Benghazi Aftermath

I defy you to watch this entire interview and not tear up at the very least.

In exactly one week, we all have the opportunity to vote out of office the band of thugs, liars, and crooks who caused this outrage. Make sure you’re doing all you can to ensure that happens!

H/T: Bob Owens





2 Responses to Benghazi Aftermath

  1. birdseed anarchist says:

    Can you just imagine the outcries from the mainstream media and liberal Dems if this had happened when W was President? They would be going NUTS with it. President Obama and not a peep. Outrageous bias.

    • Stoutcat says:

      It looks like cracks may be appearing in the dam… Jennifer Griffin and Catherine Herridge of Fox News are getting the scoop, and Fox, to its credit, is featuring their reports. Even Jake Tapper at ABC is starting to report on Benghazi.

      Is it too little too late? We’ll know on Tuesday.

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