Glad To See Mitt’s Taking My Advice

Not only is he taking my advice, but he’s actually ahead of the curve! The Weekly Standard reports:

At an event in London, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said, “I’m looking forward to the bust of Winston Churchill being in the Oval Office again.”

As you may recall, ahwile back I made a list of Day One Action Items for President Romney. And guess what was #1 on that list… yep, getting that Churchill bust back. Although I have to admit, the rest of the list was pretty good, as well.

And really, it’s not so much the bust and its unceremonious return back in 2009. After all, the bronze was loaned to G.W. Bush after 9/11, so there’s hardly a long-standing tradition of it being in the Oval Office. But that return represented a certain something…  a rejection of what has come before; a turning away from the values and friends of the past, and by extension, a tacit refusal to learn from our history, both the mistakes and the victories. And in fact, that seems an entirely appropriate description of Presdident Obama’s tenure so far.

So hurray for President Romney and his outreach to our allies across the Pond.

If you’ll just keep taking my advice, you’ll do just fine.


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