Irene, Goodnight

Here we are, in the aftermath of yet another hyped up “stormageddon”. Once again, the media grabbed the spotlight and inserted themselves into the narrative of a weather condition that happens so regularly that there’s an actual season named after it. Sadly, many reporters consider this a valid excuse to stand in bad light, driving rain, and gusty winds and pretend to look brave or macho or something. (Yes, Geraldo, I’m talking to you.)

Hurricanes are nothing to make light of, as most of us know. But to make one the centerpiece of the news cycle for five days running is not just overhype, it borders on insanity.

Lives were lost. Property was damaged or destroyed. Those things were reported over and over with almost unholy glee.

Like many other things, weather happens. Please, mainstream media, please: report on the weather, the expected conditions, path, and duration. Then just leave it alone.

I’ll be writing more later, but right now, I have to get a tree off my roof.



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