Obama Knew

Reuters, AP, the Daily Caller, heck everyone is reporting this morning that both the State Department and the White House were informed within two hours of the attack on the Benghazi consulate that Ansar al-Sharia, a militant Islamic group in Libya, had claimed responsibility for the invasion of the compound and the assassination of four Americans there, including our Ambassador.

If I was angry before, I am beyond outraged right now.

The President of the United States watched in real time as our consulate was being attacked. He watched and did nothing. He could have sent jets, he could have called in the Marines… They may have arrived too late, but it would have been something.

He knew, but He. Did. Nothing.

And he had no response to the American people at that time. In fact, apparently watching our consulate burn was so exhausting, he went to bed — either just before or just after being informed that it was a terrorist attack by a known Islamic group. And this act of war weighed so heavily on his mind that, the very next day, President Obama flew from Washington DC to Las Vegas for a fundraiser.

In other words: He knew but He. Did. Nothing.

And then our president has the gall, the temerity, the audacity to send his minions arount to lie to the press, to lie to the American people, knowing what he knew within two hours of the attack.

I am so far beyond outraged right now that words are failing me. The only ones that keep coming out are very bad, non-family-friendly words that I won’t include in this blog.

President Nixon resigned from office. President Clinton was impeached. Neither of the scandals which imbroiled them had an actual body count. This man, this selfish, callous, cowardly man we chose as President, must not be re-elected. He has only contempt for the nation we entrusted to him.

If he were a man, he’d already have resigned. But he’s not a man, he’s a cowardly, skulking, self-centered, me-first-me-only America-hating, liberal socialist narcissist, so we’re going to have to vote him out.

Two weeks, folks. Two short weeks. Let’s roll.



6 Responses to Obama Knew

  1. DT says:

    Body count? Did Bush know about the phantom WMD’s which were really no there?

    • Stoutcat says:

      Whoa! How did Bush manage to get into this discussion of Libya and the assassination of our Ambassador and three other Americans? No matter how hard you try, DT, Bush has actually been out of office for nearly four years, and you can’t just blame him retroactively. I know, it’s a reflex, but you’ll get over it eventually.

  2. sfarels says:


    I agree, beyond enraging. How does this president get such a pass? It is crucial that he is voted out. I am doing my part.

    Not sure what DT is talking about, as usual.

  3. Rush Limpballs says:

    Act of war? By whom exactly, the Libyans? No since they were really quite upset about the attack. Who exactly would you declare war on because of this attack, Al Qaeda perhaps? Oh wait, that’s already been done so probably not them. You righties are so anxious to declare war on people yet you never want to be the one to carry it out. Just like Romney the draft dodger spending the Vietnam War in a castle in France after rallying in support of the war AND the draft, his chicken sons also support our current wars yet refuse to fight in them.

  4. sfarels says:

    Smoking the “medicinal” marijualna again, Limpballs?

    I see that you missed the whole point.

    However, since you are clearly a lefty troll, no surprise there. Your post has essentially nothing to do with the subject, yet you use this to try to inject some mindless, incoherent liberal-speak. Can’t even say that they are talking points; at least talking points have some coherence.

    However, your attempt to take a poorly thought out jab at Romney is actually quite amusing. Have a web site with more of your “musings?” I could use a good chuckle……

  5. anti obama says:

    anti obama…

    […]Obama Knew « Grand Rants[…]…

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