The New Bogeyman: “Shadowy Conservative Groups”

So once again we have a president blaming his problems on nefarious figures who work in the shadows (see also Bill Clinton’s Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy):

Courtesy of conservatives on Twitter, we now have a wonderful hashtag of all those #ShadowyConservativeGroups:

  • Voters with IDs
  • Investors
  • Bitter Clingers
  • West Virginia

The list goes on , and you can see who many of these shadow figures are on Twitchy (or simply check out the hashtag on Twitter). I must say that Conservatives have truly become the stars of Twitter these days. If you doubt it, just scroll through the Twitchy archives.

But there’s something else that’s fairly disturbing about Pres. Obama’s tweet: his assertion that people are trying to “take down the President”. With his statement, he is implying that there are shadowy figures attempting to overthrow the Presidency, or stage a coup d’etat, rather than the more mundane truth of our quadrennial election, in which the current office-holder is likely to lose his job.

This fear of being “taken down” seems out of place, smacking as it does of paranoia, rather than the President’s usual extremely narcissistic behavior. Perhaps we’re seeing the beginning of a clinical melt-down.

We’re in the very best of hands.



12 Responses to The New Bogeyman: “Shadowy Conservative Groups”

  1. Gerry Ashley says:

    This just in: The President has asked the national security council to raise the threat level to “It’s Bush’s Fault!” This is further evidence the POTUS with the LEASTUS has totally LOSTUS.

  2. DT says:

    It’s a shame that Obama will win a second term in a Landslide. He’s a terrible President. Moreover, Mitt Romney is the WEAKEST of all the GOP Candidates to run against Obama. And I’m sure the Republican Voters Hearts will start to sink as the Democrats, the Obama Political Machine and the Media begin to have a “Field Day” with Romney’s Flip-Flopping Non-Conservative Record. This will “force” Romney to be On-the-Defensive throughout the Race.

    Conservatives need to define WHO they are. Having Romney supported by Conservatives to go up against Obama, just muddies the waters on their Identity. Sadly, this is all by Design. Obama wanted to run against Romney from the very beginning.

    “Conservative” Groups, Talk Show Hosts and TV Personalities will begin to kick-into-high-gear the Anti-Obama Rhetoric and Attacks in an effort to strengthen Romney. But, sadly, it will end up like McCain 2008. And Conservatives and Republicans will have no one to blame but themselves. RECORDS mean things.

    • Gerry Ashley says:

      Well, if “RECORDS mean things,” President Obama is in deep doo-doo as well. What the Republicans have to do is refer to the TRUTH of Obama’s impact. Tripling the deficit, or more… Flip-Flopping? How about the Flip-Flopping Obama has done on Israel? Selling them out when it was his purpose, but now doing everything he can but serve the first family Knish at dinner and sell hand made dreidels to White House tourists just to cover the Jewish vote (as if they can have the wool pulled over their eyes as easily as most Americans in the past election).

      Don’t put that champagne on ice just yet. The campaign is early yet.

      In the meantime, if you would like to see the KING of Flip-Flops, let’s check out the President himself:

      • Gerry Ashley says:

        Or how ’bout them lil ol’ nose stretchers known as LIES?
        Here’s all you need to know why Obama SHOULD lose in a landslide. If Team Oh-Blah-Blah doesn’t sign up enough illegal voters (what do you think the former members of Acorn are doing these days?) and if America has pulled its collective heads out of their dark side, it should be a done deal. Obamunism should be run out of town in November. Here’s all you need to see, read and become aware of:

    • Stoutcat says:

      I have to disagree with you on this one, DT. I don’t think President Obama will win in a landslide. In fact, I don’t think he’ll win. I believe now that the Republican nominee is finalized, the base and the outliers will all begin to coalesce around Romney, and as he becomes more well-known and gets more face-time on the air, even the undecideds will start to migrate toward him. And I think Obama will come to regret that he wanted to run against Mitt, if that is, in fact, what he wanted.

      If we can be assured of an honest election, Romney may not win in a landslide (but that wouldn’t surprise me), but he will win.

      The thing that scares me is that with the President breaking out into fits of paranoia, union thugs losing out big time in WI (and getting an embarrassing whooping in the process), the real kooks taking over the “Occupy” banner, and the outbreak of zombies, things could get very ugly.

      • DT says:


        I don’t think you’re putting things into proper perspective. Romney has so much baggage and undesirable qualities; especially toward the Conservatives. The Democrats are just “licking their chops” to get this thing going. Here are but a few that the Democrats will begin to capitalize upon:

        #1! – Romney is going to be outspent BIG TIME!

        Romney is of the 1%. Like it or not – He is.

        Romney is a Vulture Capitalist from Wall Street’s Bain Capital. (Movie put out by Newt Gingrich’s Super PAC) “When Mitt Romney Came To Town”

        Romney received much of the Start Up foreign “seed” Money for Bain Capital from Latin America’s, El Salvadorian Oligarchs.

        Romney has supported the MUCH of same “Fascist” Policies of Obama and Bush. Unconstitutional Policies.

        Romney will have a VERY difficult time with the Conservative Christian Right because he’s a Mormon. They will stay home, rather than vote.

        Romney has a “Trust” Issue because of his Flip Flopping Non-Conservative Record.

        Romney supports the NDAA, same as Obama. Unconstitutional.

        Romney supports the FED, same as Obama. Monetary Policy.

        Romney, like Obama, TOP Campaign Donors are from the Corporate Wall Street Banks. ZERO Grassroots Support.

        Romney, while Governor of MA, was ranked 47th in job creation. He balanced the state budget only from raising “fees” and closing “loopholes” on the MA Taxpayers.

        Romney instituted “Romneycare” – the blueprint for Obamacare.

        *No matter who is sworn in as President in 2013 (Romney or Obama) – Spending will Increase – The Debt Ceiling will have NO Ceiling – Wars will continue to expand – Inflation on Food and Energy (not counted on the Index) will Rise – Government will get Bigger and Bigger – The National Debt will Grow Larger and Larger.

        **There can never ever be a “Balanced Budget” or an Amendment to make it so – unless Government Spending MEETS the Revenue taken in through Taxation – and the Government Borrowing MUST CEASE! But, what throws the Budget Sheet COMPLETELY Out-of-Whack is the $16 TRILLION (and growing) of DEBT. It must be Paid Down, too.

        These are Plain and Simple Economic Truths, Stoutcat. If a “Politician” says that he/she can Balance the Budget, without “actual cuts” to Government Spending – HE IS LYING! The DEBT must be Paid Down or Liquidated FIRST in order to Balance the Budget! Raise Taxes? Highly unlikely…

  3. Gerry Ashley says:

    And yet, DT, Romney won’t take us down the road to Socialism. That alone, will get THIS Christian Right person to come out and vote for the Mormon. I think YOU might perhaps underestimate just how important it is for us to vote Obama out of office as soon as possible. He has been documented in more lies than any previous President, he oversaw the ABSOLUTELY ILLEGAL and UNCONSTITUTIONAL TAKEOVER of GM where he STOLE all the stock from those of us who had invested for GENERATIONS, then handed it over to the UNIONS.

    No, this enemy to the Constitution HAS to go! Pure and simple. He should be impeached and removed for disobeying his oath of office and running roughshod over the Constitution on which this country (and our freedom) is based. Say what you want about Romney, he isn’t the threat to the free market, capitalism and freedom as we have known it that Obama is.

    • DT says:

      Gerry Ashley

      What’s worse, Gerry Ashley? Socialism or Fascism? And is either one of them the “Enemy” to the Constitution?

      Things to consider when defending Romney and vilifying Obama:(become s Political Atheist for a moment)

      We haven’t had a Free Market in many many years.

      Capitalism says we “rise or fall” on our own Merits – NO Bailouts – NO Stimulus – NO Corporate Welfare or Government “Handouts” to Corporations (Banking Institutions, Auto Industry, Energy Corporations or otherwise).

      Freedom is the opposite of Slavery.

      Debt equals Slavery. How much is our National Debt now? And WHO accumulated this MASSIVE Debt over the years?

      Government “Control” equals Slavery. WHO supports the Patriot Act, the NDAA, the TSA, the IRS, SOPA, PIPA, CISPA and other Unconstitutional Legislation?

      We-the-People having NO SAY when it comes to Undeclared Wars equals Slavery. Our Constitution says that Congress (ie Elected Representatives of We-the-People) only have the Power to Declare War.

      Inflation and onerous Taxation equals Slavery. Have you checked the Prices of Food and Energy lately?

      Even Social Security and Birth Certificates equals Slavery.

      May your eyes be opened…to the Matrix! 😉

      • Gerry Ashley says:

        So Romney is the evil one in your eyes? All I can say watching the above video is, “Well this goes a long way towards explaining why Barack Obama has gone to such lengths to perpetuate whether or not he really HAS a valid American Bith Certificate!”

        I mean, Come ON! He truly wants it BOTH WAYS and now I think I understand WHY.

        As to your question as to, “Who has accumulated the MASSIVE debt over the years?” That’s been the responsibility of BOTH houses of Congress over a 50 year (+ or -) period… by BOTH parties.Foolishly borrowing for the past with money that will have to be paid by the future residents who will see little-to-no benefit. But, perhaps let’s follow the theory to its end. WHO PUT those people in that position (via elections)? That would be “We The People.”

        So it’s more than “America’s Roosters Have Come Home”… Maybe we just weren’t smart enough to a handle our freedom (at least from a fiscal position? But it’s NEVER about US, is it? At least we don’t want the fickle finger of fate pointing back at us.

      • DT says:

        Gerry Ashley

        Romney and Obama BOTH stand for what’s wrong with this Country.

        As for Obama’s Birth Certificate and the video – you missed the point entirely. The point is that Social Security and Birth Certificates permit the “control” and the monetizing of the “Spirit and Soul” of a living human being. To Collateralize United States Citizens under the auspices of “funding Government” will only reap PROFITS for the Uber-Elite, while plunging the United States Citizens into ever increasing DEBT. Thus, the “Collateralized” (The People) become “Slaves” or Chattel to the Slave Masters (The Bankers or Money Manipulators). The conclusion is they we’re not really FREE even though we think we are. Breaking the Chains should be the Goal of the Enslaved.

        Yes. Both Houses of Congress and Both Parties are responsible. And We-the-People are ultimately responsible. Now, which Candidates Policies do you think would get us out of this mess? My opinion? Obama? No. Romney? No. Paul? Yes. But the Media is on the side of the Status-Quo. So, what are we left with? PREPARE!

  4. Gerry Ashley says:

    DT I didn’t miss a thing about the Birth Certificate. I was being sarcastic that Obama gets it and that’s why he’s left his birth certificate status “in the air” so he could eventually claim he’s NOT part of the “collateralized.”

    But I think where you miss the message is that Ron Paul has as much chance of winning the Presidency as Mike Tyson has a chance of winning on Jeopardy. With that established, which of the two candidates with a snowball chance in hell of winning the election would offer the United States the best chance? Certainly not the socialist “Constitutional Abortionist” (uh, that would be Barack Hussein Oh-Blah-Blah).

    We may already be beyond salvation in this country economically. But certainly Obama who has more than TRIPLED the deficit in his first 3 years is NOT the choice. He will go down in history as the man who, as President of the United States, destroyed it as a result. And to be blunt, rather than unify the country, he will have divided it racially.

    The problem I have with the Ron Paul brigade (with all due respect) is that at this point, a vote for Ron Paul is a vote for the re-election of Barack Obama and the Paul brigade just seems to be clueless to this. They are so self-righteous in their belief that Paul is the right choice (in spite of the fact that he MIGHT pull in 5% of the vote at best) they would sacrifice their vote (and their chance to remove the most dangerous President in the history of this country) by vowing to go down with their principal. It’s not unlike the person sitting at a stoplight that has just turned green. He sees that an 18 wheeler is about to speed through the red light for whatever reason, but insists, “So what? I’M IN THE RIGHT HERE!” and pulls out. Turns out he WAS right. DEAD right. So he died with his principal when he COULD have chosen to wait a moment and gone home to live another day.

    Good luck with that. But just to prove I’m full of crap, feel free to demonstrate your theory at a stop light if you see someone running the red. Just be sure you have your Ron Paul sticker on your bumper. I’m sure that will protect you.

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