To the Candidates

Dear Mitt-Newt-Rick,

There’s something you should know: we don’t want you. Oh, when the time comes, we’ll blog for you, campaign for you, make calls for you, put signs in our yards; we’ll even look and sound enthusiastic doing so. And with luck, we might just get you elected. Every single one of you will do a better job as president than the current President has done. And that’s no small matter. But you need to know that to us, you’re just a placeholder. Acceptable, but not who we really want.

As a placeholder president, we expect you to do a few things: appoint conservative judges to the Supreme Court; begin the repeal of ObamaCare; start to get the economy back on track; lower fuel costs by allowing drilling and pipelines. If you can get those things going, we’ll be happy.

But in a few years, there will be a new crop of candidates — actual conservatives! — whom we like much better. Allen West. Marco Rubio. Paul Ryan. Eric Cantor, Chris Christie. Nikki Haley. Susana Martinez. And many more. They’re paying their dues now, and by 2016 they’ll be ready to run for high office — your office. And we will support them like crazy. They will be our Obama, the real hope and change of the Republican party and of the country.

So, Mitt-Newt-Rick, enjoy your run. Enjoy your term in office, and do what you can to begin mending the damage that has been done over the past four years. But don’t get too comfortable in the White House. Because I think you’re going to be a one-termer, just like your predecessor. Why? Because the really good guys are coming up right behind you. We deserve them. We need them. America needs them.



10 Responses to To the Candidates

  1. birdseed anarchist says:


  2. DT says:

    Yeah Right! Like the “Establishment” Power Elites will ever let that happen. They “control” everything. The only hope we-the-people have is a Revolution. Hopefully, it will be non-violent. Too bad that most of the people are asleep. Question: Why did you “leave out” Ron Paul?

    • Stoutcat says:

      DT: “They” control most everything now… in fact they’re working on who should replace Olympia Snow right now. It is to be hoped that by 2015 or so, that will no longer be the case. And I left Dr. Paul out because after today, I believe he will be irrelevant.

      • DT says:

        Stoutcat: Good Luck with that hypothesis. But don’t ignore the proverb, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” We can hope against hope that things will change, but they seldom do.

        LOL. It would seem to me that Dr. Paul, being 2nd in bound and unbound Delegates, is FAR from being Irrelevant. It’s strange how you would include Newt Gingrich in-the-mix as a “relevant” candidate when he’s so far back in the Polls and coming in 4th place in the Caucuses and Primaries??? He would have been “long-gone” if not for the Billionaire Casino Owner. Maybe it’s really because YOU WANT Ron Paul to be irrelevant is why you didn’t include him. Are you a Neo-Con? Just asking. That would explain a lot.

  3. Stoutcat says:

    DT, you say “Neo Con” like it’s a bad thing! 🙂

    Actually, if you must categorize me, I’m a tea partier–I’m surprised you hadn’t figured it out from my posts.

    Regarding Newt and Dr. Paul, perhaps it’s my optimism showing through in each case.

    • DT says:

      Stoutcat: I attended a Tea Party Caucus this past weekend. It’s funny how things turned out after the Ballots were counted.

      Anyway, I like the Tea Party Message. I also support the OWS Movement as well. However, I do believe that the Tea Party has been “hijacked” by the Republican “Establishment” after the 2010 mid-term elections and as a result, has lost much of it’s vigor. OWS is also being “hijacked” by the Media, of all people. The Media creates this right/left Paradigm between the Tea Party and OWS, even though Tea Partiers participated in OWS. They also say that OWS is to the Democrats, as the Tea Party is to Republicans. I say “BS”. I didn’t see any “Obama for President” signs at OWS.

      As for who best represents the Tea Party? Dr. Paul has been touted as the “Father” of the Tea Party Movement, yet Newt Gingrich supporters claim to have the Mantle. What gives? Is this just more evidence that the Tea Party has been “hijacked” by the Republican Establishment? I just can’t picture Newt Gingrich speaking for the Tea Party.

  4. Dr. Steve says:

    Great post after a long absence!!

    If Dr. Paul wasn’t so “special” in his foreign affairs views, or in saying he would appoint Kucinich to his cabinet (I believe), he would get more support. He is relatively solid otherwise.

    Keep the Grand Rants going! Wake up Gerry and Alan!

    • Stoutcat says:

      Thanks, Dr. Steve. It’s sad that it took the passing of titan Andrew Breitbart to kick-start me back into blogging, but I don’t think he’d mind at this point.

      Working on getting Alan and Gerry back into the swing of things.

      Thanks for the encouraging words.

  5. Josie says:

    Welcome back, Stoutcat. Missed you!

  6. Conservative Libertarian…

    […]To the Candidates « Grand Rants[…]…

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