At Least There Will Be No Rioting

Well, we all saw what just happened.

What’s next? Well, Conservatives and Republicans will prove once again that they are as gracious in defeat as they are in victory. Small comfort, maybe, but it does mean something. And so I congratulate President Obama on his victory, and wish him the very best in guiding our nation for the next four years. I will be praying for him and the country.

So now, it’s time to re-group. Maybe now the press will finally start to cover the stories they should have been covering all along: things like Fast & Furious, and more recently, the debacle in Benghazi, and more widely, the President’s disastrously weak foreign policy. Okay, well that gave me a little chuckle anyway.

But it is clear to me that the very notion of America has changed dramatically. We are no longer a center-right nation, and the people have figured out that they can vote themselves bread and circuses.

So be it. It has happened before in world history, and I have no doubt it will happen again. Problem is, this time, it’s happening to us. I don’t want to end up like Greece, with rioting in the streets. I’m not afraid, but I don’t want it to happen here.

What I am afraid for is our Constitution. Four more years of President Obama means at least two more Supreme Court justices that he gets to choose. Just think about that for a moment.

Honestly, dear readers, I don’t know what we will be facing over the next four years. But if we can weather them, I can only pray that we will come through them stronger as a nation than before.

Right now, that’s what I’m praying for. Because that’s all I’ve got.


3 Responses to At Least There Will Be No Rioting

  1. sfarels says:

    I don’t want to be mellodramatic, but I think we are witnessing the end of America as we know it. Obamacare will become permanent, 2 supreme court appointments will be made by Obama, and a dramatic step to the left made possible in part by those who take more than they produce.

    I would say it is time for producers to retire to Gault’s Gulch, but there is no Gault’s Gulch to go to. Most of those of the conservative persuasion will continue like Henry Reardon and Dagney Taggart to do the best they can to carry on….while providing for the takers who will develop greater and greater appetites for what we produce.

    Guess I should start speaking Greek….

    • Stoutcat says:

      I don’t think you’re being melodramatic, you could very well be right.

      But but for the sake of the country I think we have to presume you’re not. We have to keep fighting, channeling Churchill: “Never give in, never give in, never; never; never; never – in nothing, great or small, large or petty – never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense.” And it’s not good sense to quit just yet.

  2. DT says:


    Until you can say, with unequivocal conviction, that what the GOP and the Democrats have done for years and years – is nothing but outright LIES and DECEPTION to it’s people and to this “Once” Great Nation – only then will you be believable and have credibility.

    I’ve read your commentaries all along the way – and I even faced your “demand” for censorship against me. (and you can do what you want – it’s your blog) But until you start placing the BLAME where the BLAME rightfully belongs (The 2 “Puppet” System) and FREE YOURSELF from the Right/Left Paradigm that the Puppet Media has set up and wants you to believe exists – then, and only then will you see things for what they really are. Don’t let the Matrix entrap you. Question EVERYTHING! And believe absolutely NOTHING that the Government tells you.

    Democrat and Republican Politicians are all working for the SAME Bosses (and it isn’t you or I). These Bosses are the Money Manipulators in the Wall Street Banks and their “Special Interests” who use their money to bring untold decimation onto Humanity for Profit and Gain, while “falsely accusing” others because of the sterotypes they’ve created about them.

    If we’re going to pray and ask God to Bless this Nation – then we MUST be ready to change our own beliefs about Politicians in general – and the Political “Machines” that finance their Campaigns. We need to recognize how evil they are and the destruction they do – and then stand TOGETHER AGAINST THEM! Otherwise, we can pray all we want, but our prayers won’t get past the ceiling.

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