very much and wish were my senator.

If Ted Cruz were my senator, I wouldn’t have to be dealing with stupid stuff like this:


I got so mad when I saw this in my in-box, I fired off a response:

Since you were so kind as to send me an email about my abandoned cart, I will be nice enough to reply and explain why I abandoned it with unpurchased items still in it.
You will notice that in my cart were 2 of the Ruger BX-25 10/22 .22LR 25 Rd Mag for Ruger 10/22 Rifle products.

Do you know why I left them in my cart unpurchased? Because you won’t ship them to Massachusetts! Do you know how I know this? Surely it’s not because the product description actually mentions this prohibition–it does not. I know that because I placed an order for these same products last week, presuming that they would be shipped, but my order got cancelled and I received a “Oops!” email from you folks stating that you can’t ship the 25 round mags for the Ruger 10/22 to Massachusetts! Nowhere in the product description does it mention this little drawback. It mentions not shipping to CA, sure. But not to MA.

My hopes were dashed. So I went and checked the exact item name so that I could get them from another source. Yes, I left my cart full of your stuff in your store. Sorry about that. Next time I’ll delete all the line items before I decline to buy from you.

Wishing you the very best from this stupid blue state,
Harwich, MA

I know it won’t change anything, but it made me feel a little bit better. And if Ted Cruz were my senator, I’d already have those mags, dammit!


Guns and More Guns!

October 11, 2011

No, we’re not talking about Fast and Furious today. We’re talking about what a beautiful weekend it was, and how much fun it was to go to the bucolic and gorgeous Cape Cod Fish and Game club and do some shooting!

Some of you may remember reading my post about the process of getting a license in Massachusetts from last year. Since then, about the only thing I’ve done, gun-wise, was purchase a S&W kit gun, which is a nice little revolver; but after taking it to the range and trying it out, I found I didn’t really enjoy shooting it. What to do, what to do?

Off to the gun store again, to trade it in for a Walther P22 and a Henry Survival Rifle.

First off, CCF&G is a lovely club, embodying so much that is beautiful about life on Cape Cod. Set in a rural area, there’s a trap area, rifle range, pistol range, and soon-to-be-opened plinking range. Plus an outdoor archery trail, and indoor archery range, and an indoor pistol range still in process. Plus, there’s a pond to swim, kayak, or fish in. Best of all possible worlds, eh? Here’s a quick look at the area:

So spouse and I went over to the pistol range and tried out both the Walther and the Henry. After several hundred rounds (and boy, was that fun!) I must say that I am quite impressed with both. The P22 is a sweet little handful, and because I was using Mini-Mags, I saw nary a mis-fire.

The Henry… what can I say about a rifle that can be completely disassembled, fits into its own 16.5″ buttstock, and only weighs 2.5 pounds?

I can say that it’s a fantastic rifle! And surprisingly accurate, as well. This is the type of firearm you can toss into your backpack when going camping or hiking. Or put it into the “hurricane-tornado-flood” survival box in case of the need for evacuation. Or just take to the range and shoot!

So after my first real day at the range, I can say with certainty that I am hooked! Can’t wait for next weekend…


A Bold Prediction Regarding Eric Holder

October 4, 2011

Attorney General Eric Holder will soon be tossed under the bus.

That’s my prediction based on the fact that Rep. Lamar Smith, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, has sent a letter to President Obama, requesting that Obama appoint a special prosecutor to investigate AG Holder for perjury in the Fast & Furious inquiry. Apparently Mr. Holder swore that he had only heard of the project “a few weeks” prior to his testimony before the House Committee:

“I’m not sure of the exact date, but I probably heard about Fast and Furious for the first time over the last few weeks,” Holder testified.

This is directly at odds with new memos that have been uncovered which state that Mr. Holder was briefed regularly about the program, beginning in July of 2010 at the latest. Hence, the request for a special prosecutor.

Of course, the President can refuse to appoint a prosecutor. And I believe he will do just that. Instead, he will request Holder’s resignation and give a press release, sternly worded about unwarranted witch-hunts, and more in sorrow than in anger that he must send his loyal consigliere packing, simply because he mis-remembered a date (or, as Holder’s minions are claiming, Holder simply misunderstood the question. Right.) Obama will do this, hoping that it’ll suffice to put Congress off the track of more investigations: “Geez, guys, I fired him! What more do you want?!”

Well, actually, we want the truth. All of it. Who knew what, when. Whose idea was it? Who approved it. Hundreds of people are dead because of this bone-headed project, and who knows how many more will die, all because several Cabinet departments colluded to send guns south across the border to arm Mexican drug cartels in an apparent attempt to bolster the number of illegal guns going to Mexico so that the President could pressure Congress to enact even more gun restriction laws.

If the Attorney General of the United States knew about the program, he’s guilty of perjury at the very least. And if he didn’t know, he’s not doing his job. Either way, I think Obama will throw him under the bus, if only to try to distract Reps. Smith and Issa from the trail.

People died — Mexicans and Americans – because of this program (and possibly others like it). We need to know who was behind it, and prosecute the guilty. I believe this includes Eric Holder.

I believe it also includes the President of the United States.


Pistol-Packing Mama Grizzly!

November 22, 2010


“A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State,
the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

It’s official. I’m now permitted by the great state of Massachusetts to purchase and carry firearms.

It was not that arduous a journey, actually; I expected much worse. About a month before Gerry’s post about being shot at, I had completed the certification course required by Massachusetts in order to be allowed to apply for permission to buy a gun.

The course itself was hugely educational (as was, I’m sure, at least part of the point). It cost me $100 for a day of classroom course work and a day at the shooting range to qualify. The instructor, Mike, was an ex-military guy who was willing to spend as long as it took to make sure my classmate and I understood absolutely everything there was to know about guns and their history, from the invention of gunpowder to the present. Read the rest of this entry »

It’s Time To Buy A Gun

October 25, 2010

I’ve never wanted to own a gun. In fact, in my former days as a liberal, I was one of those singing the mantra of gun control. Even as I morphed into a conservative adult, I still felt that there was no need for me to own a gun, but believed that was the right of all law-abiding citizens to keep and/or bear arms, should they choose to do so.

Saturday night, however, that all changed for me.

My dog and I became the targets for a drive-by shooting.  Cooper and I were walking in a well-lit downtown area of the peaceful, waterfront village known (ironically) as Safety Harbor. We were  next door to the renown “Safety Harbor Spa” which caters to the wealthy folks and wealthier corporations which love to spend lavishly on “conferences”.  Oprah Winfrey is rumored to visit there yearly. In other words, this was not a bad neighborhood where drive-by shootings happen.

Until now.

Read the rest of this entry »

Rachel Maddow vs. Second Amendment

November 24, 2009

And if Ms. Maddow had her way, the Second Amendment would lose, big time. Even though she’s an avid shooter, she still doesn’t believe people should actually be able to own guns.

Let’s review that:

“I like making liberals shoot guns, I just don’t think we should be allowed to bring them home.” [Stoutcat: I have to presume she’s referring to the guns here, and not the liberals…]

“I mean, you go to the carnival, you know, and like, the roller coaster is fun. But that doesn’t mean you get one to come home with. Doesn’t mean you get to do your own home roller coaster. Just leave it there, it’s a game.”

“It’s a game.” Sheesh. What part of “the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” does she not understand?

Actually, I think Ms. Maddow understands the Second Amendment perfectly well, but she disapproves of it, and so believes it can be conveniently ignored and/or legislated out of existence.

Liberals. Can’t live with ’em, can’t use ’em for target practice…


Note: If you’re interested in hearing about Ms. Maddow’s opinion of the Tea Parties, her first date with her girlfriend, or how to mix perfect drinks, the entire video clip can be seen here.

Today’s Moonbat Theory, Explained

January 30, 2009


Gun control defined: The theory that people who are willing to ignore laws against rape, torture, kidnapping, theft and murder will obey a law which prohibits them from owning a firearm.

Gotta love it! Courtesy of Transsylvania Phoenix.