Slouching Toward Sharia

No, not here in America. Not yet.

But lawyer and radical preacher Anjem Choudary is determined to bring Muslim extremism to young people in London, as reported in June at Creeping Sharia. And this month he’s going even further in his efforts to “radicalise the youth” and imprison Londoners in an iron cage of Islamic rule.

Mr. Choudary is attempting to set up sharia law zones in London in which smoking, drinking, music, and concerts are banned.

The Daily Mail reports:

‘You are entering a Sharia-controlled zone – Islamic rules enforced.

“The bright yellow messages daubed on bus stops and street lamps have already been seen across certain boroughs in London and order that in the ‘zone’ there should be ‘no gambling’, ‘no music or concerts’, ‘no porn or prostitution’, ‘no drugs or smoking’ and ‘no alcohol’.

“Hate preacher Anjem Choudary has claimed responsibility for the scheme, saying he plans to flood specific Muslim and non-Muslim communities around the UK and ‘put the seeds down for an Islamic Emirate in the long term’…

“The campaign comes just months after stickers proclaiming a ‘gay-free zone’ and appearing to reference the religious Islamic text of the Koran appeared in Tower Hamlets.

“Women in parts of East London including Tower Hamlets have been threatened with violence and even death by Islamic extremists if they did not wear headscarves.”

Gay-free zones? Women threatened with death for not wearing headscarves? The entire western world is slowly being diminished because of its wholehearted worship of the golden calf of multiculturalism.

How long will it be before this type of behavior reaches our shores?

Or is it already here?


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  3. “The entire western world is slowly being diminished because of its wholehearted worship of the golden calf of multiculturalism.”

    Sure, both diminished and dhimmi-ished, if you will—but, as others have observed, Islam will also appeal to very non-multicultural sensibilities, such as the longing for a moral, decent society.

    Of course I don’t want a world in which women are threatened with death for not “covering”—I don’t want sharia or Islam at all. But I certainly feel the pull of the Siren song (if that’s not too ironic a way to put it) of a world without prositution or pornography. I suspect that a lot of others will, too, which complicates this culture war, or civilizational struggle, or whatever it is that we’re in.

    • Stoutcat says:

      “Dhimmi-ished”–nice play on words! Wish I had thought of that.

      You bring up a good point, though, that many are longing for the “good old days when America was America”, which days weren’t necessarily all that good…

      And if you think we’re ever going to have a world free of prostitution, pornography, murder, drunkenness, or poverty or whatever, I think you are mistaken, so long as the world is populated by fallible human beings. We mostly try to live up to our better natures (or God’s plan for us, or whatever), but being human, some of us occasionally stumble and fall. While I wish it were not so, until we all have wings, we will have to deal with it.

      Given the choice, I’ll err on the side of freedom, though.

  4. consoladores says:


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