Obama Breath Mint Leaves Bad Taste In Liberals Mouths – And Exposes More Hypocrisy

Caution: May leave bitter taste in your mouth for years to come.

The left wing hypocrisy continues unabridged:  Tennessee Democratic State Representative Joe Armstrong was informed by a student at the University of Tennessee that a book store there was selling a breath mint called “Disapoint-Mints” which featured an image of President Obama on the cover.

Armstrong immediately went into hypocrite mode and demanded the product be removed as it was in poor taste, mocking the “sanctity” of the Presidency.  Rep. Armstrong  apparently didn’t have a problem with the same bookstore which sold similar products of political satire when George Bush was President.

This brings up a much larger issue:

Two years ago, without bothering to get “all the facts” President Obama condemned the Cambridge Massachusetts Police Department for having “acted stupidly” when they arrested a Harvard Professor who refused to cooperate with their investigation of a report of suspicious activity around his home. This of course, resulted in the White House Beer summit at which time, Obama counseled the rest of us not to jump to conclusions. Wait… wasn’t it Obama who jumped to the wrong concl… ah, never mind. This was not hypocrisy, but rather a “teachable moment.”

Earlier this year, immediately upon the tragic shooting of Arizona Democratic Representative Gabrielle Giffords, the liberal lunatic fringe immediately tried to affix the blame on Sarah Palin and the Tea Party in what had to be one of the most egregious examples of poor taste, ever. They suggested that Gov. Palin was to blame because she had used the marketing termtarget”  to identify politicians she thought conservatives should focus on regarding the health care bill. Even the President chose this tragic event as an opportunity to condemn “violent political rhetoric”.

Yet it was apparently peachy for the liberals in Congress just the other day to refer to Republicans as “terrorists” when discussing the difficulty in getting a deficit reduction bill passed. I refer specifically to Rep. Mike Doyle  (Dem – Pennsylvania) and none-other than VP Joe Biden (Moron  – Delaware). Once the White House was confident that Biden’s latest gaffe had not been captured on video, they back-peddled and claimed he never said that.  Unfortunately for Biden, however, there are a number of people who confirmed it.

And who could forget Barack Hussein Obama on the campaign trail when he referred to how he recommends facing off against Republicans:

“If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun” (Saturday, June 14th 2008 at the  Radnor Middle School  – Wayne PA. A middle school? Really?)

The hypocrisy of the left is simply amazing:

Regarding the breath mints, however, what Armstrong fails to realize is that he has now given a nationwide audience to Disapoint-mints… and I’m fairly certain the manufacturer of this product will find itself  having to add an overnight shift to handle the demand. Personally, I plan to buy a case of it to pass out to my friends – conservative and liberal… that is, providing they have a sense of humor. What better way to find out?

However, this gives me ideas for other new products I’d like to see in the free market. Products like:

  • Joe Biden Loose-Lipstick…”For those who just can’t keep their mouths shut”
  • Tim Geithner Tax Software (It’s actually just a spreadsheet and it doesn’t do taxes… but that’s kinda the point)
  • Barack Obama’s Community Organizer Kit – Comes with baseball bats, hoodies and brass knuckles. The Deluxe version is taylored to your geographic region and comes with the names, home addresses and phone numbers of your political opponents in your community.
  • Nancy Pelosi’s Mystery Gift Box (You have to buy it to see what’s in it)
  • Harry Reid’s Canned Tourist Air (comes with a warning not to open it indoors)
  • My Favorite: The Barack Obama Doll Of Blame – You pull the string any time you’ve failed in any task and the doll instantly passes the blame off onto any number of people or things. Editor’s Note: The doll I was given to test was apparently a prototype that still didn’t have all the bugs worked out. It seemed to be stuck on blaming George Bush most of the time.

OK so these gift items don’t actually exist yet. But if they did, it might just boost retails sales in time for the holidays… OK entrepreneurs, get busy!

UPDATE: That which Joe Armstrong greatly feared has come upon him. Bwahahahaha! (H/T: Instapundit)

Gerry Ashley


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