On, Wisconsin!

As you likely already know, Wisconsinites today are voting on whether to oust Scott Walker, their duly elected governor, and replace him with someone else.

And you’ll probably be relieved to know that the WI Department of Justice has stepped in and will be monitoring the election, especially in the larger cities of Milwaukee and Madison where fraud may be rampant. And just to make you feel extra-specially better, the U.S. Department of Justice — yes, that would be Eric Holder’s gang — will also be monitoring.

And of course, the Democrats will have an “army of lawyers” in case the election doesn’t come out the way they want it to. After all, that’s why they’re trying to recall the Governor, isn’t it? What’s the good of spending millions of state dollars on a recall, if you don’t get your way in the end?

And that’s what this is really all about. This recall is nothing but the petty politics of spoiled brats, unwilling to behave like adults (anyone remember last year’s “fleebaggers“?) If they don’t like what’s happening, they run away. If they can’t run, they whine until they have enough signatures for a recall. And now that the recall is happening (and it looks likely that Gov. Walker will retain his job by a comfortable margin), they’re gearing up for an inevitable recount:

“We’re very much anticipating that there’s a chance that we could be in a recount scenario,” said Mike Tate, chairman of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. He said the party will have more than 440 lawyers in the field on Tuesday “doing election protection activities but also tasked with recount preparation, making sure that we know where absentee ballots are at, making sure that we have a strong handle on what’s happening out there.”

If at all possible, they’ll recount… and recount… and recount… until enough votes are found to boost their guy over the top. Remember Al Frankin in Minnesota just next door? How many “uncounted” absentee ballots mysteriously turned up in a car trunk? Just enough to steal that election.

And what the heck are “election protection activities”? Will Wisconsinites be seeing Black Panthers with billy clubs at the door to each voting place? (See above, Eric Holder’s gang…)

Recall elections should be saved for corruption or other egregiously bad or illegal behavior. Gov. Scott Walker was simply doing his job–the job he was elected to do. Wisconsin, it’s up to you. Do you want to be ruled by the whims of spoiled brats and petty tyrants? Or would you rather live by the rule of law?

So get out and vote! Because spoiled brats do not make good leaders.



3 Responses to On, Wisconsin!

  1. “(and it looks likely that Gov. Walker will retain his job by a comfortable margin)”

    That is my reading of the polls as well, but I was especially encouraged to hear it suggested that “Regardless of whether Governor Scott Walker survives Tuesday’s recall election, Wisconsin’s public-employee unions are likely to see their power continue to decline.”

    In other words, if Robert Costa’s analysis is correct, it’s too late, the unions can’t defeat Governor Walker—even if they succeed in recalling him, he has already won!

    • Stoutcat says:

      Good point. The power of unions (and esp. public sector unions) is on the wane, and has been for a while. It is ironic to note that once Gov. Walker’s policies were enacted, one of them was to require the public unions to collect their own dues, rather than have the state take the dues out of people’s paychecks. The result? I believe it was 2/3 of union members are no longer paying their dues.

      If the trend continues around the country, public sector unions are (like Barrett) toast.

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