February 8, 2013

SooperMexican does a great job of updating the “So God Made a Farmer” clip by Paul Harvey, most recently seen as a truck commercial in last week’s barnburner of a Super Bowl (even though the Pats didn’t play, it was quite a game).

The genius of SooperMexican brings us, “So God Made a Liberal”.

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Now That We Have Your Attention, Mr. President…

November 14, 2011

My long-time friend Giuliana called me from San Diego on Sunday. She mentioned that a friend of her Navy SEAL husband stationed at Coronado Island had tickets to a very special NCAA basketball game that was played on the Aircraft Carrier USS Carl Vinson out in San Diego on Veterans’ Day. You may recall that it was the USS Carl Vinson that handled the disposal at sea of Osama Bin-Laden’s body recently.

She was told that because the tickets were for “special VIP” seats, she would be subjected to an intensive background check.  Why a background check for an NCAA basketball game? Because her seat would place her adjacent to President Barack Obama and the First Lady, who attended the game as part of their Veteran’s Day “Let’s spend more taxpayer money on an unnecessary trip to San Diego” program.

Ready To Play

The President wound up getting an earful from Giuliana, who is not one to shy away from speaking her mind. It wasn’t long before she made it clear to the President that she was proud to vote for him in 2008 (being part of history in electing our first African American President. And yes, I do have many Liberal friends). But then she told the President that now she was embarrassed that she voted for him because, “You turned out to be totally different than the way you presented himself in your campaign speeches.”  When Obama asked for some specific examples, Giuliana mentioned a number of topics.

When the President asked her what her sources of information were that she was quoting from, she said, “From a blog written by my friend Gerry Ashley… it’s called Grand Rants.”  She told me that Obama stared at her and smiled as he wrote it down.

POTUS Watches Michigan State Spartans Vs. #1 Ranked North Carolina on the flight deck of the USS Carl Vinson

It’s a bit unnerving to know that The President (the most liberal and dangerously close to socialist President in our nation’s history) chose to write down the name of the blog himself. We already know he and his staff are skilled Internet users.

I spoke to Alan last night by phone and he assured me there’s nothing to worry about. “Grant Rants isn’t even a blip on their radar screen,” he tried to reassure me.  I thought back to the scorching 8-part piece I wrote on the Abject Failure of the Obama Administration over a year ago.  And I replied,“Well, so far, perhaps, but then that’s because they probably didn’t know we existed. That’s all changed now. Did you hear me, Alan? Barack Hussein Obama wrote down our blog address. Do you think that’s so he could send us an invitation to a beer party in the Rose Garden?

Alan laughed and said, “The most that will happen is that he’ll give this to a low level intern with instructions to check it out at their convenience. There’s nothing to worry about.”

Reassured, I hung up. But one question still remains: Should I offer coffee and donuts to the guys in the Black SUV parked across the street?

Gerry Ashley

Now THAT’s a Scary Thought

August 10, 2011

You know, I’m beginning to have some frightening thoughts. For example, on Monday, as I simultaneously watched the President say nothing useful and the Dow plummet nearly 200 points, I found myself thinking that maybe Joe Biden wouldn’t make such a bad president after all.

Yes, I know, good old open-mouth-insert-foot Joe, they guy who, while introducing wheelchair-bound Sen. Chuck Graham, called to him to “[S]tand up, Chuck, let the people see you!”

The same Veep who was caught on mike during the Obamacare signing ceremony telling the President, “This is a big f*ing deal!”

The very same gentleman who was confused enough to think that JOBS is a three-letter word. Ah well.

Regular readers here probably know that I started Obama’s presidency unhappy but willing to give the man the benefit of the doubt and hoping for his success in office. In the intervening years, I’ve come to the conclusion that he’s, well, an idiot. I know that sounds harsh, but really, how else does one describe a man who speaks of 57 states, who is the Commander in Chief of our armed forces and, in a rehearsed speech, mispronounces the word “corpsman” not once, not twice, but three times? What else could you call someone who thinks there is language called Austrian? Who makes jokes about the Special Olympics?

This is a president who, by his abject insistence on “leading from behind,” by his disastrous inaction, by his complete lack of engagement with his job and his nation, has allowed our nation’s  AAA+ credit rating to drop for the first time ever.

When you look at it like that, even Joe Biden looks smart by comparison!

So maybe it’s time for Obama to step down and let his inspired choice for Vice President, good old Slow Joe, fill out the remainder of his term.

At this point, Joe could hardly do worse.


Obama Breath Mint Leaves Bad Taste In Liberals Mouths – And Exposes More Hypocrisy

August 6, 2011

Caution: May leave bitter taste in your mouth for years to come.

The left wing hypocrisy continues unabridged:  Tennessee Democratic State Representative Joe Armstrong was informed by a student at the University of Tennessee that a book store there was selling a breath mint called “Disapoint-Mints” which featured an image of President Obama on the cover.

Armstrong immediately went into hypocrite mode and demanded the product be removed as it was in poor taste, mocking the “sanctity” of the Presidency.  Rep. Armstrong  apparently didn’t have a problem with the same bookstore which sold similar products of political satire when George Bush was President.

This brings up a much larger issue:

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Civil Political Discourse? Riiiight!

January 12, 2011

Oh yes, please, let’s adopt legislation outlawing the use of bullseyes on maps. And while we’re at it, let’s tone down the inflammatory rhetoric, shall we? Because that will help bring us all back to a golden time when discourse, even political discourse, was civil and dignified. Right?

So say goodbye to terms like riding shotgun, bullet points, killer apps, not by a long shot, whipping into shape, battleground states, targeting your opponent, in the crosshairs, death panels, campaign strategy, and whatever else you can imagine as potentially deadly invective which would contribute to a climate of hate.

Don’t you see? The world will be safer if we all if all you wingnut redneck gun-totin’ Bible-clingin’ inbred hillbilly stump-jumpers would just tone it down a bit.

Of course, the problem with that attitude is that our discourse has never been terribly civil, or for that matter, free from bluster, ferocity, and vehemence. As far back as the founding of our nation, Thomas Jefferson famously wrote: “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants.” (And notice which group’s blood is mentioned first.)

Even today on shows as innocuous as the morning show “Fox and Friends”, NJ Governor Chris Christie was introduced in a segment with phrases like, “leading the charge” and “slash[ing] state budgets”.

Face it; our language–any language–is rife with turbulence. And because politics is so very personal, our political discourse is littered with fightin’ words, military metaphors, and just plain old violence. A quick look at a history of presidential campaign slogans (see? military term!) gives us the following:

  • 54″ 40″ or Fight
  • We Polked you in ’44, We shall Pierce you in ’52
  • Vote as You Shot
  • Tilden or Blood!
  • Rum, Romanism and Rebellion
  • Sunflowers die in November
  • Give ‘Em Hell, Harry

The world has, and probably always will have its share of crazy people and evil people; people who don’t require a reason to harm or maim or murder; and who aren’t set off by rhetoric of any kind. Like Jared Loughner, who as Ace at AOSHQ says:

“…The only thing I can rule out is that a “climate of hate” caused this– because I know for a fact, based on his writings and testimony of those who knew him, that he was not animated by right-wing politics at all…”

The violence inherent in language is part of life, and each of us learns how to deal with it in our own way. The very vast majority of us do just fine. That almost vanishingly small percentage who are truly evil or are hopelessly mentally ill are not swayed one way or the other by the language used around them. They are what they are, and society deals with them as best it can.

So don’t tell me what I can or can’t say, either in political discourse or in any conversation.

Them’s fightin’ words.


Meet Monet Parham, Hypocrite and Wet Blanket

December 16, 2010

Hey kids, here’s a fun pop quiz! What do the following things have in common?

Cracker Jacks
Frosted Flakes
Little Orphan Annie
McDonald’s Restaurants

If you guessed that they are all products for kids which offer some sort of  toy or prize either inside the box or for collecting boxtops or labels–you are correct!

For at least half a century (if not longer) advertisers have been marketing directly to children by offering swell toys and prizes if only the kids will persuade Mom to buy items like those above. But Monet Parham of San Francisco is only suing McDonalds, oddly enough. Why not sue Pepsico, owner of Cracker Jacks, or Kelloggs, General Mills, or Post Cereals?

In fact Ms. Parham, who is a regional program manager working for the state of California on child nutrition matters, is suing McDonald’s on behalf of her daughter to force them to stop offering toys with Happy Meals, because, as she says:

What kids see as a fun toy, I now realise is a sophisticated, hi-tech marketing scheme that’s designed to put McDonald’s between me and my daughters.

‘For the sake of other parents and their children, I want McDonald’s to stop interfering with my family.

And as far as Happy Meals, why now? McDonald’s has been offering Happy Meals for over 30 years. Ms. Parham’s daughter is six years old… she has probably been of “Happy Meal age” for at least two years.

According to McDonald’s, a Happy Meal consists of a burger or chicken nuggets, a small portion of french fries or sliced apples, and a choice of low-fat milk or apple juice. Yet Ms. Parham is not suing to change the contents of the food in the Happy Meal, which her lawsuit claims is unsuitable for young children, but simply to halt the inclusion of a toy with the meal.

If she were really concerned about the children, shouldn’t she be pushing for McDonald’s (and by extension, all other companies which market less-than-healthy food to kids) to drop the fatty/sweet/salty stuff? Shouldn’t a stupid toy be the least of her worries?

But no, the problem is not the food, evidently. The problem is that she doesn’t want to say “no” to her kids when they ask for Happy Meals.

This litany of requests [to eat at McDonald’s] is draining and very frustrating for children. I would like this practice to stop.’ [Emphasis mine]

And so because one mother doesn’t want to discipline her children, McDonald’s will probably be banned from putting toys in with their Happy Meals, at least in the People’s Republic of San Francisco.

And just what kind of flak are Ms. Parham’s kids going to be taking from this lawsuit? How many of their friends will be saying, “It’s your fault we can’t get toys in Happy Meals anymore–your mom’s lawsuit spoiled it for everyone”?

Also spoiled: children’s chances for a learning experience about the real world:

UPDATE: Slublog weighs in with the commonsensical “Sue Your Way to Responsible Parenting!

H/T: Michelle Malkin


Out of the Blue (State)

October 7, 2010

As a follow-up to my post of yesterday on the shenannigans of Massachusetts policicians (and their spouses), here’s another Blue State pol, albeit at a more local level, who must think that Mass voters are stupid.

Suzanne Bump is the former Secretary of Labor and Economic Development for MA Gov. “Coupe” Deval Patrick, and the current Dem nominee for State Auditor in Massachusetts. She and her husband own two homes. One is in the western Mass town of Housatonic, and the other is in South Boston. Somehow, Ms. Bump has deluded herself into thinking that she can register both homes as primary residences.

Mind you, she claims that she is following both the letter and the spirit of the law when claiming that:

  1. Her South Boston residence is her “principal” residence, and apparently has received tax reduction available for such residences since 2006 (which has saved her nearly $6,000); and
  2. Her Housatonic home is her “primary” residence, and has been since 2002, when she registered to vote there, thereby avoiding the extra assessment on non-resident home-owners. This has saved her $300-$400 per year.

While Ms. Bump apparently sees no discrepancy in this duplicity, her first instinct when asked about it was to deny all knowledge of it:

“Last Saturday, when the Globe first asked Bump why she and her husband claimed a residential tax break in Boston, as well, she said she had no knowledge of it.”

After more mature reflection, however, she changed her story:

“A few minutes later, she said: “It is reasonable to expect that at the time the decision was made, I was aware of it. But years later, I don’t recall the details.’

The chutzpah is amazing. Year after hear, Ms. Bump and her husband have claimed money on two separate primary/principal residences, and yet not only does she not recall the details, but she is sure she is well within the law in her actions in scamming as much money as she can out of a state that is nearly broke.

This is the woman who wants to be our State Auditor. She’s either a genius or an idiot. I’m just not sure which.