Remembering Our Happy Warriors

March 1, 2013

memorial_Breitbart_140Today marks the one-year anniversary of the death of Andrew Breitbart, the quintessential happy warrior of the contemporary Conservative blogosphere. Others who knew him will do a better job of memorializing him. Although I never met Mr. Breitbart, I greatly admired him for his intelligence, his humor, his moxie, and his staunch defense of Conservative prinicples. I think one of the purest example of of his combination of humor, cojones, and all-out brains came when he wandered into a press converence meant for Anthony Weiner, former Congressman from NY (and currently best know for Tweeting inappropriate photos to the world at large) and basically took over and defended himself against allegations then-Rep. Weiner had made against him. It is pure 24-carat gold however you look at it. This is our happy warrior at his very best and brightest.

Mr. Breitbart is not our only lost warrior, however. As I reflect on the loss of his Conservative voice, I can’t help but remember a few other clarion voices gone far too soon.

memorial_seipp_cathyCathy Seipp was probably the best writer you’ve never heard of.  A first-class writer and blogger from California, Ms. Seipp passed away in 2007 from lung cancer, which, as she was a non-smoker was both tragic and ironic. As she wrote during a period of remission, “I just want to let everyone know having cancer hasn’t made me a better person.” Andrew Breitbart was one of many friends, and he remembered her as a “package of joyful contradiction.” What  a fantastic description! Charlotte Hays mentioned her as ” lovely in person and wicked in print.” For me, Ms. Seipp never expressed herself better (or more entertainingly) than when she went head-to-head against uber-liberal Lawrence O’Donnell. I wish the video were available, but you can read about it here and here (scroll down to the “neck-vein popping moment”).

memorial_deanbarnett3Dean Barnett‘s was one of the first blogs I ever read regularly, and I think it was there that I made my very first blog comment as Stoutcat. I followed his Soxblog from its early days, up until the time he passed away in 2008, finally succumbing to cystic fibrosis. In his blogging career, he wrote very frankly about his illness, but he never let it stop him from climbing up the ladder from small-fry local Sox-fan-blogger to big-time writer for National Review Online, the Weekly Standard, Townhall, and finally as a regular guest host for the mighty Hugh Hewett, whose fans affectionately referred to Dean as “Chowda” for his unmistakable Boston accent. Dean was intensely loyal, strongly conservative, and funny as heck.

He was also a very early, extremely staunch Romney supporter back in 2007.  I can’t help thinking that if Dean had still been around in November of last year, we’d be talking about President Romney right now.

memorial_gerry ashleyWe lost our very own Gerry Ashley in January of this year, due to complications from heart surgery and a very aggressive brain tumor. I still can’t say much about him, as my heart is still too sore over his loss. Fortunately, as with the souls mentioned above, the essential Gerry is still available to anyone who cares to hear his voice via his prolific and entertaining writing.

But right now, we’re still trying to deal with the Gerry-shaped hole in our lives where the man himself used to be.

Remember them all with a smile of gratitude, and gear up. We definitely need more happy warriors to rise up to take their places!


GOP Party Unity? Not So Much

September 23, 2010


With Republicans set to make what might be record gains in the mid-term elections, I can’t help but reflect that we seem to be saddled with the sorriest bunch of sore losers ever seen within a political party.

Remember Dede Scozzafava, from last year’s special election in New York? Despite being “an ACORN-friendly, union-pandering, tax-and-spend radical Republican,” she was the Party establishment’s choice in the attempt to pick up the House seat left open when John McHugh was appointed Secretary of the Army. When Doug Hoffman, a dark horse solid conservative, started to surge in popularity, dear Dede withdrew from the race and gave her supporte to Bill Owens, the Democrat in the race.

Sore loser and traitor.

When Christine O’Donnell, to the amazement and dismay of the party elite, took the Primary last week in Delaware, did her opponent, Mike Castle, congratulate her and throw his support behind her, working to get a Republican in that Senate seat? Not a chance. Not only did Mr. Castle refuse to endorse her, but the NRSC promptly leaked that it would not support her either. After some serious outcry from the common folk, Sen. Cornyn (head of the NRSC) flip-flopped and allowed as how he guessed they’d send her money after all.

Sore loser and flip-flopper.

When Joe Miller in Alaska surged past Lisa Murkowski to take the primary in that state, Murkowski, a sitting Republican Senator, toyed with the idea of running on the Libertarian ticket, running as an Independent, and finally decided to run as a write-in. Against her party’s chosen nominee and clearly against the will of the people of her state. And when the NRSC threatened to strip her of her post on the Senate Energy Committee, it’s likely that she threatened something… what? — to vote with the Democrats if that happened? — because you’ve never seen such quick backpedalling:

“We all respect the system, and she still is a Republican senator,’’ said Sen. Orrin Hatch (R., Utah.) after the closed party caucus. “It’s just a matter of good taste.”

Sore loser, party traitor, and possible blackmailer.

And those are just a few. Ed Morrissey wrote a great article for the Washington Times last week, outlining many more in the Sore Loser Party, ending with the following gem:

“If the Republican Party wants to survive, let alone succeed, it has to stop acting like sore losers and start acting like a party that wants to win elections on principle and not just strategic posturing.”

To which I say, it’s not even strategic posturing. I say it’s behaving like a spoiled child or a drama queen; maybe both. There never was a party as adept at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, due in no small part to its penchant for sore loser-hood.

Party unity, my a**.


A Gift for Reading the TelePrompter

June 1, 2010

How on earth did I miss this?

We can be extremely grateful that we have on our side such solid, articulate, intelligent, yes, and beautiful, Conservative women as Coulter, Palin, Bachman, and… Cheney. Liz, that is:

Dare we dream of a Palin/Cheney ticket in 2016?


More Racist Rednecks in Boston

April 14, 2010

A few more photos from today’s racist red-necks

This guy can even spell!

Aw, poor kid. No toys for you!

Angry white male

Er, angry white females?

Oh great liberal women!


More racists

Saving the best for last: Party crasher sign FAIL

Only these bozos know what this actually means

What a great day, and what an amazing crowd!


The Best of Times, the Worst of Times

March 30, 2010


The ever-elusive Zombie, posting at Pajamas Media gives us a lovely little photo essay about two political rallies, held about a week apart, by two differing political groups, for different reasons.

One was on March 27, in Searchlight, NV. The other was a week earlier, in Los Angeles.

To set the scene: “Two households, unalike in dignity…”

Tea Party Rally, Searchlight NV

Anti-war rally, Los Angeles, CA

Be sure to check out Zombie’s entire post, and then go to the links for Ringo and El Marco; it’s clear Zombie didn’t cull the best photos of the Tea Party rally and the worst photos of the anti-war rally.

Also, best comment at Zombie’s, by Bruce:

If your car broke down alongside each of those two events, at which event would you most likely find (a) someone willing to help you, who (b) had the skill set required to repair your car?

And that, my friends, pretty much says it all.


Liz Cheney’s Arm-Candy Surprise

February 18, 2010


Back in May of last year, blog pal Sissy Willis observed that former VP Dick Cheney was the ultimate antidote to Obama. She was correct last May, and based on the response from the CPAC audience, I’d say she’s still correct.

“I think Barack Obama is a one-term president.”

Handsome, direct, smart, succinct, conservative: what’s not to love?


Scott Brown Doesn’t Get It Either

January 22, 2010

Yeah, great, a “conservative” from MA is going to take “Teddy’s seat”. Everyone, including Charles Krauthammer, thinks that the whole issue with Obama, Pelosi, Reid, et al is that they’re too left of center, blah, blah, blah. So, now a Massachusetts conservative is going to foul up the leftist health care bill and turn DC on its head. Yup, sure looks that way. But I still don’t think that addresses the real problem.

As I see it, the real problem is that we’re in deep, deep fiscal trouble, and all we keep doing is electing smiling, back-slapping politicians instead of leaders. Here’s what really worries me… One way or the other, we have to do something with health care in this country. If we don’t do something radical, the constitution-based, federal republic of the United States of America is doomed. Period.

We need leaders who will tell the bleeping truth at each and every turn, be it health care, or the company they keep. We need someone who will step into the sewer that is Washington and refuse to refer to people like Larry “Foot Tappin’” Craig and John “Flip Flop” Kerry as their “esteemed colleagues”. To borrow from Glenn Beck, we need people who say what they mean, and mean what they say. Until we have leaders like that, the fiscal cataclysm that is health care just keeps building and building and building. As for “conservative” Scott Brown… Here’s what he had to say about John Kerry yesterday

“I’ve always had great respect for Sen. Kerry, always. We have worked together on other issues and we’ll work together on issues on the future…”

Ummm… Yeah. Sounds to me like we have just one more politician in Washington who just doesn’t get it. All we’re looking for is a few honest people, and those are the only people who can face this 100 trillion dollar debt. Instead, we got conservative Scott “Drop Trou” Brown.

Wow… Just wow… Party it up fellow conservatives, because this party isn’t going to last forever.

Alan Speakman

The Scott Heard ‘Round the World

January 19, 2010

Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA)

From the pundits to the polls, it looks like patriots in Massachusett(e)s have upset the world order all over again. Absent any untoward shenanigans from SEIU, ACORN, or dead voters, Scott Brown has won the special Senate election in Massachusetts.

A few thoughts:

  • If Dems had let well enough alone back in 2004, they wouldn’t be in this predicament now. Prior to their rule-changing in ’04, the governor was allowed to appoint a replacement if a Senate seat was vacated. But since  they actually thought that Sen. John “Why the long face?” Kerry had a shot at the presidency, and since in 2004 there was a Republican governor in Massachusett(e)s, the rules just had to be changed, lest Mitt appoint a Republican to the seat.
  • If Coakley hadn’t been such a dire candidate, this special election might have turned out differently. But given her elitist mentality, her bizarre gaffes, her determination that she was entitled to the seat, and, quite frankly, her disinclination to mingle with the hoi polloi, she was a disaster waiting to happen. Call her what you will, at least you won’t be calling her Senator Coakley.
  • If Scott Brown hadn’t been such a dynamic and engaging candidate, with the right message, a picture-perfect family, and a flair for campaigning, Coakley might not have seemed so awful by comparison.
  • If Massachusetts voters — arguably the bluest in the nation — hadn’t been so fed up with the  massive doses of hope and change they’ve been receiving at the hands of Obama and the Democrats in Congress, this whole election would never have become an issue.

BUT… It’s not Coakley. It’s not Brown. It’s not even Massachusetts. It’s not Democrats or Republicans. Those are just indicators. Symptoms. The bigger picture is this: There’s a real and growing dissatisfaction with the status quo in American politics; with the lies, the deal-making; the lobbyists; the lawyers; the special interests; the unions; the midnight legislative meetings; the shady quid-pro-quos; the outright buying of votes. All of this (and more) is contributing to the enormous unrest in the country.

Sen. Brown (R-MA) is the bellwether for 2010. Incumbents in both parties who continue to disregard the will of their constituents do so at their peril. Because we the people are getting sick and tired of being ignored. After all, we’re the ones with the real power, and we just proved it. Can you hear us now?


“2010” Theme Song For Taking Back America

January 10, 2010

Discouraged by the fact we have 3 more years of “The One” before we get to correct our mistake? Bothered by a Congress that wants to cram legislation down our throats that “We The People” have made clear we don’t want? Tired of the Freak Show that is Nancy Pelosi and Harry “We’ve Lost The War” Reid?”

Take heart, my friends! Lloyd Marcus, a self-described “Black Conservative Singer, Speaker, Writer and Artist presents us all with a theme song for taking back America in 2010.  

In the vernacular of Dick Clark’s “American Bandstand,” I would have to say:

“I give it a score of 100, Dick… and yes, I’d dance to it.”

In fact, when it happens, I’ll dance all night long to celebrate the return of the American Government to its rightful owners: We, The People.

NewYork,NewYork composer: Kander & Ebb, 1977
Licensing through HFA. All Rights Reserved Category:  News & Politics

Note: Feel free to send links to this rant to friends and place in discussion groups. Let’s take this song viral and get pumped for the year we take this country BACK!

Gerry Ashley

Show up & “Vote Them Out” in 2010 at a Tea Party.

About Lloyd and this song:

Lloyd Marcus

Lloyd is a columnist at
Link to his Black Conservative Online TV Show:

For the rest of Lloyd’s conservative songs & videos visit his channel:

Lloyd is the singer/composer of the national American Tea Party Anthem featured on many youtube videos and travels performing & speaking. His web site is:

Conservatives, Vote Liberal!

June 4, 2009

No, seriously… speaking as a conservative, I say that we all vote Left next time.

Look, facts are facts, and the “Left” owns the White House, both Houses of Congress, the media, the educational institutions, major industry, the unions, and finance… After a prolonged struggle, the liberals will rule the Supreme Court. (Did I miss something?) It is what it is.

The “Right” hasn’t just been beaten… It has been steam-rollered flat, Wile E. Coyote-style. At this point, collectively, we conservatives wouldn’t know enough to go number one if our pants were on fire.

OK, fine. Time for a different tack. If we can’t beat them, let’s join them and then see what happens. Let’s all vote “Left”. Let’s see if the wisdom of:

Nope… Just vote liberal. Watch liberal TV and teach liberal agenda to the young. Do it. Talk liberal, and think liberal. Make the 1960s finally come true. Hide behind your liberal “union” card and self-righteously (and in acts that can only be described as social self-flagellation for distant past sins) demand higher wages whether you actually deserve them or not. Forget about national security; hide your head in the sand and ignore those who wish to do us harm. Pound yourself on the chest and howl, “I am the new America! I am dysfunctional, illogical, and just flat out brattish, but hear me roar! I am the tantrum of change.

But note this, America. We saw what the “Carter Catastrophe” did to this nation. We also witnessed the brilliant success of Ronald Reagan. Now we need a new social experiment – the electorate (and our very social being) has deemed it so. Well, so be it. Let this be the Age of Change…

My prediction? History won’t be nearly so flowery. 2012 will dawn on a different world… And the “Great Obama Experiment” will have collapsed under its own hubris. And when everyone — and I mean everyone — is sick to death of the Hope and Change, we’ll see what kind of nation we can begin to rebuild.

Let’s just hope that there are enough pieces to cobble something back together again… Until then, let’s all just vote liberal and let this insanity run its course.

Alan Speakman