Fear Monger-In-Chief

For some time now, our President has been trying to frighten the public by saying things like this:

“I cannot guarantee that those [social Security] checks go out on August 3rd, if we haven’t resolved this issue. Because there may simply not be the money in the coffers to do it.” (7/12/11)
My response? Mr. President, you lie. And we all know you’re lying. Yesterday, Bernie Goldberg wrote an article discussing this mendacity. In it, Mr. Goldberg quoted Dick Morris, and then added a zinger of his own:

Later that night, a perceptive Dick Morris told Sean Hannity the following:

“When he says that we’re facing a disaster if there is a default, I hate to disrespect the president, but he’s lying. He now doesn’t claim that we’re going to default on our debt. He says we’ll default on our obligations. Well folks, there’s enough money to pay the debt, the social security, Medicare, military pay and a hundred other things. The obligations he’s talking about are the bureaucrats in the labor department and the commerce department and the agriculture dept and the state dept.  And those obligations are not the obligations we really care about.  The president [is using] total fear tactics and it’s a lie.  A big lie.”


So now we’re defining “default” as the failure to pay bureaucrats on time?  Try that definition on the Wall Street crowd and they’ll laugh in your face.

I’d like to see all Republican members of Congress stand up and declare that until the Cut Cap and Balance bill is passed, they will not take another paycheck and that those salaries should be returned to the general budget to be used to pay down the debt.
Yes, it would be a  futile gesture, but it might show the country–and the President–that the Republicans are serious about this crisis.
Or at least more serious than our Fear Monger-in-Chief.

One Response to Fear Monger-In-Chief

  1. Gerry Ashley says:

    Let President Obama continue to use the fear mongering technique. It’s served him so well when dealing with the poitical lap dogs in Chicago and to intimidate the sleeping/comatose public that was America in 2008… millions of passive sheep, cowering from the artificially-induced fear known as political correctness.

    To quote Bob Dylan, “The times, they are a changin'” and a good chunk of America has finally rediscovered its spine. So continue to use your bully tactics, Mr. President! PLEASE don’t stop. Because here’s what Americans with an IQ above mildew now know about you:

    o You are nothing more than a self-serving ideologist/socialist.
    o Since the day of your election, you have NOT represented “We The People,” but YOU the Socialist and your hand-picked lackeys.
    o You are actively working AGAINST the Constitution, not defending it… that’s a breach of your oath of office. If we had a Congress that had any testicles, you would be impeached.
    o We’re on to your technique of making bold, statements in support of a Unity and all things good, while – behinds the scenes – you work tirelessly for just the opposite.
    o After promising the most TRANSPARENT administration in history, the reality is the vast majority of your accomplishments have been done behind the secrecy of “closed door meetings” a term we’ve come to associate with your administration.

    So continue your posturing, Mr. President.

    You may have come into office amidst great hoopla, but when America throws your sorry butt out in November of next year, you will truly leave office in 2013 as a “legend in your own mind” … and in the minds of the ignorant masses unable to see your faulted forrest because they continue to buy your story about an evil Bush. But the rest of us are well aware the weakest branch in our government at this time is you.

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