Losing a Chess Game: US & Georgia vs. Russia & Venezuela

September 7, 2008

Make no mistake about it, the New Cold War is on – and this ain’t the oafish ilk of the communists that collectively pounded their shoe in 1960 at the U. N. in New York.

Nope… We’re talking the same old savagery, but with an intellectual flair in Comrade Leader PM Putin. Quite simply, we’re playing geopolitical chess with a Grand Master.

South Ossetia and Abkhazia are just the slow beginning… “Say, ‘Hello’ to my little friend Venezuela!

We put sea power in their sphere of influence to aid the suffering the Russians brutally inflicted, and the Russians in turn introduce naval exercises in the Americas with less-than-friendly Venezuela. Move, counter-move… Move, counter-move…

It’s all too simple really. Here we go again. The new Cold War is nothing more than a chess game, with control of oil as the pawns (though queens or kings might better the analogy). Just keep that oil in mind. Russia supplies 25% of Europe’s oil and 50% of their natural gas. The events in Georgia threaten a paltry 1% of the world’s oil supply, but that is half of the global surplus, so that, too, offers powerful leverage. And now Russia cuddles up with Venezuela – supplier of roughly 14% of the United States’ oil.

Let’s see. Russia is quietly (Venezuela) and not so quietly (Georgia) putting itself in a very good position to make life pretty miserable for Europe and America. (Not to mention that they’re making us look like fools.)

America is losing this match.

(A Step At A Time)

Alan Speakman