The Sky Is Falling (Maybe)

An old NASA satellite the size of a bus will be plunging uncontrolled to earth some time today. Somewhere. They think. Or maybe not.

It won’t hit North America. Definitely. They’re pretty sure.

The six-ton satellite is expected to break into about 26 large pieces which may arrive in a 500-mile re-entry zone and will likely land either in water or on uninhabited land. Probably.

It seems to me we’ve heard this song before…

It’s raining space junk, hallelujah!



4 Responses to The Sky Is Falling (Maybe)

  1. Scott McCray says:

    The snark is strong today…still chuckling.

  2. Gerry Ashley says:

    My prediction: The moment those 500 pieces hit Terra-firma, (probably), the Obama administration will immediately claim credit for “creating 500 shovel-ready jobs…” (definitely).

  3. birdseed anarchist says:

    Something’s fishy with this one folks. How many times in our lives have we been told that NORAD could track objects as small as your fist and thousands of them at a time for that matter? We’re to believe that they couldn’t follow a 6.5 ton bus sized object down?
    C’mon folks, the conspiracy nut in me says something super secret was going on here. Not that I mind of course.

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