Fairey Attacked by Danes

Serial art plagiarist Shepard Fairey, the man responsible for stealing a photo and making it an icon, was attacked last weekend in Copenhagen after he failed to understand that history has meaning.

Fairey had been in the city creating a series of “street art” murals on the sides of buildings.  The Guardian reports:

“The LA-based artist believes the attack was sparked by a misunderstanding over his mural commemorating the demolition of the legendary “Ungdomshuset” (youth house) at Jagtvej 69… Fairey’s installation, painted on a building adjacent to the vacant site, depicted a dove in flight above the word “peace” and the figure “69”…

“Within a day of completion, the mural was vandalised by protesters, with graffiti sending messages of “no peace” and “go home, Yankee hipster“. Fairey subsequently collaborated with former members of the 69 youth house to redecorate the lower half of the installation. His new version contains images of riot police and explosions, together with a new, more combative slogan: ‘Nothing forgotten, nothing forgiven’.” [emphasis mine–what a magnificent phrase!]

But even after that capitulation, some residents were not happy with the American “artist”. At a subsequent party, Mr. Fairey and a friend were accosted by a youth; in the resulting scrum, the Yankee hipster received a black eye and some bruises.

While he declined to file a police report because he was fearful of bad press–“not-so-street artist whiner Shepard Fairey can’t hold it down in a fight so he snitches to the cops“–he promptly whined to that same press by penning a nearly 3,000-word screed at the Huffington Post, which amazingly contains the following line:

“I grew up in skateboarding and punk rock, which are both incredibly creative…”

That tells you pretty much everything you need to know about Mr. Fairey’s outlook, and I strongly suggest that you avoid reading the rest of the self-righteous screed at all costs. The article, of course, doesn’t tell you about Fairey’s lack of talent, or his career history of plagiarsim, stealing the work of real artists, branding it as his own with no attributions, and laughing all the way to the bank. For a fascinating expose of his trail of plagiarism, see this scathing and in-depth critique of his work.

The people who attacked Mr. Fairey clearly were wrong and should not have done so. However…

Karma’s a b*tch, you Yankee hipster!



3 Responses to Fairey Attacked by Danes

  1. Gerry Ashley says:

    This is particularly disturbing to me,..when I tutored Fairey on the evils of (and even bigger profits IN) plagiarism, I pointed out how important it was to use a fake nam… uh, I mean a “nom de plume” as I did when I wrote my first novel, “War and Peas” under the name “Leo Tallstory.”

    Obviously, the young man didn’t learn a thing… No matter: His check cleared. And that’s all that really matters in America these days, isn’t it?

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  3. taxi says:


    […]Fairey Attacked by Danes « Grand Rants[…]…

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