The Wrong Analogy

In the months and weeks leading up to the election, I had been thinking about the situation this country is in by likening it to being on a crashing plane. On the one hand, we had the current pilot who wasn’t able to control the plane, and the fact that it was crashing was due in large part to his piloting incompetence. On the other hand, we had a passenger who had a great deal of piloting experience, who was volunteering to take the controls. In his previous piloting experience, this volunteer had saved another plane from crashing. If we could get him in the pilot seat, well, we may have still crashed–the situation was definitely dire–but there was at least a possibility that we’d end up relatively okay… alive and standing on the wings of the downed plane in the Hudson River, a la Chessley Sullenberger, if you will.

I really thought that our fellow passengers would come to realize our plight, and vote to put an experienced pilot at the controls. But I was wrong. Far far too many of us either don’t see how dire are the straits we are in, or have convinced themselves, despite overwhelming proof to the contrary, that more of the same policies will keep us aloft.

So I have had to re-think my analogy. Now, the plane we are flying in is headed straight toward the Statue of Liberty. It is being piloted by a man who wants to radically transform this country. He knows exactly what he is doing. The cockpit door is locked, and this pilot has Czars and Cabinet Secretaries with boxcutters standing guard. Many of us realize that this is a one-way trip, and that we won’t get out of it without a huge crash and terrible things happening. But once you realize you’re definitely going to crash, the way you crash, well, it matters a great deal.

So here we are, just over half a nation of free-stuff moochers; just under half a nation of Todd Beamers. I’m hoping that all of us Todd Beamers will have the courage to do whatever it takes to avoid having our plane crash into and demolish the most potent symbol of freedom in the world.

And perhaps in the smoking wreckage of some Shanksville, a few people will emerge from the smoldering ruins and begin the arduous task of re-building our nation.

Let’s roll, people.


3 Responses to The Wrong Analogy

  1. DT says:

    You’ve been duped and brain-washed into a reality of delusion. Romney has never had a “lick” of experience in leading the military or understanding the monatery system governing our Economy. All he knew how to do is make money being a Vulture Capiralist. He would have been no better than Obummer!

    • Stoutcat says:

      Please. Clearly you are wrapped in your own little coccoon here. The term “vulture capitalist” is so last year…

      You know what? Never mind. You’re not going to admit you’re incorrect, no matter what I say. I am mystified by why you continue to read this blog.

      • DT says:

        It’s the same ole’ story with you Neocons.

        Neocons wrap yourselves up in the American Flag and then “blog and complain” about the National Debt. Yet, Neocons are INSISTANT on SPENDING to go all over the World to “meddle” in other Country’s Affairs, while our own Country languishes in Recession and Depression that the Republican and Democrat “Politicians” have BOTH caused. You’d think by now, you’d address the “Root Cause” of all this – The Federal Reserve System. But Nooooo! It’s “my guy is better than your guy” CRAP! What a Crock! They are both the same!

        I like it as Neocons stand “idiy by” as our Government commits atrocities like “killing and maiming” innocent men, women and children with Preditor Drones – “watching” as those terrified people run-for-their-lives like little ants. That’s ok with you Neocons, so long as it isn’t in your backyard! All the while, you KNOW you’re being LIED TO by the Government and the Neocon – Zionist Controlled Media. You KNOW it’s all about “stealing” another Country’s natural resources (oil), while they enrich their “Special Interest Buddies”, so they can obtain those Campaign “Bribes and Payoffs” to get re-elected. Yet, you say NOTHING!

        You Neocon “Lemmings” continue to stand there and shout “USA! USA! USA!” and then you have the audacity to invoke God’s Blessing on America? All-the-while, you turn-the-other-way when our Goverment breaks God’s Commandment “Thou Shalt Not Kill” and unleashes a mass-murder Campaign upon Human Beings in the Middle East, Our Government “blames” the World’s Dictators for doing the very same thing that they’re doing. How does all this measure up in your “my guy is better than your guy” diatribe? It speaks “Hypocrisy” to me. And to top-it-all-off, you still listen to the Neocon Controlled Media as they continue “make up” reasons WHY they HATE us! Common Sense would ask “how you would like it if your city or town was being “bombed” by a foreign power?” Critical Thinking! Try it, sometime!

        I love it when Neocons wag their fingers and “blame” the Democrats for putting in place Draconian Policies which “usurp” the Constitution and “destroy” our Freedoms and Liberties here at home. Yet they “turn a blind eye” and support the Republican Politicians who would do (and are doing) the VERY SAME THING!

        Democrats and Republicans are the SAME! If you vote – support – or like either one, you support the “Destruction” of the United States of America!

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